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B2C Campaign Rijksoverheid - Filejeppen


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Bohemia Amsterdam developed in corporation with GoudappelCoffeng and Technolution strategy, name, website, app & communication for Stadsregio Arnhem Nijmegen to lower the traffic pressure.

Filejeppen is running till march 2015.

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B2C Campaign Rijksoverheid - Filejeppen

  1. 1. B2C Campaign Case ! Filejeppen No need to be late ! Client: Bohemia Personnel: ! ! Together with: State Government / Rijksoverheid Marco de Boer Kyra Roest Ramiro Amorena GoudappelCoffeng & Technolution
  2. 2. Situation The Netherlands being a packed country have some severe traffic challenges. Commuters traveling by car or train face regular delays. With upcoming roadworks all through the country the government assigned a contest to develop a new and enticing ‘tool’ to help the commuter in finding his current most efficient route whether it’s by car, public transport or bike. We want to get commuters check the expected travel time and chose the best alternatives.
  3. 3. Target ! • 6,000 commuters have to use Filejeppen and check the web based app monthly. ! Target group • The frequent commuter
  4. 4. Approach We developed a name that rings a bell. It’s a Portmanteau of two Dutch words. File = traffic jam and Fierljeppen = Dutch sport of jumping ditches with a pole. Filejeppen does just do that. It helps you to ‘jump over the traffic’.
  5. 5. How it works Filejeppen is a tool which gives you several travel options on your route. Apart from the average travel information like distance, directions and travel time, it offers you the estimated travel time based on the current and expected pressure. Besides the standard car options the web based app shows you what time you could arrive on your destination choosing alternatives like public transport (train, tram, bus and subway) bike, e-bike and walking.
  6. 6. Campaign Filejeppen is a product and campaign that will run for at least 12 months. To give Filejeppen a reason to exist we connected it to the one and only relevant question any commuter or traveler has: Will I be on time? “Will you be on time?” is the campaign carrier that will be used throughout the year using the Big Brand Moments model and will be connected to seasonal messages like “Will you be on time on Mothers day? or “Will you be home before dark?”. Basically; with Filejeppen there’s no need to be late.
  7. 7. Visuals ! No need to be late ! ! ! ! Smartphone App Web based App Banners Posters Free Give-aways
  8. 8. Concept Jumping the traffic
  9. 9. Smartphone App Filejeppen start up screen
  10. 10. Smartphone App Home
  11. 11. Smartphone App Directions
  12. 12. Website Are you always late? Find and save your personal travel advise.
  13. 13. On Track Information The more you follow the directions the better your colors.
  14. 14. Game levels Kick scooter, Tricycle, Bicycle, Scooter, Car, DAF, TGV.
  15. 15. Campaign Poster Are you on time? Go Filejeppen.
  16. 16. Campaign Poster Are you on time for the tulips? Go Filejeppen.
  17. 17. Participants Keychain and free give-away
  18. 18. Result Try it yourself on The campaign runs till April 1st 2015.
  19. 19. Any step can be a leap forward. ! For more information: Marco de Boer ! ! Bohemia Amsterdam Sint Pieterspoortsteeg 23a 1012HM Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 [0]20 42 33 555