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Instructional sheets (6-9y) - Upper Primary School - Louis Bonduelle Foundation


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Here you'll find three instructional sheets for lower, middle and upper primary school classes.

These sheets offer a general introduction to diet aimed at children, including the principles of a balanced diet and some very simple nutritional concepts for the older children.

Use them to your heart's content!

For more educational games and kits :

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Instructional sheets (6-9y) - Upper Primary School - Louis Bonduelle Foundation

  1. 1. Upper primary schoolYou eat properly so you can grow and enjoy good health1- What’s it good for?1- For vitamins C, A, B9 : Fruit and vegetables2- For muscles (proteins and iron) : Meat, fish, eggs3- For bone growth : Milk and cheese4- For brain and nerve growth : Plant and fish oils5- For energy between meals : Cereals, bread, pulses6- For fun : Sweets, sugar and honeyPut these foods into their correct group: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Oil/vinegarGrated carrot Yoghurt dressingMashed carrot Fish fillet ChocolateCereals Lentils Apple2- You should eat fruit and vegetables often.Put a cross next to what they give your body. Healthy intestines Vitamins Minerals Proteins Fats Dietary fibre Magnesium Iron3- Vitamin C or AColour in red the foods that contain vitamin A and in green those that contain vitamin C. Peppers White cabbage Spinach Tomato Carrot Broccoli Pumpkin
  2. 2. 4 - Invent a colourful recipe using vegetables you like.5 - RecipesTick the vegetables that appear in famous recipes : Zucchini, Potato, Chickpeas, Leek, Carrot,Peppers, Tomato. ‡ Ratatouille : ‡ 6KHSKHUG·V SLH ‡ Beef stew : ‡ RXVFRXV ‡ %UDLVHG EHHI ‡ +RW FKLOOL VDXFH ‡ 3L]]D 6- Circle the balanced meals. Grated carrot – veal and mash – fruit flan Radish with butter – fish in breadcrumbs with green beans – strawberry tart Tomato and mozzarella – chicken and chips – apple purée Watercress soup – boiled egg and soldiers – salad – fromage frais and fruit sauc