Crossword puzzle (6-10y) -Louis Bonduelle Foundation


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Special vegetable crossword puzzle!

Use the definitions to identify the vegetable names that should be entered in the boxes!

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Crossword puzzle (6-10y) -Louis Bonduelle Foundation

  1. 1. 1. I’m green on the top, and white on the bottom because I grow half in the ground. 2. Actually I’m a big flower. If you pick my leaves off, you will find my heart… 3. I’m Bugs Bunny’s favourite root! 4. I can be orange, yellow, green or red. I’m a fruiting vegetable and am very often Here, you used in the Mediterranean cuisine. You can eat me either raw or cooked. will find 19 5. With me you can make nice soups and decorate your house on the 31st of October.definitions of 6. I’m a veggie that grow on the ground. But when you eat me, you only eat my vegetables. white flowers. 7. Small, pink and white, I can be crunchy and prickle when you eat me. 8. Sliced my shape looks like an old telephone. I’m not really a vegetable but I go with a lot of vegetables (peas, carrots…). 9. Some people say I’m very rich in iron. Moreover, my green leaves are full of minerals and vitamins. 10. I’m a fruiting vegetable, my pulp is fair green and man eats me raw and sliced in fresh salads especially in summer. 11. I look like a cucumber (green outside and white inside) but I’m not so crunchy. 12. Like the cauliflower, you eat my flowers. I’m green and come from Asia. 13. I am the main ingredient of a red sauce that you put on your pizza. 14. If I’m white, people can make sugar with me, if I’m red people can eat me cooked and I can stain. 15. You can eat me mashed, roasted, steamed or fried. 16. I make people crying but I’m not nasty. 17. A famous comic has the same than me but he is not as skinny as me. Crédits photos: Photo Alto 18. My root is white when I’m grated in your plate. But you can also eat my green branches raw or cooked. 19. I’m yellow and grow in earns.
  2. 2. Fill in this empty pattern with the word ofvegetables you found in the previous definition shit 2 1 5 4 18 3 13 7 14 6 19 16 15 8 10 17 9 12 11 Crédits photos: Photo Alto
  3. 3. 2 A R 1 THere is the L Isolution ! E 5 C 4 P E P P E R 18 H K U 3 C A R R O T M E K 13 7 P L 14 B E E T R O O T R K E O 6 C A U L I F L O W E R M D N Y A I 19 T 16 S C 15 P O T A T O 8 M U S H R O O M N R 10 17 I 9 S P I N A C H C 12 B R O C C O L I U E N C A 11 Z U C C H I N I M B Crédits photos: Photo Alto E R