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Countries from a to z paraguay


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Countries from a to z paraguay

  1. 1. Paraguay (auf Guaraní: TetãParaguái) ist ein Binnenstaat in Südamerika,der imOsten anBrasilien, im Süden undWesten an Argentinienund imNorden undWesten anBolivien grenzt. Der Namedes Staates bedeutet „Wasser, das zumWasser geht“, abgeleitet von der Sprache der Ureinwohner,Guaraní: pará („Ozean“), gua („zu/von“) undy(„Wasser“). Der Ausdruckbezieht sich auf Guaraní meist nurauf die Hauptstadt Asunción, aber auf Spanisch auf das gesamte Staatsgebiet. Paraguay, officially the Republicof Paraguay (Spanish: República del ParaguayGuaraní: Tetã Paraguái,is a landlocked country in central South America, bordered by Argentina tothe south andsouthwest, Braziltothe east andnortheast, andBolivia to the northwest. Paraguaylies on both banks of the ParaguayRiver, which runs through the center of the country from north to south. Due toits central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as CorazóndeAmérica (“Heart ofAmerica”) The indigenous Guaraní had been living in Paraguayforat least a millennium before the Spanish conquered the territoryin the 16th century. Spanish settlers andJesuit missions introduced ChristianityandSpanish culture tothe region. Paraguaywas on the periphery of Spain's colonial empire, with few urban centers andasparse population. Following independence fromSpain in 1811, Paraguaywas ruled by aseries of dictators whoimplemented isolationist and protectionist policies.
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