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B2C Campaign DobryTel


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DobryTel asked Bohemia Amsterdam to help launch their new double phone number simcard service for Polish people who live and work in the Netherlands and/or the UK.

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B2C Campaign DobryTel

  1. 1. B2C Campaign CaseDobryTelLaunching CampaignClient Personnel: Frank Rikken Jan-Peter de QuartelBohemia Personnel: Marco de Boer Kyra Roest Jakub Zańczak
  2. 2. SituationDobryTel is a smart mobile solution developed byand for Polish people who work and travelbetween their home country and (either or both)the UK and the Netherlands.
  3. 3. Target• Create awareness of DobryTel.• 10% market penetration in one year.Target GroupPolish workers in• the UK (> 500.000)• the Netherlands (>150.000)
  4. 4. StrategyBecause of the local rates between UK, theNetherlands and Poland you simply forget theborders. Using DobryTel feels like calling yourhusband at work, your friend in the next villageor your neighbor. Chit-Chat becomes a habit.
  5. 5. ConceptWe bring Tomek, the cartoon brand figure, alivealong with his friends in a cartoony landscape.Tomek and his girl in Poland can’t stop callingeach other. It just feels like home.
  6. 6. Media• Movie clips• E-mailings• Banners• Page Take-Over• Advertorial• Sponsored links
  7. 7. VisualsMediaMaking of...Online CommercialBannersSplash PageNewsletter
  8. 8. VisualsMediaOnline CommercialBannersSplash PageNewsletter
  9. 9. Clip 1: Right momentTomek calls his girl every day.This time he calls at the right moment.
  10. 10. VisualsMediaOnline CommercialBannersSplash PageNewsletter
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  12. 12. VisualsMediaOnline CommercialBannersSplash PageNewsletter
  13. 13. ResultsThe campaign launched December 1, 2012.
  14. 14. Special Thanks To...Jakub Zańczak (Copy & Creation)Filmgasten (Direction & Film)
  15. 15. Brand While You Can.For more information:Hugo Kalf hugo@bohemiaamsterdam.comKyra Roest kyra@bohemiaamsterdam.comBohemia AmsterdamSint Pieterspoortsteeg 23a1012HM Amsterdam, Netherlands+31 [0]20 42 33