3 Ways To Develop A More Positive Outlook


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Trying to be a more positive is a great idea, and it sounds so easy, but if you've been down for long time, it can seem like you have a mountain to climb.
This short guide will introduce you to 3 things you can do to help you become a more positive person.

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3 Ways To Develop A More Positive Outlook

  1. 1. 3 Ways To Develop A More Positive Attitude A free report in the ‘Think Positive Power’ series by Peter Ford If you would like to learn more about Think Positive Power and get copies of every report in this series (available as .pdf, .epub and .mobi) just click the link below: Peter Ford Online
  2. 2. Think Positive Power reports by Peter Ford http://www.peterfordonline.com Disclaimer The information contained in this book is not presented by a medical practitioner and is provided “as is”. It is not intended to provide a substitute for professional medical advice, nor to enable you to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any problems you may have. None of the content has been evaluated by any governing body of any country. Its sole intention is to provide information, and education to help any individual who would like to try to improve their life. Readers should always seek the advice of appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being. Whilst the author has made every effort to thoroughly research the accuracy of the information provided here and believes it to be accurate and sound, he assumes no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. No guarantee is given, either expressed or implied, in regard to the merchantability, accuracy, or acceptability of the information. In addition, the author, publishers and marketers of this information disclaim responsibility for any liability, harm, loss, damage or any other reactions, either directly or indirectly, as a consequence of applying the information presented herein, or in regard to the use and application of that information.
  3. 3. Think Positive Power reports by Peter Ford http://www.peterfordonline.com The Benefits Of A Positive Outlook Our minds are constantly plagued by subconscious thoughts that we are not even aware of, but which determine our actions and our thinking. You may think your conscious thoughts control your life, but it is actually your subconscious mind which dictates your emotions and thus your response to every situation you encounter. The basic division of our emotions is either positive or negative, and an important thing to be aware of is that these emotions reinforce themselves. Thus a positive attitude becomes more positive and a negative attitude becomes increasingly negative. For example, the person who focuses on negative thoughts quite quickly eliminates all positive thoughts from their mind. This person will begin every task expecting to fail and invariably will do so, becoming more and more negative with each failure. Now consider the person who thinks positively and always expects to do well. You know people like this, (we all do), and you know that they almost always succeed. But the important thing is even when they don‟t succeed they still seem to take the positives from the experience and learn from it, becoming more positive for the next time. So, it seems there are obvious benefits to having a positive outlook. A positive outlook determines and affects every action or decision you undertake. A positive outlook makes it easier to identify the positives in any situation, even when those positives aren‟t immediately obvious. This leads to the creation of more positive thoughts and feelings, further reinforcing your positive outlook.
  4. 4. Think Positive Power reports by Peter Ford http://www.peterfordonline.com Where Do Negative Emotions Come From? There are always going to be some circumstances that do not work in your favor and which can generate negative emotions and feelings. This is only natural – it‟s the way of the world. Everything you experience will trigger different emotions at different times in your life. Whilst there are many different emotions, they fall broadly into just two categories – positive or negative. Most of us are aware of the things that make us happy and trigger our positive emotions, but we don‟t so readily identify the things that trigger our negative emotions. Yet there are various kinds of negative emotions like anxiety, anger, panic and fear that can prove to be harmful for our emotional and physical well-being, especially if allowed to flourish and fester. These negative emotions can also drastically affect and hamper our decision-making skills. It makes perfect sense then, if we really wish to encourage the development of positivity into our lives, to try to identify which situations cause negative reactions and either learn how to deal with them in a positive manner, minimize their impact or avoid them altogether. Your first step is to identify which situations or which people cause you to suffer negative emotions. Make a list of people/situations and the emotions they cause. If you‟re finding that difficult, try it the other way around - make a list of negative emotions you suffer, and try to identify what triggers these feelings. Be aware that during this process you cannot avoid thinking about negative situations and this could cause you to stray into a negative mindset. To minimize the effect, keep telling yourself that you are carrying out this exercise for a very positive reason, and keep focusing on the positive outcome you will achieve at the end of the process.
  5. 5. Think Positive Power reports by Peter Ford http://www.peterfordonline.com Turn the Negatives into Positives Now, take each item on your list and objectively analyze it to identify exactly why you suffer a negative reaction to it, and what you can do to neutralize that negative effect. For example, if you know someone who is constantly complaining about all the negative aspects of their own life, it is likely they will leave you feeling negative about your own life - this happens because we tend to absorb the energy around us, in this case negative energy! The solution here is to avoid this person until you are better equipped with your own positivity. Maybe there is a situation you have to face which leaves you feeling uncomfortable. Perhaps you have weekly staff meetings where you have to make a small presentation and you feel uncomfortable doing this. Change the way you view this situation - instead of focusing on how uncomfortable you feel, focus on the fact that making this presentation gives you a chance to demonstrate your positive contribution. By looking for, and focusing upon, the positives in any given situation, you can reduce and eventually replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You may well be surprised to find you are enduring some things through habit and that they can actually be eliminated from your life altogether! Clear thinking is necessary to make this process really effective - the last thing you want to do is allow yourself to avoid a situation that has to be faced. Putting something off in this way creates an even greater negative emotion. A good example of this is the person who stops going to the dentist and develops a fear of dentists. A much better way to deal with that particular situation would be to try and embrace the positive aspect of visiting the dentist (your oral health). If necessary talk to your dentist – you will be surprised to find that can actually help you! Identifying the exact origins of your negative emotions is really useful in helping you to understand the importance of your thoughts. Another thing to bear in mind is that not all thoughts deserve your attention. You will be surprised to find that some of your
  6. 6. Think Positive Power reports by Peter Ford http://www.peterfordonline.com negative emotions are being spent on things that just don‟t matter and are a complete waste of your time and energy. By going through this process, you can eliminate a surprising amount of negative thinking from your mind, allowing positive thinking and all it‟s benefits to become the dominant force instead.
  7. 7. Think Positive Power reports by Peter Ford http://www.peterfordonline.com 3 Ways To Develop A Positive Outlook Developing a positive outlook will further help to reduce the negatives that can affect your life. Having a positive outlook enables you to focus upon achieving your dreams and fulfilling your various wishes. It‟s about creating your own world and living such a life is truly a magical one, but it doesn‟t happen on it‟s own. Here are three simple strategies that can help you to get what you want in life. 1) You should always be prepared to dream, so that your goals and aims become clear in your mind. Write down your dreams and focus on achieving them. This way you always have a point of reference to ensure you follow a sensible direction should you feel your life is not shaping up the way it should. You can also break your goals into smaller parts to help you achieve them more easily. (Question: how would you eat an elephant? Answer: one mouthful at a time). This is one strategy that will never let you down provided you show conviction and put in honest efforts. You will find that as you achieve each step you will become further motivated to move on to the next task. 2) Bringing your will power to bear is another effective strategy you can use. Will power is behind the strength of many people. Many times you may feel you are let down by circumstances and this can lead to a loss of energy and enthusiasm and a dip in motivation. At such times, you will feel low and you may start to doubt your abilities. Utilizing your will power will rescue you from these negative feelings. People with a strong will power know that it sometimes takes sheer persistence to achieve success, but they always manage to maintain belief in themselves and their capabilities. 3) You should learn to make best use of your time if you want to succeed in life. Time management is essential if you really want to achieve a happy balanced life and be successful. Achieving dreams is not always easy and using your time effectively will help
  8. 8. Think Positive Power reports by Peter Ford http://www.peterfordonline.com you keep everything in perspective and enable you to accomplish all your tasks effectively yet maintain balance. You must make time for the things and people that make you happy and for pursuing your hobbies and passions. This is very important for rejuvenating yourself and charging up for the workload ahead of you.
  9. 9. Think Positive Power reports by Peter Ford http://www.peterfordonline.com About The Author Peter Ford regards himself as the king of self-doubt, having suffered from the problem for almost all of his 60 years, and even now, despite all his knowledge of the benefits of positive thinking, he still sometimes suffers it‟s effects. Just a few short years ago, Peter‟s self-doubt became so bad he was left with zero self-confidence, no self-esteem and a total lack of self-belief. The complete Mr Negative, he lost his job, business, home and friends…. But, fortunately for him this became a turning point in his life and he‟s now on a mission to help anyone out there who feels they too want a better life, but somehow never quite seem able to achieve it. If this sounds like you, you‟re not alone, and the „Think Positive Power‟ series of free reports has been put together to help you see there is a way forward. To learn more about what Peter calls „Think Positive Power‟, and get your hands on more of these free reports (available as .pdf, .epub and/or .mobi), use the link below to visit Peter‟s website: http://www.PeterFordOnline.com