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Press release louis_bonduelle_award_2012


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Louis Bonduelle Research Award
Call for applications for young student researchers

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Press release louis_bonduelle_award_2012

  1. 1. Press Release 22 August 2011 Louis Bonduelle Research Award Call for applications for young student researchers You have: - a research project on nutrition or eating habits in the broadest sense of the terms. - an experimental, clinical, sociological, epidemiological, or agronomic research project. You are enrolled in a university in Nutrition, Medicine, Dietetics, Pharmaceutics, Sciences, Agri-food or in Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, etc.). The Louis Bonduelle Foundation invites you to compete for its 7th Research Award (€10,000) To submit your projectDownload the rules and regulations and the registration kit available as of 5 September 2011 –See “Research Support” in the "Health Professionals” section.Candidates must be 35 years of age* or under and can compete regardless of nationality.The deadline for submission of applications is 7 November 2011.* as of 31 December 2011THE LOUIS BONDUELLE FOUNDATIONEuropean public authorities have made nutrition a top health priority, particularly through various nationalprogrammes. The Louis Bonduelle Foundation joins this movement by making vegetables and theirbenefits the focus of its initiatives. By providing a new look at vegetables and their daily consumption, theFoundation encourages us to adopt better eating habits and gives us the means to do so. Its initiativeaims to combine lifelong health, quality living, and healthy enjoyment.The Louis Bonduelle Foundation, whose aim is to promote public interest in vegetables by working tobring about long-term change in eating habits, upholds its commitment to supporting research on importanttopics in nutrition and eating habits. The Foundation therefore strives to be an active participant in thedevelopment of knowledge in the area of nutrition and in the dissemination of this knowledge.In 2011, the submissions were of such superior quality that the Foundation awarded not one but two 10,000-euro Research Awards. One of the Awards winners was Ling Chun Kong, doctoral student inphysiopathology since the end of 2008, working in the laboratory of Prof Karine Clément. The Award willallow her to study the effects of calorie restriction on human intestinal microbiota and its repercussions onobesity and nutritional transition for Micro-Obès, a French-Chinese project funded by the French NationalResearch Agency (ANR) and partnered with the European MetaHit network.The other Research Award went to Florent Vieux, who is conducting his thesis under the supervision of DrNicole Darmon (Inra JRU 1260, Université d’Aix-Marseille). A student in statistics and social sciences, he isworking on modelling the impact of various nutrition policies, particularly nutritional information and educationpolicies.