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  • User will open up first slide in presentation titled “Trouble with Team Work.” From there user will continue to navigate through power point presentation using active button installed into presentation.
  • Team work in the Federal work place is nonexistent in today's offices. There tends to be no communication and no leadership. The basis of the Federal work place seems to be about individuals instead of team work. Individually workers are keeping their KSA, knowledge, skills and abilities to themselves to protect their job security. Supervisors do little of the work and struggle to communicate a need/want to current employees.
  • Communication barriers exists as older supervisors can’t reach a younger work force. Ideas are lost in translation as an older managerial team continues to struggle with communication barriers. Communication is the foundation to any successful team. It all starts with the transfer or sharing of ideas and goals through communication. As we all know there are different ways to communicate with one another; verbal and nonverbal. Verbal is the most important for me when it comes to team building and development. While nonverbal is still important it’s the verbal communication that dictates whether a team will excel or fail .
  • Leadership continues to struggle to adapt to today's workforce. As the Federal work force continues to get younger and more technologically advanced leadership fails to keep up with trending technology. Without strong leadership the team tends to drift without purpose and will continue to chase itself in a circle without any positive outcome. One of the main problems that we are seeing in the corporate business today is team managers supervising teams as individuals but calling them a group or team. Instead of taking the teams ideas and suggestions as a group or team they breakdown each individuals ideas and goals and interns stains the very fabric of the team or group.
  • Some of you might be asking yourself what is he talking about. As a team you are bound to make mistakes and have flaws in your learning styles. This is common and should be looked at as a learning opportunity to improve your team and to prevent future gaffes
  • Access tests on the web page provided above. Score your communication skills and share within the class. Write a summary reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Storyboard

    1. 1. TEAM WORK STORYBOARD Storyboard Ronald Bokan, March 7th, 2013 AET 545 Gregory Jackson
    2. 2. Information Flow
    3. 3. TROUBLES WITH TEAM WORK 1. No communication 2. No Leadership 900 800 700 600 500 Work Orders 400 Job Orders 300 Remodels 200 100 0 Supervisor Employee
    4. 4. Communication▪Communication is the foundation to any successful team▪Barriers must be destroyed for positive communication to work▪Barriers prevent the sharing of ideas and goals▪Verbal communication is paramount in the relationship between worker and boss
    5. 5. No Leadership▪Leadership is the second most important aspect of team building▪Employees must understand what their supervisor wants from them▪Workflow include verbal and physical work▪Technology can help diminish the growing gap between leadership and workers SUCCESS
    6. 6. Learning from Mistakes•Mistakes are learning points•Ask questions•Don’t sit idle
    7. 7. Tests
    8. 8. Reference Page Lawrence Robinson, Jeanne Segal, Ph. D., and Robert Segal, M.A.(January 2013). Effective Communication. Retrieved from Robins Jacob. (September 2003). Effective Communication Skills.Retrieved from James Manktelow. (January 2013). How Good Are Your CommunicationSkills? Retrieved from