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Rebecca Buckingham, Better Connected reviewer


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Slides presented at Connected Local Government Live 2017 29 June in Better Connected session

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Rebecca Buckingham, Better Connected reviewer

  1. 1. @btrconnected @btrconnected Better Connected reviewer and content designer for Kent County Council (Agilisys) Rebecca Buckingham Social care surveys
  2. 2. @btrconnected What I’m going to cover • Background to the surveys • Key findings • Google performance • Findability via navigation • Explaining the assessment process and funding issues clearly • Third party sites • Summary of quick wins
  3. 3. @btrconnected Social care surveys • Developed with Independent Age • Care Act focus: looking for clarity on access to services and support; funding, information and advice for all including self- funders • Topic #1: Request care assessment for elderly relative – 206 councils: England, Scotland, Wales • Topic #2: Find local services: 152 councils England
  4. 4. @btrconnected • Poor findability in Google: 10% on assessment survey • Process around assessment gateway obscure • Funding issue not sufficiently explicit • Lack of understanding of best web practice • Poor use/integration of third party sites • Low use of interactive services: reliance on phone for contact • Self-assessment tools in early stages • Influence of Care Act evident in contrast between English and Scottish performance Key findings
  5. 5. @btrconnected Google performance • Average percentage for not found in Google = 0% - 3% • 4% of English councils not found for Find local services • 10% not found for Request an assessment Action you can take • Good page titles, metadata and subheads • Well written content • Don’t forget about your third party sites
  6. 6. @btrconnected Findability - navigation Tone of voice Clear page titles Great descriptions
  7. 7. @btrconnected Clear options
  8. 8. @btrconnected Explaining the assessment process
  9. 9. @btrconnected Always room for improvement Clear explanation of process again and decoding terminology
  10. 10. @btrconnected Another great example Always room for improvement – avoid vague labels Great intro and good links to further detail Always safest to assume no knowledge and write accordingly
  11. 11. @btrconnected Poor experiences – request an assessment Looks promising but . . .
  12. 12. @btrconnected Reams of information about the team Argh – crucial info in a PDF (unclearly labelled) So? More likely I don’t remember Can I have the number then please
  13. 13. @btrconnected Mixed bags – request an assessment
  14. 14. @btrconnected Poor content So much background info
  15. 15. @btrconnected Poor formatting Sweat the small stuff – it matters Inaccessible language
  16. 16. @btrconnected Paying for care Both tasks tested whether councils providing clear information about needs assessments and eligibility for council funding. Although 65% provided information about funding, it wasn’t always clear enough.
  17. 17. @btrconnected Paying for care – how not to do it
  18. 18. @btrconnected And how to do it Crystal clear
  19. 19. @btrconnected The elephant in the room – third party sites • Very common in social care tasks • Poor integration – dumping grounds • Duplicate content • Dramatically different look and feel • Poor labelling – off-the-shelf modules • Often over-engineered – long user journeys • Often not mobile responsive. Bad!
  20. 20. @btrconnected The elephant in the room – third party sites
  21. 21. @btrconnected These offer the same options
  22. 22. @btrconnected ‘Information’!
  23. 23. @btrconnected
  24. 24. @btrconnected Take action Quick wins • Ruthlessly edit and format – write for mobile • Does it have sensible labels? (inc third party sites) • Deep links to third party sites • Write in the active voice – friendlier and shorter • Be clear and transparent, even with difficult messages • Copy good websites Less quick wins • Content audit – fill the gaps • Engage with suppliers – share BC findings • Own the journey – use insight, demand quality