How To Choose The Perfect Diamond


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How To Choose The Perfect Diamond

  1. 1. How to Choose The Perfect Diamond
  2. 2. Introduction Find the Perfect Diamond with our TipsIf you’re in the market for a sparkling, glittering diamond that really does youproud, you’ll love our expert tips on finding the perfect diamond for your personaltastes and budget.Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a special person, you’ll find that thereare some simple rules to follow that will guarantee that you are one hundredpercent satisfied with your purchase. By learning the ins and outs of shopping fordiamonds, you’ll have the best possible chance of success, whether you’re buyingonline or offline.Learn How Diamonds are Sorted and ClassifiedGrabbing the perfect, precious gemstone starts with understand how diamonds aresorted and classified. After all, all diamonds are not created equal. In fact, somediamonds are far superior to others, and this is generally reflected in the askingprice of these shimmering gemstones.If you’ve noticed that two diamonds of comparable sizes have vastly different pricetags, it’s usually because the pricier gemstone is of higher quality. By getting ahandle on the way that diamond experts grade stones before selling them andlearning diamond “jargon”, you’ll become a diamond expert yourself!Diamonds are graded according to the four “C’s”, and we’ll examine this grouping ofclassifications in one chapter of this free e-book. We’ll also include some helpfulresources that will assist you with visually classifying any diamond that you areinterested in.By giving you access to the same tools that the experts use to grade and judgediamonds, we offer you added security and peace of mind as you prepare to makeyour final selection and to choose the diamond that is exactly right for you.Discover the Best Modern Diamond Jewelry DesignsToday, diamonds appear in lots of different jewelry styles, from classic solitaireengagement rings to diamond necklaces to trendy toe rings! In a nutshell, men andwomen both love sporting these classic precious gemstones, so they appear almostanywhere that you may find fine jewelry. However, some retailers really don’t offerthe best prices or the most high-quality gemstones.It’s important to work with reputable dealers who are known for their honesty,integrity and quality products. For example, if you’re ordering online, it’s veryimportant to check out client feedback for a prospective retailer, in order to get theinside scoop on whether or not their diamond designs or loose diamonds reallyplease their clientele.In this e-book, we’ll help you find the online diamond retailers that really deliver,and we’ll also help you to discover the best modern diamond jewelry designs.Now that you know what this free e-book has to offer, why not sit back, relax, andlearn all about the exciting world of diamond buying?
  3. 3. Let’s start with some tried-and-true diamond buying tips that you will reallyappreciate…These tips and tricks from our diamond buying experts will help you to buildconfidence and knowledge that will allow you to choose an ideal gemstone thatbecomes a treasured part of your jewelry wardrobe.If you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring for your true love, followingthese tips will ensure that she receives a stunning ring that really makes all of herromantic dreams come true… Chapter One Tried-and-true Diamond Buying AdviceWhen it comes to buying a diamond that you’ll always be happy with, the first stepwill always be figuring out exactly what you want. After all, there are diamonds ofall shapes and sizes, and it may be difficult to narrow down your choices. One ofthe best ways to decide what is best is to peruse diamonds online.Many retailers offer exciting, full-color photographs of their precious gemstones. Forexample, if you’re looking for an engagement ring, check out designs online andmake a short list of styles that fit your needs.Find the Right Cut and ColorDiamonds come in a variety of colors and cuts, so there are a veritable rainbow-riotof choices, including princess-cut diamonds, round diamonds, square diamonds,and brilliant-cut diamonds.While you’re browsing online retailers, look at product details for styles you like. Atreputable retailers, the type of diamond cut will always be listed, and knowing whatcut works for you is the perfect way to begin searching for the ring (or other pieceof diamond jewelry) that is perfect for you.After all, finding the right diamond is really about comparison shopping. Manysuppliers offer similar styles, so it’s up to you to get the best quality for your hard-earned money. Once you’ve found a cut that pleases you, you’ll be ready tocomparison shop and find an appealing gemstone at the right price point.At this point, begin to think about the color of your prospective diamond. Will yoube content with a classic and traditional icy-white diamond, or are you looking forsomething a little bit out of the ordinary?Today, colored diamonds are more popular than ever, and the hottest celebrities,such as country music sensation Carrie Underwood, sport exciting coloredengagement rings. Carrie’s ring is a canary yellow diamond, surrounded by a circleof stunning white diamonds. Jennifer Lopez is also a fan of yellow diamonds, whichflatter her warm Puerto Rican complexion beautifully.Other popular colored diamonds include pink diamonds, champagne-coloreddiamonds, and diamonds with a subtle blue cast. These gemstones are no less
  4. 4. precious than their white counterparts; how much colored diamonds will cost reallydepends on their quality and size.Read more about colored diamonds here: more about diamond shapes here: Much Can You Afford to Spend?The sky is the limit in terms of what you may potentially spend on a diamond.Some diamonds that are auctioned by the world’s toniest auction houses, such asSotheby’s or Christie’s, sell for millions of dollars.Examples of high-end diamonds include those auctioned from Elizabeth Taylor’sestate after her passing. Diamonds with a story and history (known in the auctionbusiness as “provenance”) tend to fetch higher prices. For example, even amedium-quality gemstone that belonged to the notorious Duchess of Windsor willgo for very high rates, while the same diamond, without any special provenance,will never command such high prices.Of course, most people can’t afford to purchase diamonds with dazzlingprovenance. If you’re on a budget and you’re shopping for a diamond engagementring, a good rule of thumb is to spend two month’s pay on the ring.The larger the diamond, the more it will cost; that’s why big gemstones are statussymbols in our society. However, larger stones may not be worth their asking pricesometimes. Without understanding how diamonds are graded and classified, it maybe difficult to choose a stone that is priced correctly.Read more about diamond prices here: a Deal Seems “Too Good to be True”, Beware…Always beware of deals that seem a little too good to be true. It’s very easy to betaken in and ripped off when you don’t buy through a reputable online dealer orrespected local jeweler. In general, it’s best to avoid buying diamonds throughclassified ad services, such as Craigslist, as these ad services tend to be lightningrods for scammers.Even may be very risky in many ways, as you have no steadfastguarantee of a seller’s honesty. Of course, checking buyer feedback for a particularseller is helpful; however, when it comes to Internet auction services, anything canhappen, and many people who buy diamonds in this manner are very disappointedwith what they receive. If you’re buying online, avoid retailers that don’t haveproven track records in the diamond industry.Since a diamond is an investment, you must vet prospective dealers very carefullybefore spending money on a special gemstone. The work that you do before thesale will guarantee a happy end result.
  5. 5. Check out Diamond Sellers Before You BuyIf you’re planning on buying from a jeweller in your community, check the BetterBusiness Bureau to make sure that a retailer is on the up-and-up. This simple stepwill protect you from unsavory jewelers who may not deliver the best value toclients. Good jewellers will usually be part of trade associations, and they will alsohave credentials that prove that they are diamond experts.Now that you have a better idea of which cut and color is right for you, you’ll beready to move forward into the crucial comparison shopping phase. Today, thatoften means online shopping. After all, buying a diamond through a reputableonline retailer is one hundred percent safe, and buying online opens up access to aworld of choices that you would never have if you confined your shopping to localmalls or jewelers.Buying online doesn’t have to be risky or unsafe; when you buy from the best,you’ll enjoy perfect quality, competitive prices, and stellar customer service.Whether you want a budget gemstone or a diamond with all of the bells andwhistles, you’ll love learning exactly how to get a great deal when shopping via theWorld Wide Web.Our next chapter is loaded with helpful advice about shopping for diamonds online.Now that you have your short list of appealing cuts and colors, it’s time to learnexactly how to score the ideal diamond on the Internet… Chapter Two Online Buying TipsWe’ve already advised you against buying diamonds from online auctions andclassified ads. However, there are plenty more guidelines to follow that will ensurethat you enjoy a safe and pleasant online shopping experience.Before making a decision about choosing a diamond online, it’s important to weighthe pros and cons of such a venture. When you have all of the facts, you’ll be readyto make a wise and informed decision that is truly right for you. To help you learnthe ins and outs of diamond buying online, we’ve sorted out all of the pros and consto give you the base of knowledge that you really need before you feel truly safeshopping via the World Wide Web:Pros of Online Buying  Better Prices - When you shop online, you’ll avoid the serious mark-ups that are part and parcel of the bricks-and-mortar retail world. Online retailers are competitive, because they know how much choice modern consumers really have.
  6. 6. It’s entirely possible to find great deals on quality diamonds when you utilize the awesome power of the World Wide Web. In fact, some websites even amalgamate diamond deals, saving you tons of virtual “legwork”. Of course, it’s also very easy to “comparison shop” at a variety of online retailers through their official websites. Simply bookmark any interesting rings, loose diamonds, or other pieces of diamond jewelry. Once you’ve found four or five great designs, begin to check out retailers, product details, and prices to find the smartest deal. Superlative Selection – When you shop online, you gain access to diamonds from all over the world, and you’re not confined to choosing from a community retailer’s limited selection of precious gemstones. In fact, great selection is really one of the key benefits of selecting diamonds via the Web. Whether you want candy-colored gemstones with a vibrant, whimsical quality, or classic “rocks” that give off icy fire, you’ll adore the choices that you find online. From antique designs to modern cuts to arty and elegant diamonds, you’ll have a rainbow-riot of choices at your fingertips when you shop using your smart phone or home computer. In addition, it’s possible to compare gemstones and their properties, without running yourself ragged driving or walking around your own community. If you don’t live in a bustling urban center, you’re missing out on a whole world of diamonds; however, the Internet makes it so easy to find chic, stunning gemstones wherever you happen to be. Flexible Services – Today’s online diamond retailers know that you expect the very best (and most flexible) services when you buy via the Internet, and the most reputable dealers really go the extra mile to please their valued clientele. For example, some dealers will offer to ship diamonds to you for your perusal, so that you may see how their products look in real life. You will almost always pay shipping costs, so pay attention to how much they will cost (as well as insurance policies that you’ll need to take out on a diamond or diamonds), and you may need to buy the ring, stone or piece of jewelry and then return it for a full refund if you’re not happy. Investigate return policies carefully before making a final decision about buying a stone because you want to view it in person. You must have every assurance that a return will be simple and carefree should you need it. Once you have this assurance, you may comparison shop with confidence. Another bonus of online shopping for diamonds is that you may order a gemstone and have it shipped to you wherever you happen to be. Whether
  7. 7. you’re in a Paris hotel or at a tropical resort, you’ll be able to have your item express shipped to you almost immediately. Of course, there are different types of shipping available, depending on when you want to receive your diamond and how much you’re willing to spend. If money is no object, it’s safe to say that your diamond will arrive in no time flat. Send an email to an online retailer if you have special requests about shipping. A good purveyor of diamonds will respond to your requests within twenty- four to forty-eight hours, and they will always treat you with the utmost respect. If you don’t get the great communication that you need from an online diamond retailer, it may be a cue to find another company instead.Cons of Online Buying  It Takes Longer – While online buying happens faster than ever before, it does take a little longer than pointing out a diamond at a community-based jeweler and then asking for that piece of jewelry or loose stone. Community buying is automatic, while Internet buying means waiting at least a day to get what you ordered (depending on the shipping method that you select). However, when it comes to a major purchase, such as a beautiful diamond gemstone, there should never be a rush to purchase. In most cases, buying a diamond from a great online retailer, such as James Allen is actually a much better strategy, because they have so much selection, great prices, and a staff of online diamond experts who are standing by to answer your questions and concerns while you search for the perfect diamond. Read more about James Allen here: When you buy too quickly in your own neighborhood or city, you may not get the best deal, and you may find that you have regrets down the line. Why limit yourself to a very small pool when you can choose from a veritable ocean of high-quality diamonds via a trustworthy diamond seller.  Shady Operators and Scammers – Of course, the Internet is a breeding ground for all manner of shady operators and scammers, and some of them are quite clever when it comes to luring in (and then deceiving) diamond buyers. That’s why buying from an individual, rather than a company like James Allen, is almost always a bad idea.
  8. 8. Reputable companies have built their online images over time by providing stellar customer service across the board. These companies are aware that that their reputations hinge on pleasing every single client that they serve. Shady operators and scammers have no business reputations to speak of, and they’ve usually drifted through various aliases and scams in order to elude customers that they’ve burned in the past (and to keep one step ahead of the authorities). It is possible to shop safely online…all that you need to do is choose the right retailer.More Helpful Advice about Shopping for Diamonds OnlineNow that you know more about the pros and cons of buying these precious,lustrous gemstones via the World Wide Web, there is one more helpful piece ofadvice that we want to share with you here. When you shop online, be sure thatyour retailer offers a one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee.You must have recourse to return your diamond for any reason. A diamond is amajor buy for most people, so having this backup in place is really incrediblyimportant. If you can’t get the guarantee that you need to feel protected while youshop online for diamonds, it may be wise to take your business elsewhere. The bestretailers will have the guarantees that you need.Read more about buying diamonds online here: Chapter Three Understanding the “Four C’s”When it comes to buying diamonds, there is no better indicator of quality than the“Four C’s”. Therefore, understanding these “measurements” of quality is animportant part of finding the ideal diamond for your tastes and budget. To give youa convenient primer, we’ve detailed what each element of the 4 C’s really means,and how each one affects the price and grading of a precious diamond gemstone.Deciphering the 4 C’s 1. Cut - As we discussed previously, diamonds come in different cuts or styles, and this means that a diamond cutter creates certain shapes out of a raw diamond, and then adds facets that are designed to catch the light.
  9. 9. Whether you choose a round, brilliant, princess or square cut diamond (or any other custom cut), you will find that a gemstone’s cut factors into the value and quality of the precious gemstone. 2. Color – The color of your diamond, whether it is clear or colored, may impact the value of the stone. Whether you choose a white diamond, blue diamond, canary-yellow diamond, pink diamond, or champagne diamond, you will find that the price of the stone may be affected by its color grading. 3. Clarity - Very clear diamonds, which are free of flaws (known in the diamond industry as occlusions), will fetch the highest prices in the marketplace. White diamonds without occlusions (or with very few occlusions) will be very valuable gemstones. However, colored diamonds may also be free of flaws and these may also be very pricey. If you’re looking for a budget diamond, you may need to choose a gemstone with some flaws. These flaws are usually invisible to the untrained eye, but expert gemologists will spot them immediately by examining a diamond under a jeweler’s loupe tool. 4. Carat Weight – Big diamonds are obviously worth more, as long as cut, color and clarity are of a certain caliber. Smaller diamonds will usually cost less.Read more about the 4 Cs of diamonds here: Chapter Four Types of Diamond JewelryMany types of jewelry may contain diamonds, although diamonds are mostcommonly associated with diamond rings. To help you make a decision aboutchoosing diamond jewelry (or loose diamond gemstones), we’ve compiled a helpfulquick guide to today’s most common diamond jewelry types. With our guidelines,you’ll know exactly what to look for.Again, when you choose diamonds online, be sure to work with a reputablediamond seller, such as, to avoid getting burned or having a less-than-impressive customer service experience. To best diamond retailers will offer awealth of beautiful diamond selections at very competitive prices, and they will backup their products with ironclad guarantees and the most caring, dependablecustomer service policies.
  10. 10. Here are some the most popular and charming diamond jewelry designs in theworld:Diamond Engagement Rings – Diamond engagement rings are available in hostof styles. However, the most well-known type of diamond engagement ring isprobably the diamond solitaire. This type of ring features one gemstone, and itusually features a simple, streamlined setting that shows off the beauty of thediamond to its best advantage.Available in white, yellow, or rose gold, diamond solitaire engagement rings arevery desirable to ladies, and many men choose them when they are shopping forthe perfect “rock” for an upcoming proposal.However, there are other types of engagement rings, and some feature clusters ofprecious gems. For example, an engagement ring may feature a wider band that isencrusted with pave diamonds that give it a sleek, modern and glamorous look.Other rings may feature two or three diamonds in interesting configurations. Somesettings will be ornate, and others will be basic.Read more about engagement rings here: Rings – These rings are often purchased for women, by women. Infact, there is something about buying one’s own diamond ring that modern,independent women really enjoy. Designed to be worn on the right-hand, ratherthan as engagement rings, these pieces are usually more trendy, stylish and daring.Designed to complement a woman’s wardrobe, a right-hand ring is also the perfectway to show off a sexy, fresh manicure.Diamond Earrings – Diamond earrings make a great gift for any special lady, anddiamond stud earrings may even be worn by men. These types of gemstoneearrings come in a range of styles, from Irish Claddagh earrings with heart-shapeddiamonds to chandelier earrings that feature delicate rows of tiny, shimmeringdiamonds.Available in different colors, diamond earrings light up the face and add polish andsophistication to any outfit. These earrings may be modern or traditional, and theymay be as lavish or simple as you like. You may find diamond earrings at JamesAllen or other online retailers.Read more about diamond earrings here: Necklaces – Diamond necklaces are often luxurious, and, like manyother types of diamond jewelry, they may take on great sentimental value throughthe years. Sometimes, very fancy diamond necklaces, which have significant caratweight, become family heirlooms that are passed down from generation togeneration.
  11. 11. Diamond pendants on simple chains represent one common style of diamondnecklaces; however, there are also ultra-glamorous diamond chokers and necklacesthat feature tons of glittering gemstones (and very little chain!). Prices for diamondnecklaces range from a hundred dollars or less to millions of dollars, so there willalways be something for everyone to enjoy at any conceivable price point.Read more about diamond necklaces here: Bracelets – The most famous types of diamond bracelets are known as“tennis bracelets”, and they feature one row of diamonds, which are all exactly thesame size. However, these days, you may find a range of diamond bracelets ofmany different styles. Some bracelets may be artsy and whimsical, and others maybe statement pieces, such as solid metal cuffs decorated with colored or whitediamonds.Read more about diamond bracelets here: Charms - Today, charm bracelets and charm necklaces are very popular,and many charms for these trendy pieces of jewelry are embellished with gorgeous,genuine diamonds.Women tend to mark milestones in their lives with their charms; for example, acharm may resemble a tiny engagement ring (with a miniature diamond solitaire)to mark an engagement. Other choices include silver or white gold baby bootieswith diamond details.As you can see, there is certainly no shortage of diamond jewelry out there.However, the quality and resale value of diamond jewelry should always be carefullyconsidered before it is purchased.Knowing what you want from your diamond jewelry is very important. If you’resimply looking for style and you adore the look of authentic diamonds, thenwhimsical or creative pieces will work for you, whether or not they have a lot ofvalue.If you’re a collector, and you prize more expensive pieces that will retain much oftheir value over time, consider exquisite, high-quality diamond designs from JamesAllen, or vintage antique pieces that have special provenance (history) attached tothem.Whatever you choose, be sure to wear your diamond jewelry regularly. Just be sureto have any settings and clasps checked once per year, to ensure that your preciousgemstones are properly secured. As well, look into insurance for more costly pieces.Diamond jewelry is meant to be worn, loved and admired, rather than “hidden” in ajewelry box.
  12. 12. Conclusion Now, You’re Ready to Buy…Now that we’ve shown you how to buy diamonds and how to enjoy a positiveshopping experience while you do it, you’re all ready to buy the diamond jewelry ofyour dreams!Taking the plunge is so worth it, as diamond jewelry is definitely some of theworld’s most desirable jewelry. As long as you follow our tips, such as choosing theright online retailer and paying attention to the Four C’s, you’ll have every chanceof selecting beautiful, high-quality diamond designs that are truly out of this world.With our Tips, You’ll May Find a Perfect Diamond Every Single Time…Whether you want low-cost pieces to give as gifts or a stunning engagement ringthat really gets noticed, you’ll love the variety of styles and price points that you’llfind at and other reputable fine jewelers.No matter how to decide to buy, our tips will help you to find the most stunning andunforgettable diamond designs in the world. Of course, using the power of theWorld Wide Web to find just the right pieces is always a great diamond shoppingstrategy.How to Wear Your New Diamond DesignHow you wear diamond jewelry is totally up to you; for example, some men andwomen express their own personal senses of style by wearing a few diamondbracelets or necklaces together for a cool, current, layered look. Other peopleprefer to keep it simple by spotlighting just one piece of diamond jewelry.For casual occasions, avoid drop earrings or big diamond cocktail rings, as thesepieces may look a little showy with jeans or other everyday clothing items. Formore formal occasions, pull out all of the stops with statement pieces that really getattention.However, there are never any hard and fast rules when it comes to showing off astunning diamond jewelry wardrobe. In fact, some of the most stylish people in theworld enjoy breaking the rules on a regular basis.Examples of celebrities who love diamonds and wear them with great style andindividuality include famous producer Cee Lo, rapper P. Diddy, Mariah Carey, thelate and great Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, and Halle Berry.In fact, it’s safe to say that almost any glamorous celebrity dons a diamond or twonow and then.Read more about diamonds at: