Parts of an essay


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A short presentation about the parts of an essay.

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Parts of an essay

  1. 1. • Hello. In this little video you will learn how to write the introduction, the body and the conclusion paragraphs for an essay. I hope you like it…
  2. 2. • So, in order to get started, let’s talk about the introduction.
  3. 3. • What’s the introduction?
  4. 4. • It’s the first paragraph you will write in order to start an essay. It’s composed by the introductory sentence and the thesis.
  5. 5. • The introductory sentence can give a fact, information or a definition, but can also give a general statement, it means, what many people think or feel.
  6. 6. • And the thesis can say what you think or feel, give a fact or information or introduce what the body paragraphs will say.
  7. 7. • Now let’s talk about the body paragraph…
  8. 8. • The body paragraphs talk more about the thesis. They can explain, describe, give reasons or give examples for the thesis.
  9. 9. • Just keep in mind that the first sentence is the main point and the following sentences are supporting details.
  10. 10. • And finally let’s go with the conclusion…
  11. 11. • The conclusion is the end for the essay, for that trip you started with the thesis and the introduction.
  12. 12. • With the conclusion, you can restate the thesis, give a final thought or feeling, suggest something, summarize the main points, share a hope or even predict something.
  13. 13. • And now, after having finished that little journey, let’s take a look at some examples:
  14. 14. • The first picture you'll find is an example of an essay.
  15. 15. • And now look at the highlighted parts of the essay...
  16. 16. Introduction Body paragraphs Conclusion
  17. 17. • Those examples can work as well in order to identify the parts of the essay...
  18. 18. • Now look at other examples of essays...
  19. 19. • Try now to identify in your mind the parts of the essay for each example shown...
  20. 20. • Identify in your mind the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion...
  21. 21. • I hope this short video has helped you a lot. Thank you for watching. Bye!
  22. 22. • Created by: Juan Sebastián Sedano Acero • Source 1: (images) • Source 2: Sebranek Patrick al. Write Source 2000 Skills Book: A Guide to Writing, Thinking and Learning. 560 p. 1999. USA. • Background music: “A Saucerful of Secrets" by Pink Floyd.