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Idea Generation and Development


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How do we come up with new ideas? What does it mean for something to be new? My talk at Swiss StartUp Camp 2009 in Basel focused on the way in which we come up with new ideas, and how to organize those ideas before implementing projects.

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Idea Generation and Development

  1. 1. Idea Generation and Development Mark Melnykowycz
  2. 2. Basic Points • Where do we get new ideas? • Brain storming, organizational tools • Art + Science = ? • The Doors of project management
  3. 3. Where do new ideas come from? • Combine things that don’t go together • Create Analogies
  4. 4. Retro Ideas Reinterpret the past to define the future But, isn’t it just... Mail Email SMS Wiki Twitter mixxt Facebook Amazee
  5. 5. Mind Body Duality • Where do good ideas come from? • Active Body Active Mind? • Mens Sana in Corpore Sano Environment Inspiration
  6. 6. Avoiding Cliches? Cars must have wheels Airplanes need wings
  7. 7. Mind Mapping Outline via text and visually View and organize ideas easily
  8. 8. Art = Science? What is Art? How do we define Science? Patterns Symmetry
  9. 9. Arience? Science and Art use the same thinking tools Art is the expression Science, the boundaries of what is boundless of what is known Express the vision in your head within the boundaries of your environment Change the boundaries when the vision doesn’t fit the environment
  10. 10. Doors Theory of Project Management B A Infinite The Doors Known Unknown