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Adlandpro is working from home right for you


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Working from home has a lot of allure for many people, but you need to consider the pros and the cons to this type of career. It is my hope that you will get a measure of balance through this presentation so that you can make a good decision!

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Adlandpro is working from home right for you

  1. 1. Is working from home right for you? by Bogdan Fiedur
  2. 2. When I think about whether working from home is right for any person, I remember a story that Richard Kiosaki told in his book “Poor Dad- Rich Dad”. He talks about his two dads who had two very different mentalities about money. One had the mentality of an employee and the other of a business owner. Both dads believed they were giving correct advice although they were advising exactly the opposite.
  3. 3. His “poor” dad told him to choose employment because it offered job security and corporate ladder, where he could become somebody after years of being promoted. The “rich” dad asked him to choose the path of an independent business owner because that way he could work for something that he owns.
  4. 4. Of course when you talk to most people about starting your own business and having a passion about some new idea, you will get two main reactions...
  5. 5. There will be …
  6. 6. The Naysayers – These are the people who will tell you, “you will never make it” and that you are “stupid to attempt the impossible”
  7. 7. But then you will find people who are…
  8. 8. The Believers and supporters!
  9. 9. The Pros to working from home...
  10. 10. Flexibility Reduced overhead costs Testing the market Turning Creativity into a profitGaining experience Tax Benefits
  11. 11. The Challenges to Working from home...
  12. 12. Motivation Loneliness Lack of Privacy How to be your own boss Learning new skills Legalities
  13. 13. Like anything - you need to look at all sides of the equation....
  14. 14. What will you choose?
  15. 15. This presentation was taken from an article I did on the Website "The Silo" Is working from home right for you? Will you take the advice of the “poor” dad and be the employee or will you chose the path of the "rich" dad and become an independent business owner. Speaking for myself, I chose to be an independent owner with no regrets. You can find me here on Adlandpro and ask me more questions about working from home Thanks Bogdan Fiedur