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Big Brand Moments Year Plan


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Set up your marketing communication plan in one afternoon. The Big Brand Moments Year Plan gives your seven Big Brand Moments for the coming 12 months.

Use this PDF to set up your marketing communication schedule. In only one afternoon you decide on...
Your marketing communication team
Your seven Big Brand Moments
Your seven events
Your marketing communication target group
Your list of communication channels
Your target for each BBM including your budget.

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Big Brand Moments Year Plan

  1. 1. Big Brand Moments Year Plan |. COMPOSE A WORKGROUP. Select people from different departments and at least one of the management to create support for the plan. The workgroup can be used to fall back on at certain moments. ||. CHOSE YOUR BIG BRAND MOMENTS. Chose the announcements, projects, whitepapers or events that support your key values best. |I|. PLAN THE BIG BRAND MOMENTS. Determine when the BBM will take place. About once every 1,5 months. Always chose a tuesday, wednesday or thursday and move the BBM away from holidays and such. |V. CHOSE YOUR TARGETGROUP FOR EACH BBM. Every company, product or service needs communication. Whether it's B2B, B2C or internal communication. Determine those directly involved, the inner circle and the external suppliers. WHEN WHO V. DETERMINE WHICH MEDIA YOU’LL TO USE. Chose the channels that can reach your target audience the best. A worldwide campaign, national printing campaign, by social media, with pr or a personal invitation. V|. WHAT’S YOUR GOAL? Do you want more brand awareness or brand activation? Secure these in measurable numbers, else you won't have anything to celebrate. Do this for every BBM. 1 name name name name 2 WHAT OR WHY HOW TARGET name name name 3 Company / product Vision 4 Mission 5 Ambition 6 7 Year Budget Download on the Big Brand Moments Yearplanning & the Big Brand Moment Back Planning. This BBM model is developed at Bohemia Amsterdam.