Why Bay Area Companies Choose to Work With Brad Squires


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Why Bay Area Companies Choose to Work With Brad Squires

  1. 1. Why Bay Area companieschoose to work withBrad Squires
  2. 2. When I hire a design firm,it shouldn’t be my job to provide them with ideas. — SVP, Director of Marketing, Wells Fargo Advantage Funds
  3. 3. We had several outside Flashdesigners just abandon the project. They basically stopped returning phone calls. — Creative Director, Online Marketing, Scion
  4. 4. Our experience with designfirms is that we had to do what they said. Our input was mostly dismissed. — Board Member, Richmond District YMCA
  5. 5. We approached our own internal design firm, Art & Design, but even they didn’t seem to be asking the right questions or understanding what we needed from a collateral system. — Director of Marketing, Wells Fargo Global Correspondent Banking
  6. 6. The following is merely anopinion held by Brad Squires:It shouldn’t be this hard to get good graphic design.
  7. 7. We strive for easy partnering. — Bold Type Design, Inc.
  8. 8. We like our clients.— Bold Type Design’s Vision and Values statement.
  9. 9. We stick to our ideals. — Brad Squires and Bold Type Design
  10. 10. Design is a joy.— Excerpted from Page 1 of the Bold Type Design business plan.
  11. 11. And the following are also merely opinions.Opinions held by some of the most successfulcompanies in the Bay Area ...
  12. 12. Brad Squires understands ourmarkets and their needs. He comes prepared and ready to listen. — Mickey Pedersen Senior Director of Membership and Programs, Richmond District YMCA
  13. 13. We were very impressed with Brad’s creative.He is at the top of our list. — Tammy Taylor Brand Manager, Wells Fargo Enterprise Marketing
  14. 14. From the very beginning of a project, Brad asks questions that haven’t even occurred to me to ask. He has been an excellent find. — John T. Wright VP, Director of Marketing, Wells Fargo International Marketing
  15. 15. Brad Squires has never let us down. — Tricia M. Link Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Research YMCA of San Francisco
  16. 16. Brad gave us a schedule at the beginning of the project and hit every marker. He never missed a single detail. — Denise Cjaza, Creative Director, Online Marketing for Scion
  17. 17. Even my wife thinks this is cool. — Mike Hogan Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Funds
  18. 18. Thank you. You’ve been great. www.bold-type.com