The surrealist phenomenon salvador dali


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  • How often do we get a chance to sit down and appreciate art, especially in the busy times we live in. I have to confess that when I think of artists such as Salvador Dali, I see the comedian and the strange behavior...learning more about this man and especially going to the forum where there are so many pictures and discussions about this particular artist has me seeing him in a new light. On this slideshare to see the last picture of this great man with his son was something that had me feeling for the frailty of the man but the love for the son to his father .
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  • Branka, you are relieved now (Lol) but not before I thank you too from the bottom of my heart :)
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  • Bogdan, thank you so much for makind the slide and posting it. I am delighted, quite a job! And of course, I hope many people will view it.
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  • I waitied to see if Miguel would be first to comment, but morning is closer and closer, and I decided to leave here, at least, one hearty thank you for such a nicely done job. Going to visit my Delightful Dalirium :)) - good night world!
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  • Fantastic artist. I didn't remember he was actually a 20th century artist.
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The surrealist phenomenon salvador dali

  2. 2. via Luis Miguel Goitizolo
  3. 3. Salvador Dali was born as the son of a prestigious notary in the small town of Figueras in Northern Spain. His talent as an artist showed at an early age and Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali received his first drawing lessons when he was ten years old. His art teachers were a then well known Spanish impressionist painter, Ramon Pichot and later an art professor at the Municipal Drawing School. In 1923 his father bought his son his first printing press.
  4. 4. The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus Gallery: Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL, USA
  5. 5. By 1929 Dali had found his personal style that should make him famous - the world of the unconscious that is recalled during our dreams. The surrealist theory is based on the theories of the psychologist Dr. Sigmund Freud. Recurring images of burning giraffes and melting watches became the artist's surrealist trademarks. His great craftsmanship allowed him to execute his paintings in a nearly photo-realistic style. No wonder that the artist was a great admirer of the Italian Renaissance painter Raphael.
  6. 6. Dali caused the attention of the media by playing the role of a surrealist clown. He made a lot of money and was contemptuously nicknamed Avida Dollars (greedy for dollars) by Andre Breton. It's no wonder, he used to be everyday news for his unconventional behavior. At André Breton’s claim that he must be barred from the Surrealist movement (which in fact he was) for his deplorable attitudes, he retorted: "The only difference between me and the Surrealists is I am a Surrealist."
  7. 7. Dali loved to take images from the past, particularly art masterpieces from the past like Venus de Milo or Mona Lisa and use these to convey a point.
  8. 8. Salvador Dalí on FaceBook Page
  9. 9. I have said it before but will happily say it again. Dali's range of technique is staggering. Not just that it is wide but that he excelled in every one of them.This watercolour self-portrait is extra ordinary. Simple, accomplished, balanced and above all very easy to live with. It makes me smile. again, his work inspires me to experiment. Thank you Miguel.
  10. 10. If Dali could envisage something then he could paint it. Some images are really attractive, some thought provoking and some disturbing. What more would an artist desire?
  11. 11. Salvador Dali - The Truck (We'll be arriving later, about five o'clock) (oil on canvas, 1982)
  12. 12. Salvador Dali - Searching for the Fourth Dimension (oil on wood,1979)
  13. 13. Salvador Dali is the only known artist who had two museums dedicated exclusively to his works at lifetime. 1.Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida 2. Dali Museum-Theater in Figueres, Spain
  14. 14. Eggs on a plate - without the plate
  15. 15. In 1980 Dali was forced to retire due to palsy, a motor disorder, that caused a permanent trembling and weakness of his hands. He was not able to hold a brush any more. The fact that he could not follow his vocation and passion of painting and the news of Gala's death in 1982 left him with deep depression.
  16. 16. Salvador and Jose' Dali, father and son The final voyage
  17. 17. The Surrealist Phenomenon - SALVADOR DALI on Adlandpro
  18. 18. Many thanks to Luis Miguel Goitizolo Dieter Wanczura Art News Report The Dali Museum and ALL the members of Adlandpro who love talking about art