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Traditional greetings


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Photos of traditional greetings round the world

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Traditional greetings

  1. 1. In Thailand you put your palms in front of your chest together and bows slightly. The higher your hands the more respect you show for the person you greet
  2. 2. Traditional bow in Japan
  3. 3. Shaka, the surfer's greeting in Hawaii
  4. 4. Nose kiss of the ionite
  5. 5. Latin America welcomes you with the "Abrazo“ You hug and knock heartily on the back
  6. 6. After a dance, Maiko Fukutama bows to the audience
  7. 7. The elbow bump is an informal greeting where two people touch elbows
  8. 8. Photos: Kosit Thirajarung Cristian Negroni Yaroslava Gromova Kit Hamilton Nadine Yvonne Sandiford Simon Sweetman Ellen Wallace Dan Howell Dafydd Darrell Godliman Yvonne Sandiford Patronanz Maik Kellner Anantha Montree Surlya—amrith Philip Graham Vladimir Pollvanov Juniper Photon Noah Leszek Stefanowicz JCSPics Jon H Music: Gomer Edwin Evans „Healing Sounds“