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Wildlife 06


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Wildlife 06

  1. 1. Balan Madhavan is the only member of the International League of Conservation Photographers ( from India, An Associate of Royal Photographic Society (ARPS), England and an Artiste, Federation Internationale de lArt Photographique (AFIAP), Balan Madhavan is the winner of the United Nations (UNEP) photography Award, 1992. Plus around 150 awards in various All India Photographic Salons and Contests, that is, till he stopped competing almost a decade ago. He lives with his family in Thiruvananthapuram B Bajan Mahavan ist das einzige Mitglied aus Indien der International League of Conservation Photographers ( welche mit der Royal Photographic Society (ARPS), England verbunden ist. Balan Madhavan gewann 1992 den Photo Award der Vereinten Nationen (UNEP) sowie rund 150 weitere Auszeichnungen in verschiedenen indischen Foto-Salons.