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Superhero film posters


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Superhero film posters

  1. 1. Superhero Film Posters By Bobbie Brown
  2. 2. Light cloudy background Batman Begins Silhouette of Batman. Nobehind Batman. Emphasizes features are giventhe silhouette of the away in detailsuperhero. making him look mysterious. Batman looking downwards. Can beUniversal symbol for interpreted in a numberBatman. This makes of ways. Is he feelingthe character remorseful or regret? Orrecognizable. is he about to charge into battle?Batman Begins Teaser Poster. No– Film Title. information like film release,Only written director or main actors aretext/ written given away. It’s very vagueinformation on but I think quite effective. Itposter. would have created a hype for the Batman film.
  3. 3. Superman Returns PosterLeft side ofSuperhero is darker Red cape blowingthan the Right side. in wind makingThe lighting is him look cool.effective as he lookdark (evil) and light Superhero looking(good) at the same down towards thetime. Earth. Looks omnipotent. Earth beneath Superman making Recognizable him look powerful Symbol for and almighty. Superman. Film Title in Bold text.Film Information Possible Reflection oflike producers and the Superhero?directors. Nohidden Release DateInformation. given.
  4. 4. Rain is a cool effect.Makes Spidermanlook slightly sinister. Spiderman 3 Reflection of Man in Spidermans eye. IsHalf of he a possible villain?Spiderman is Not much detail isblack and dark given away aboutcoloured. this man.Suggestion ofevil taking Half of Spiderman iscontrol? Red or normal colour forCity in background Spiderman. Suggestsbeneath Spiderman. that he is good andMakes the superhero fighting for control.look great andauthoritative. Tells audience that this is the 3rd film.Getting audience The 3 is large whichexcited. The ‘ULTIMATE’ suggestsspin. Ultimate is written bold to grabaudiences attention. Film date given away.
  5. 5. Dark backgroundHelmet hides Ironman behind superhero. Emphasizes the red,identity. The yellow and whiteperson inside theme of his suit.the suit is notrevealed. Metal armour makes Superhero look strong and Bright lights tough. insinuate power. Institution behind the film and link to website. Bold, slightly metallic look to title. Reflection of Superhero. Website aboutRelease date. the film to create audience hype.
  6. 6. Dirt flying up from explosion? Debris being Captain America blown past? Storm? Superhero looking downwards again.Star which This is a reoccurringreflects the theme within filmsame patriotism the shield.Blue, Red, White Perhaps a storylinecolour scheme hint?like the Americanflag.Lots of mise- Red, White and Blueen-scene to shield with star. Verylook at. Well – patriotic. Reflectionequipped? of name, Captain America.Release date. Institution andWebsite to create website.audience hype.
  7. 7. Target Audience• I think that the target audience of these films will be the same as the film trailers. I think that these posters are aimed at mostly a male audience, aged 15-24 and within the C1 class.• I want to aim for the same audience so I will be intertextual and lift ideas from different posters to use on my own.
  8. 8. My poster • I want my superhero poster to follow the same trend as these posters. This is how my poster will be structured. My superhero looking down like Batman, Superman and Captain America poster.Film Title Film info, characters, The Tornado director, website, Film info institution
  9. 9. My poster• The poster in the slide before shares the same structure as my finished poster will have. I do however, like the effect caused by the silhouette on the white background. This may be an idea to play with whilst designing my poster.