Pictures of the week august 2 august 9


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Pictures of the week august 2 august 9

  1. 1. Aug. 2, 2013. People at a quarry in Epworth, a suburb in Harare, Zimbabwe. Pictures of the week: August 2 - August 9
  2. 2. Aug. 7, 2013. An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man blows a whistle during a protest against members of the liberal Jewish religious group Women of the Wall wearing phylacteries and the “Tallit” shawl, traditional Jewish prayer apparel for men, as they pray at the plaza near the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City, marking the first day of the Jewish month of Elul.
  3. 3. Aug. 2, 2013. Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi during a sit-in near Rabaah al-Adawiya mosque in the Nasr City neighborhood of Cairo.
  4. 4. Aug. 4, 2013. A Free Syrian Army fighter takes up a shooting position at the Seif El Dawla front in Aleppo.
  5. 5. Aug. 8, 2013. Soldiers stand next to a Cross during commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the 2008 Russia - Georgia
  6. 6. Aug. 7, 2013. A young woman climbs and jumps along the Eschbacher cliffs in front of a grey sky near Usingen, Germany.
  7. 7. Aug. 6, 2013. Pakistani men cross a flooded street during heavy monsoon rain in Quetta.
  8. 8. Aug. 2, 2013. Anti-government protesters and riot police clashes during a protest in Abu Saiba, Bahrain.
  9. 9. Aug. 6, 2013. A horse and rider perform during a “sneak peek” performance of Cavalia's show “Odysseo” in Somerville, Mass.
  10. 10. Aug. 6, 2013. A Palestinian man driving a camel on the shore of the Sea of Gaza City at sunset.
  11. 11. Aug. 7, 2013. A smoldering mountainside is seen under the stars at the Silver Fire near Banning, Calif.
  12. 12. Aug. 6, 2013. A worker controlling the tapping of a blast furnace at Europe's largest steel factory operated by Germany's industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG in the western German city of Duisburg.
  13. 13. Aug. 7, 2013. Wind-blown embers fly from an ancient oak tree that burned in the Silver Fire near Banning, Calif.
  14. 14. Aug. 5, 2013. A performer blows fire from his mouth as he performs in front of the historical monument Charminar during the annual Hindu religious festival of Bonalu in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad.
  15. 15. Aug. 7, 2013. An Indian woman adjusts her sari after she got wet in the monsoon rains in New Delhi.
  16. 16. Aug. 2, 2013. A woman wearing a dress and a headgear inspired by traditional Chinese costume poses for pictures in Lijiang, Yunnan province.
  17. 17. Aug. 7, 2013. An Indonesian man with his son pray after offering flowers on the dried volcanic mud for family members who died during a volcano eruption in Sidoarjo in eastern Java island, as Indonesians mark Eid al-Fitr with pilgrimages to cemeteries to remember their dead.
  18. 18. Aug. 2, 2013. A firefighting airplane drops water over a forest fire at Markopoulo region a few miles southwest of Athens.
  19. 19. August 4, 2013. The shadow of a semi-rigid and helium-filled airship, the Zeppelin NT, is cast on a harvested wheat field as it approaches an airport outside Cergy-Pointoise, near Paris.
  20. 20. Aug. 6, 2013. An Indian youth dangles from a power line before diving into the floodwaters of an overflowing Ganges river in Allahabad.
  21. 21. Aug. 7, 2013. Master Liu Yiming presents martial arts during a martial arts festival at the Tianshan Mountain scenic area in Fukang City, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
  22. 22. Aug. 5, 2013. A protestor throws back a tear gas canister during clashes with police and gendarmes blocking the access to a courthouse in Silivri, near Istanbul after a court decision to sentence a former army chief and other top brass to life in prison in a high-profile trial of 275 people accused of plotting to overthrow the Islamic-rooted
  23. 23. Aug. 3, 2013. Kevin Grossstueck performs in the 2013 German Pole Dancing Championships in Frankfurt, Germany.
  24. 24. Aug. 2, 2013. In a picture taken with an underwater camera, Britain's Jazmin Carlin competes in the heats of the women's 800-metre freestyle swimming event in the FINA World Championships at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.
  25. 25. Aug. 6, 2013. A British kingfisher cools off in the waters in Kent before taking off with his dinner.
  26. 26. Aug. 6, 2013. Horses and rider Elise Verdoncq perform during a “sneak peek” performance of Cavalia's show “Odysseo” in Somerville, Mass.
  27. 27. Aug. 5, 2013. A Yellow scorpion glows in the dark near Sde Boker in the Negev Desert, Israel.
  28. 28. Aug. 6, 2013. A child enjoys the water in a public swimming pool at a suburban area of Shanghai
  29. 29. Aug. 9, 2013. A balloon is inflated at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta at the Ashton Court estate in Bristol, England.
  30. 30. Aug. 9, 2013. Nepalese Muslims leaves after a mass prayer during Eid al-Fitr celebrations at the Kashmiri Takiya Jame mosque in Kathmandu.
  31. 31. Aug. 3, 2013. A Hindu devotee known as kanwaria offers prayers in Allahabad, India.
  32. 32. Aug. 7, 2013. The body of an elephant is covered with flowers offered by villagers on the Kelidan Tea estate in Nagaon, east of Gawahuti, India.
  33. 33. Aug. 8, 2013. A toy seller rides on 'sea of sands' as Indonesian Muslim people perform Eid Al-Fitr prayer at Parangkusumo beach in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  34. 34. Aug. 2, 2013. Visitors walk through the panorama “Leipzig 1813” about the Battle of Nations in the Panometer in Leipzig, Germany.
  35. 35. Aug. 5, 2013. A man washes off after bathing in the ocean, while in the background, a boat that ran aground by the Madeleine Islands lists to one side, just off the coast of Dakar, Senegal.
  36. 36. Aug. 2, 2013. A man cools off with a hose in the Willet's Point neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.
  37. 37. Aug. 8, 2013. A member of staff poses next to a Triceratops skull at Christies auction house in central London.
  38. 38. Aug. 3, 2013. Tunisia's Oussama Mellouli reacts after competing in the heats of the men's 1500-metre freestyle swimming event in the FINA World Championships at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.
  39. 39. Aug. 8, 2013. The Pilgrimage Church is visible behind a field of red cabbage near Bergtheim, Germany.
  40. 40. Aug. 6, 2013. A woman uses an umbrella to protect herself from the sun as she crosses a busy street in downtown Shanghai.
  41. 41. Aug. 8, 2013. A Malian national guardsman takes up a post along a street outside the Grand Mosque before Eid al-Fitr prayers in Bamako.
  42. 42. Aug. 3, 2013. People, holding placards of a bleeding eye, take part in a demonstration in front of the Presidential Office in Taipei, Taiwan.
  43. 43. Aug. 9, 2013. Tears roll from the eyes of a Muslim boy after he applied kohl to his eyelid before Eid al-Fitr mass prayers at the Kashmiri Takiya Jame mosque in Kathmandu, Napal.
  44. 44. Photos: