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Adam Garone

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Adam GaroneAdam Garone isco-founder andCEO of the menshealth movement“Movember”.Which challengesmen to start theAdam Garonemonth ofNovember cleanshaven and grow amoustache for 30days.
  2. 2. He speaks on howhe founded hismovement“Movember” andalso on theimportance ofprostate cancer andawareness
  3. 3. Adam’s mostsuccessful toolthat he utilized inorder to engagetheaudience, in myopinion, was hisuseof humor and hisability to entertainthe audience withlaughter.
  4. 4. Adamcontinuedthepresentation withpersonalstories, inwhich hewas able toconnectand relateto the
  5. 5. …Thosewere alsohumorous.
  6. 6. COMMANDMENT IV Thou Shalt Tell A Story
  7. 7. COMMANDMENT IVThis is the commandment that Adamutilizes for most of the speech,throughout the speech he recites storiesfrom the founding of “Movember,” allthe way to how it came to be themovement that it is today.
  8. 8. DYNAMISM4/5 isnt the most He energetic or animated of speech givers that Ive ever seen, but he remains entertaining and interesting throughout and his passion regarding his cause is evident.
  9. 9. DYNAMISM4/5 little more A energy would have improved his speech overall and helped his dynamism rating.
  10. 10. Simplicity.
  11. 11. Adam’s Story is indeed a long one, buthe manages to tell the audience only the essential events, keeping it simple and in turn keeping the audience engaged.This is a Garr Reynolds tip that I believe Adam executes well.
  12. 12. Adam delivershis speech in a veryhumorous and relatable fashion, he also kept moving and utilized the space on his stage.
  13. 13. Adam walked and moved around much more than SirKen Robinson did in hisspeeches, Adam also utilizes stories muchmore than Mr. Robinson aswell.
  14. 14. They both utilized humor verysuccessfully in each of their respective presentations and although Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation was much less “story heavy” than Adam Garone’s, he still used stories to enhance his own
  15. 15. TIP:Keep calm and just beyourself, I think, is the biggesttip that I can give, its hard todo when the lights are on, butif you can do it and remainpersonable to youraudience, you will give agreat presentation.
  16. 16. TIP:…And humor never hurts.
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