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Bohemia Amsterdam together with Genestay Strategy developed concept, design and execution of the Fruit Revolution Online Commercial for AB Activ'. To understand the protest turn on the subtitles (French only).

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B2C Online AB Activ'

  1. 1. B2C Campaign Case AB Activ’ The French Fruit Revolution Client: Strategy + Concept: Bohemia Personnel: AB Activ’ Corinne Genestay Marco de Boer Leo Fleury Louis Poitevin
  2. 2. Situation The world of nutritional complements is dominated by huge pharmaceutical companies. After traveling it for a decade, two young French engineers observed that food supplements are often unclear to the consumer, constraining and almost always look sad. They believed there was a better, more ethical and cheerful way to do business and set up their own company in organic food supplements. AB Activ’ was created, based on a socially conscious business model. The first product to launch is their organic energy boosters: P’tit Coup d’Boost and Pêche d’Enfer.
  3. 3. Target • Increase product awareness for AB Activ’s natural energy boosters. Target group • Everyone but preferably French people already interested in organic products.
  4. 4. Brand Strategy AB Activ’ is build on three core beliefs: 1) The consumer must understand what he buys. 2) Taking care of oneself shouldn’t be a burden. 3) A good mood is the first step towards a good health. Therefore the spirit of the brand should be playful, poetic and friendly.
  5. 5. Concept The main ingredients of the organic energy boosters Acerola and Guarana meet up and start a revolution. They protest against colorants and preservatives. They are all for honest well-being, natural ingredients and true energy.
  6. 6. Copy The French Fruit Revolution T'as la pêche toi! Toi aussi, quel tonus! You're really full of beans! You too! You're so dynamic! Tout le monde n'a pas cette chance… Il est temps d'intervenir! En avant! Tous ensemble! Aidons-les! A bas les colorants! Not everyone is that lucky! It's time to act! Let's go! All together! Let's help them! Down with colorants! A bas les conservateurs! Vive le bien-être! Vive la nature! Vive l'énergie! Honnêteté, Down with preservative! Long live well-being! Long live nature! Long live energy! Honesty, efficacité, simplicité. Pour être mieux, tout simplement. efficiency, simplicity. To be simply better.
  7. 7. Visuals The French Fruit Revolution Making Of & Youtube Movie
  8. 8. Making Of
  9. 9. Making Of
  10. 10. Making Of
  11. 11. Results The sweet little Fruity Revolution was being picked up online and viewed over 3000 times in the first weeks after launch.
  12. 12. Credits Brand: AB Activ’ Medium: online Strategy + concept: Corinne Genestay (Genestay Strategy) & Marco de Boer (Bohemia Amsterdam) Art director: Marco de Boer (Bohemia Amsterdam) Animation: Leo Fleury (Bohemia Amsterdam) Voices: Marco de Boer, Leo Fleury and Louis Poitevin (Bohemia Amsterdam)
  13. 13. Revolt the Standard. For more information: Hugo Kalf hugo@bohemiaamsterdam.com Kyra Roest kyra@bohemiaamsterdam.com Bohemia Amsterdam Sint Pieterspoortsteeg 23a 1012HM Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 [0]20 42 33 555 bohemiaamsterdam.com + corinnegenestay.com