Specific questions mcvp corporate development


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Specific questions mcvp corporate development

  1. 1. 1. Taking into consideration the position you are applying for, what are thekey strategies you want to implement in order to move AIESEC Romaniatowards AIESEC 2015?For most of the answers I will refer to information from AI’s Report towards 2015 at the end of Q2 in 2012 for theglobal aspect while mixing them with the national reality. Regarding the strategies to move towards AIESEC 2015,I envision everything as an organic evolution of the organization, not a random and unhealthy reinvention of thewheel. • National projects (@Academy, ET-based projects) • Market penetrations through iGIP sub programs • Market-based packaging of programs & products • NST & MCVP-delivered support & education on products and sub First choice programs partner • Collaboration with AD for raising and education • Regional CD & Sales School (in 3 locations at the same time, 2 times/year) Cross- • Clustered strategy to make LCs work together & increase knowledge generational impact •Support for iGCDP projects •Support for oGCDP projects •Presence in events + networking Global Youth •Branding of sub programs for increased awareness Voice#First choice partner – continuing the national alignment of AIESEC Academy, as it is a highly relevant product forthe corporate market, supporting LCs in delivering GIPi sub-products. Product development will be orientedtowards helping each LC develop one or two market-specific products, focusing on the products for better delivery.But the most important aspect is directing most of my efforts on educating LCs (to be in most part delivered by theNST) on how to sell sub-products and approach different market segments, thus ensuring a direction towardsmarket-oriented projects and products, and enabling companies to look to AIESEC as a reliable and relevantpartner.#Cross-generational positive impact – here the AI showcases the impact brought by the collaboration betweenAIESEC Germany, Mainland of China, India and Brazil. My take on this is working with a number of LCs towards astrong GIPi performance while delivering the same education to all LCs. To spread the impact I will showcaseresults, the other LCS will see this and try to follow them. What happens here is that not only the MCVP will beresponsible for the whole country, but the LCs will begin communicating amongst them and create the “pay-it-forward” mentality.#Global Youth Voice – the AI mainly refers here to the YouthSpeak global initiative, but when applying thisdirection to the current direction of AIESEC Romania, it makes much more sense to me to become highly relevantfor the young people of today through issue-based initiatives. That being said, my strategy is about being presenton the student market, catering to their needs. The solidification of AIESEC Academy is an example, but alsooffering support towards GCDPo by bringing in companies that endorse students who go abroad and leave apositive impact in the community. Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  2. 2. 2. What are the behaviors that you want to drive within the CorporateDevelopment area? Please present concrete actions to support your answer. •LCVP quarterly live meetings Empowering •Regional CD & Sales Schools •NST-delivered education through knowledge •Webinars •Segmented iGIP objectives Consistency with •Market-based packaging •NST team structure (Matching Manager, IT clear objectives Manager, ET Manager & @Academy Manager) •Showcasing impact (national GCPs Passion with projectized) •LC Visits by MCVP Corporate Development purpose •Sub program-based product developmentEducation, education, education. I cannot stress it enough. The external environment will teach us a lot, we justhave to learn how to listen to it and act accordingly. The most part of this education will come through delivery bythe NST, webinars, quarterly face to face meetings with LCVPS and regional CD & Sales schools.In order to build strong win-win partnerships and to make our partners evolve from supporters to enablers, wemust constantly deliver on our promises and present continuity in our actions so that trust is a core element of ourexternal relations.By showing the national network the impact of certain GCPs and shaping them into products or projects that canbe implemented in any LC after assessment with the LCVP and external market, we can build up a more unitednetwork. Also Alumni are an amazing and empowering resource of AIESEC, as they have the experience with @and also can give relevant external advice.3. How do you see the evolution of each sub program? What are theconcrete steps you are going to take in order to reach the performancestated?When talking about the evolution of each sub-program, we can think of the life-cycle of products. Taking intoconsideration the very low realizations on GIPi and that 80% of the results are delivered by 3 LCs out of a nationalnetwork of 14 LCs, we are only in the incipient stage of each sub-program. I will not focus on developing all ofthem at once, as I will mostly focus on clustering the LCs into three segments: top, middle and entry. The division ismade taking into consideration external market size and LC capacity (no of members for CD, planned objectives,previous market penetration).Before I will start anything, there will a national assessment plan with companies and students regarding marketcapacity to absorb ETs and market potential and also IT. If along the way any ramifications appear that lead toMarketing or Technical sub programs we can add that profile to the raising campaign.For the top cluster, focus will be mostly on the Global IT Program, as this is the sub-product that the AI is reallypushing forward and will help already big LCs perform and penetrate this market segment. For the first three Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  3. 3. quarters of the MC term, this will be the push. After securing a position in the IT segment and continuing towardsthe growth stage, the top cluster will begin to approach the other 3 sub-products, depending on market structure. >Focus on Top Cluster Global IT LCs >IT manager in NST Growth Consolidation Program >Intense market penetration Global >Focus on Middle and Entry LCs Educational >Projectizing ETs Growth Consolidation Program >ET manager in NST Global Marketing Development Emergence Program Global Technical Development Emergence ProgramFor the middle and entry cluster, my focus will be towards Global Educational Program, because it is easier to selland it will give the LCs momentum. Right now, few LCs know how to properly sell GIPi based on sub-products, butET is a simple and easy way to start. Towards the end of the MC term, as they will build traction and the ETs form astable input of results, they can turn their attention to the IT, Marketing or Technical segment, which are morespecific.Regarding overall evolution, this is the way I see it:# during 2010-2011, there was stagnation in selling GIPi because of the MCVP ICX left mid-term, and the emphasiswas on Sales. Knowledge was lost except in the LCs that were already doing GIPi.# in 2011-2012, Ramon started from square one to put together a culture for GIPi with a small number of LCsbecause very few people knew how to properly sell GIPi and only towards the end of the term a concrete directionwas formed.# in 2012-2013, Oana pushed the focus on exchange, and more LCs followed in the direction of GIPi. This termthere is also increased support from the AI regarding sub-products and this was downscaled in the country as well;and area culture begins to take shape.# for 2013-2014, my focus will be to give support on selling ETs for small and medium LCs and the big LCs willdevelop stronger IT results. Focusing on two main market segments, results will begin to appear and theknowledge in producing GIPi results increases. Not all the LCs will align themselves, but most of them will do.Projectizing ETs will also bring results.# for 2014-2015, there should be a strong emphasis on bringing ETs and IT sub-programs to a strong growth andconsolidating them. The remaining LCs will align themselves with the national network, while the alreadyperforming LCs will begin to go into different market segments. Also from the IT sub programs we can reach out tothe Marketing segment (by expansion or sales profile) and from the ET we can spread to Marketing (throughimport-export profile based on language) and to Technical (from the technical knowledge profile). Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  4. 4. 4. Present the main bottlenecks that kept AIESEC Romania from achieving the objectives planned on GIP incoming. What will be the key strategies for each of them, that you are going to implement in order to achieve the objectives planned? In order to present the bottlenecks on GIPi, I will analyze it by raising and matching, presenting problems (left) and solutions (right). Raising# Lack of knowledge of iGIP and sub programs # AD support# Lack of focus on iGIP # Planning with projects on sub programs# no department structure to clearly enable raising # NST with IT Manager & ET Manager# no planning of objectives of market segments and iGIP sub-programs # Package raising on projects Matching# Matching done by LCVPs # NST with Matching Manager# No matching team / matching responsibles # Matching with EPs from European Union# Hard to match TNs # Matching team / Matching responsibles in CD department# Lack of knowledge on efficient matching To offer a more detailed image, I will explain some actions and strategies: NST: Matching Manager, IT Manager, ET Manager & @Academy manager. The Matching Manager is responsible for matching TNs from MC TN takers, offers support and education on matching already available TNs that do not fit into the IT or ET category, directs focus towards matching with countries for European Union and countries that do not require a visa for 90 days. Also offers support in case of raising on another segment than IT or ET. The IT Manager is responsible for support and education on raising and matching TNs on Global IT Program. Market segmentation, packaging and matching with countries that have a big pool of IT EPs. The manager will also advertise IT TNs from the Romania to MCVPs OGX from other countries so that there is a package matching of TNs. The ET Manager is responsible for support and education on raising and matching TNs on Global Educational Program. Together with MCVP and LCVPs is responsible for developing and implementation of ET projects (ex: TRY, Business Classes, Language Classes). He or she will be National Project Manager regarding ET projects as a whole and will also be responsible for package promotion of TNs from the projects at an international level. Empowerment. Consistency. Passion
  5. 5. 5. Present your strategic projects for the next year with timeline, concreteactivities and strategies to support their development. Give a briefdescription of each strategic project presented.@Academy – continuation of @Academy in the same vein as this term.National Assessment for IT & ET - assessment with LCVPs from external environment to assure success of raisingcampaigns and product development.Raising campaigns – raising campaigns focused on Global IT Program and Global Educational program after theassessment made, but also targeting other products.ET-based projects – local or national projects developed by MCVP CD + MCVP Sales + LCVPs + ET Manager with thepurpose to raise (and match) at least 2/3 TNs per project at companies that require business classes or teachlanguage to students or anything in between, depending on the LC reality and external feedback.Regional CD & Sales Conferences – conferences organized twice per year, before raising peaks, within a weekend(2 days). Each time there will be 3 regional identical conferences happening at the same for the purpose of makingit easier for delegates to travel. Housing will be at AIESEC members and the fees will be ~20 RON to cover thecoffee breaks. The location will be at universities or somewhere free of charge and the trainings will be deliveredby MCVP CD, MCVP Sales, NST and Alumni to ensure equal delivery in quality. The conferences will have thepurpose of providing know-how to ET-based projects, IT raising & matching, sub programs, support towards iGCDP,oGCDP and Sales. Simulations will make most of the conferences.Complementary education – webinars, live meetings with LCVPs and LC Visits.*The timeline I have selected is from February 2013 to June 2014 because I have also included the period oftransition as activities as MCVP CD elect. Also I haven’t included Functional Area meetings with LCVPs becausethat will be established with LCVPs and taking into consideration the National Conference Cycle.Proje ct Acti vi ty F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J Proje ct Ma na ge r AI ESEC Aca de my s e l e cti on 2014 Tra i ni ngs As s e s s me nt Na ti ona l As s e s s me nt Ce ntra l i za ti on of da ta Re gi ona l _ confe re nce s Ra i s i ng Ra i s i ng ca mpa i gns Propos a l for LCs Product s he e tET-ba s e d proje cts for LCs Ra i s i ng Ma tchi ng Compl e me nta ry LC Vi s i ts e duca ti on We bi na rs Empowerment. Consistency. Passion