Web monday zurich 14


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Presentation at Web Monday Zurich #14, I presented the first web portrait projects including info on online brainstorming tools like Google Wave and Cacoo for photography projects.

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Web monday zurich 14

  1. 1. Web Portraits Zurich Mark Melnykowycz www.americanpeyote.com Web Monday Zurich #14
  2. 2. Web Portraits Zurich To create cool images and portraits of the people involved in the web and startup scene around Zurich and Switzerland. Technology and new ideas are not magical things which appear from nothing. They are imagined, thought up and developed by people. The internet is also Human The Web is also Mortal
  3. 3. But Why?
  4. 4. Basic Process Online Collaboration Concept Meeting Photo Shoot
  5. 5. Brainstorming
  6. 6. Raw Shoot
  7. 7. Lukas Fischer Mathias Möller Community Manager - Amazee Guzuu.com
  8. 8. Amazee Gothic
  9. 9. The Future? New Concept Who’s who Portrait Design Book Shoots Join the Project http://www.amazee.com/web-portraits- zurich