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ECOG and Louis Bonduelle prize awarded for research against childhood obesity

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Press release-ecog-louis-bonduelle-awarded -september-2011-hungary

  1. 1. Press Release09 September 2011ECOG and Louis Bonduelle prize awarded for research against childhood obesityOn 9 September, the ECOG and Louis Bonduelle Research Award 2011 was bestowed on thenutrition department of Liverpool John Moores University.The winning team, represented by Dr Lynne Boddy, Dr Allan Hackett, Ms Liz Lamb andProfessor Gareth Stratton, was rewarded for their work titled: "SportsLinx, a cross-citypartnership". This is a programme of research and study into the eating habits of children inLiverpool. This study, conducted since 2008, has enabled 6,000 children from around ahundred Liverpool schools to be made aware of the necessity of engaging in physical activityand eating a balanced diet. Furthermore, the consumption of fruit and vegetables hasincreased since the study was launched. This programme has been the subject of 17 scientificpublications in peer review journals.This third ECOG and Louis Bonduelle Research Award was presented at the Hotel Palatinusin Pécs (Hungary) during ECOGs 21st European conference.A European partnershipECOG (European Childhood Obesity Group) and the Louis Bonduelle Foundation haveworked together for three years and offer a European prize of €10,000 for research work orpublic health action against childhood obesity.There are 22 million overweight children in the countries of the European Union, 5 million ofwhom are obese, and this number is growing by 330,000 each year. This is why the LouisBonduelle Foundation has joined with the European group ECOG (European ChildhoodObesity Group) and set up a €10,000 prize to reward research work or public health actionsagainst child obesity.ECOG was set up in 1990 and now brings together more than 150 European scientistsinvolved in research on childhood obesity. The group regularly organises scientific seminarsand conferences to bring together the most active researchers in the field.ECOG wishes to increase exchanges and encourage this area of research. Within the group,members from different countries have the opportunity to set up shared research. Find outmore:
  2. 2. Through this partnership, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, whose aim is to promote publicinterest in vegetables by working to bring about long-term change in eating habits, upholds itscommitment to supporting research on important topics in nutrition and eating habits. Findout more:
  3. 3. Louis Bonduelle Foundation missionThe Louis Bonduelle Foundation has set itself the task of changing eating habits in the longterm by ensuring that the benefits of vegetables serve the interests of society. The foundationwas set up in October 2004 by the Bonduelle Group and intends to act in the long term bygiving everyone useful, realistic and attractive ways of getting vegetables into their diet.With this aim, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation:1- informs the general public, teachers and health professionals through its, a site designed to spread interactively as much relevantdata as possible on vegetables and their benefits;2 - acts in the field: - by carrying out practical targeted actions aimed at changing the image of vegetablesthus leading to an increase in their consumption on a daily basis, - by supporting initiatives through two international calls for proposals per year. Since 2008, 18 projects have been supported and have already touched nearly 40,000 people.3 - provides active support for scientific research on important topics in nutrition and eatinghabits from a medical, sociological or agricultural point of view.The Foundation therefore strives to be an active participant in the development of knowledgeand in the dissemination of this knowledge.