Top Baby Boomer Income Opportunity


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Are you a Baby Boomer looking for an Income Opportunity?
How You Can Benefit From This Economy No Matter What Your Age, Experience, or Background!

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Top Baby Boomer Income Opportunity

  1. 1. The #1 Income Opportunity or Second Career for Baby Boomers “How You Can Benefit From This Economy No Matter What Your Age, Experience, or Background” By Tod Bocken @
  2. 2. Today, I want to talk about what I feel is the #1 Best Income Opportunity or Second Career for Baby Boomers in 2014 and beyond. A pretty bold statement I know but stick with me here for a minute… Let’s face it, the economy still stinks. And it has for going on 7 years now and I’m personally not sure when or how it’s going to get better. I know it will…eventually…but who wants to wait? And forget about the job market! Just take a look at the jobs that are being advertised and you know what I mean. Junk, quite honestly. I talk to people every day from all walks of life and they mostly fall into these 5 categories: 1. Baby Boomers 45 and older who are making much less income than they made when they were younger and who are looking for something better. Many, but not all, have tried to work a multi-level marketing ((MLM) business in the past with very little success. 2. Baby Boomer Retirees who are realizing that living on social security and their savings isn’t as easy and luxurious as they thought it was going to be and are looking for extra income, either part time or full time.
  3. 3. 3. Baby Boomer Small-Business Owners, who have really made this country what it is but have been negatively impacted both by the economy AND the big box stores or chains. They are making much less than they used to make and working longer hours. 4. Baby Boomers looking at possibly purchasing a franchise but are finding out how expensive they are and what the realistic profit potential is. 5. Baby Boomers who are just sick of the rat race, not being able to spend quality time with their families, and who are not assured of a raise of future employment. They want to create something of value for themselves. Most of the people who I speak with generally fall into the “boomer” age range and fit into one of the above categories. Of course, there are others but this is predominant. One of the biggest reasons is that we’re not that attractive to employers anymore. If you’re looking for a job you know what I mean! Experience doesn’t mean that much and they’d rather higher someone younger and cheaper. That’s why you see former corporate executives working at the mall now!
  4. 4. How great would it be if you could start your own business for much less than the cost of a franchise? To turn a profit almost immediately? To be trained by 6 and 7 figure earners who know what they’re doing and provide systems that do most of the work? Sounds interesting, right! Actually, it sounds like a dream but trust me when I say that it CAN be Your reality. I’m a boomer and used to be a “corporate” guy and also spent time in the telecommunication & construction industries. This economy hit me hard back in 2009 when the housing crisis first started and it forced me to look for alternatives. I was never a traditional entrepreneur but I have always been self-motivated and open minded. When I first learned about the Top Tier direct sales business model, I got it right away. I knew how I could make money with it and also knew that, if things went according to plan, I would never have to get a job again. The freedom of knowing that you can earn money and not be dependent on other to do so is liberating. It’s a terrific feeling. By creating your own economy you have FULL CONTROL over your life. Work when you want, live where you want, work with whom you want… the list goes on. If you’re a baby boomer looking for a way to make money and you’re open minded to opportunity that may not fit into the conventional, then there is a business that I recommend you take a look at. When you get started, you get a virtual business in a box and all the training and support you need to be successful. Review the website thoroughly because it just may be exactly what you’ve been looking for! Click Here for Website!!