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Top-line Thoughts on Creating a Digital Organisation


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The Marketing Communications business is fast being disrupted by new technologies. This paper teaches the way to leverage the trend rather than remain a victim.

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Top-line Thoughts on Creating a Digital Organisation

  1. 1. C R E AT I N G A D I G I TA L O R G A N I S AT I O N C R I T I C A L C O N S I D E R AT I O N S F O R A C O M M U N I C AT I O N S B U S I N E S S Bolaji Okusaga
  2. 2. RETHINKING OUR BUSINESS • A new perspective • A new business model • A new approach • A new path to market How Do We Go?
  3. 3. ACCELERATING TRANSFORMATION – KEY CONSIDERATIONS Looking Beyond Current Business Model • Production • Distribution • Delivery Getting New Insights • The sustainability Question – For How Long Can We Continue to Do This? Trend Spotting and Disruption • TRENDS - How do customers prefer to be served? • DISTRUPTION - Do Customers know what they want until they see it?
  4. 4. THE FOUR PILLARS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Data Being able to mine data is critical to driving Digital Transformation. Insight To be able to draw insight from Data derived, we must clean it. Idea Given observable patterns of behaviour derived from clean and analysed data, intervention ideas begin to emerge. Expression Intervention strategies are expressed and market connections are made
  5. 5. BUSINESS MODEL CONSIDERATION -WHAT DO WE WANT? A Tech Centred Organisation • Business Model is built around Digital A Tech Enabled Organisation • Business Model is Enabled by Digital A Tech Integrated Organisation • Digital is Integrated into Business Model
  6. 6. BUSINESS MODEL CANVASS KEY PARTNERS Do you still need your current Affiliate Partners? What kind of Eco- system do we need to create? Can we acquire Platform Partners or Buy into a small start- up? KEY ACTIVITIES Do we want to just do Advertising or do we want to do more than Advertising? What kind of value enhancement can we bring on board for current Clients? VALUE PROPOSITIONS How do we redefine ourValue Proposition to suit our new focus? Can we borrow from already great companies or do we bring on board originality that suits our environment? CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS How do we manage Customer Relationships beyond Customer Calls, Client Service and Contact Reports? CUSTOMER SEGMENTS How do we segment our market? KEY RESOURCES What kind of Staff and HR Policy will make this work? What kind of other resources are required. How do we plan Resource Cycle? CHANNELS Do we want to have Omni- Channel Engagements or do we have a preferred Channel? COST STRUCTURE What is our cost structure going to look like? REVENUE STREAMS What are our revenue streams?
  7. 7. GOALS AND CHALLENGES GOALS Deliver a higher ROI Improve the delivery of Marketing outcome for Clients Improve efficiencies – helping clients minimize spend and optimize outcomes CHALLENGES RISK MANAGEMENT: How do I minimize the disruption to the business while making changes? PROJECT DELIVERY : How can we improve the reliability of our delivery schedules? COST REDUCTION How can we identify and capitalize on cost saving opportunities? RESOURCE OPTIMISATION: How do I make the best use of my talent, budget and technology?
  8. 8. HOW DO WE DELIVER DIFFERENTIATED POSSIBILITIES? Some Possibilities Aggregation Platform(s) Proprietary Solution The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Drive Branding and Marketing? Creation of Ad Creatives and Copy Platform for Small and Medium Businesses Creation of a Digital and Creative Hub for Businesses
  9. 9. WHAT KIND OF NEW BUSINESS LINES ARE YOU LOOKING AT? Mobile Specialisation? Shopper Marketing? Marketing Software Development? Aggregation or Syndication Platforms for Businesses?
  10. 10. THE MOTIVATION Take advantage of resources that are available CC Hub Idea Hub TheYaba Technology and Digital Eco-system Look for Partners Think through solutions with Geeks and Digital Natives Bring onboard a Developer as either a part owner or a hire Shop for scalable applications and acquire licence Think of Project Finance New Investment Venture Capital
  11. 11. SYSTEM CONSIDERATION Organisational Vision and Mission Brand and Business Realities Digital Culture,Attitude and Norms PEOPLE • Digital Capabilities • Technology Orientation • Allied Competences • Digital Leadership SYSTEM • Technology Platforms • Tools and Application • Data Acquisition and Management • Ownership of patents and proprietary platforms PROCESSES • FlexibleWork Culture • Culture of consistent Innovation • Creation of Ecosystems • Delivery of Data aligned insights and solutions Collaborations and Partnerships
  12. 12. STRUCTURE CONSIDERATION Directors Managing Director Customer Experience Project Implementation and Reporting Planning and Buying Chief Creative Officer Creatives – Ad Direction and Copy Content ChiefTechnology Officer Platform Management Community Management The Board Management Key Departments
  13. 13. HOW DO WE CHANGE MINDS? Who do we want to be? (vision/mission) What’s going on in our market? Who are we talking to? (personas) What are our goals? (business objectives) How will we reach them? (strategy) What do we need to do to make it happen? (tactics) How will we know it worked? (metrics) When will we do it? (calendar) How much investment is required? (budget)
  14. 14. CHANGING PERCEPTION AND EXPANDING INFLUENCE EventsBlogsCampaignsPresentationsSell sheets
  15. 15. WHO ARE WE GOING TO BE TALKING TO? Background • CEO, CMO, CCO, SVP,VP or director responsible for Marketing / Commercial/ Sales • Part of Marketing organization in growing number of companies or procurement • Most often part of a centralized function but sometimes decentralized with alignment to particular business unit Demographics • Male / Female • Mid 30’s - 40s+ • College degree, may have graduate degree Identifiers • APCON or Institute of Marketing member • Industry participant who is present and/or participates at industry conferences
  16. 16. ENSURING AUDIENCE CONNECTION Common Objections How do you prove ROI? Introducing a new management approach for our Marketing will be too time consuming and require too much investment in resources Communicating NewValue Proposition We will give you the benchmarking data and market-tested models needed to drive the performance of your Marketing We have Proprietary solutions underscored by audience aligned creative process Pitch Benchmark your performance against your industry peers Identify and prioritize a portfolio of projects
  17. 17. THANK YOU