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Assignment Task Outline                                                  Name_________________Make sure you check this out...
If there is time, the students can meet in their groups away from the computers to discuss the information theyfound. ____...
Referencing Natural Disasters Unit                      Name __________________                        Rubric for Emergenc...
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Assessment referencing natural disasters


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Assessment referencing natural disasters

  1. 1. Assignment Task Outline Name_________________Make sure you check this outline at the beginning of each activity to find out what your specific task isand what tasks the groups should complete as a whole. Check off tasks as they are completed.Lesson 3 - Encyclopedia ActivityStudent 1 is responsible for the materials (folders, worksheets, map, and encyclopedia). Also you will write thebibliographic information correctly and sharing with group members. ___________Student 2 using guide words, find the necessary article, pictures, and charts for your group topic. Read all theheadings and subheading out loud to the group. ____________Student 3 read aloud to the group the information necessary to answer the worksheet questions. _____Student 4 (and 5), paraphrase the information that has been gathered and indicate the location of your naturaldisasters on the world map handout. __________Lesson 4 - Library Catalog ActivityStudent 2 is responsible for all the materials (folder and handouts). ________Student 3 will lead the online search and fill out the "Look for a Book" form. _________Student 1 will locate the books on the shelves using the "Look for a Book" form filled out by Student 3. _______Students will divide up in pairs (or threes depending on the group number) to scan the books for relevantinformation. ________All students will write the bibliographic information for the books they used. _______Student four (and five) will gather all the books and using the call numbers and titles will return them to theirproper places on the shelves. _______Lesson 5 - Almanac ActivityStudent 3 will be responsible for keeping track of all the materials this time. _______Students will work in pairs (or threes depending on the group). ________Student 4 from each group will report to the class the information their group found about the deadliestinformation for their disaster. ________Lesson 6 - Internet Activity Students will each have their own computer for this task, but will be seated near the people in their groups sothey can discuss what they are finding as they look through the websites on the pathfinder. ________
  2. 2. If there is time, the students can meet in their groups away from the computers to discuss the information theyfound. _________Once they are finished they will place their completed sheets in their folder to be collected by the instructor._______Lesson 7 - Writing the Rough DraftStudent 4 will be responsible for keeping track of all the materials for this session (folder, worksheets, and flyertemplate). _______The group will decide on an interesting title. _______Student 1 will assign each group member a section of the template to work on during class using the informationthey have collected. _________Lesson 8 - Editing the FlyerStudent 5 (or 2 depending on group) will be the leader of the group discussion about the flyer. They should makesure that all the group members are able to voice their rating for each section and reason for rating it the way theydid. __________Student 1 reads a section of the flyer and the group rates it. ________Student 2 (or 5) circles the rating and takes suggestions for revisions. ________This process continues until all the sections have been rated and revised. ________ Each member rewrites their original section of the template to include their revisions. The final draft will then betyped into a new copy of the template that has been set up in Angel. _______One student selected by the members of the group will type in all the revised information into the new template.____________If time permits, students can also incorporate graphics into their group flyer. (optional) _________Lesson 9 - Presentation DayEach group can determine who will present the groups flyer to the class. ________Each presenter will have five minutes to present their groups information to the class. ________The presenter should cover each element of the flyer template in their presentation. Each presentation can be nolonger than 5 minutes. _________
  3. 3. Referencing Natural Disasters Unit Name __________________ Rubric for Emergency Procedure FlyerNatural Disaster Group_____________________ Category 4 3 2 1Research/Statistical Students Students Students Students Data include 4 or include at least include at least include fewer more high- 3 high-quality 2 high-quality than 2 high- quality examples or examples or quality examples or pieces of data pieces of data examples or pieces of data to support their to support their pieces of data to support their project. project. to support their project. project. Product Students create Students create Students create The product is an original, an accurate an accurate not accurate. accurate, and product that product, but it interesting adequately does not product that addresses the adequately adequately issue. address the addresses the issue. issue. Sources/Quality Students Students Students Students include 4 or include 2–3 include 2–3 include fewer more high- high-quality sources, but than 2 sources. quality sources. sources. some are of questionable quality. Sources/Citations Information in Information in Information in The information all source all source almost all is often citations is citations is source citations incorrect or correct and in correct, but is correct and there are major the format there are minor there are minor errors in assigned. errors in errors in formatting. formatting. formatting. Folders All group Most of the Group activities Many activities activities were group activities were partially were missing or completed and were completed complete, and incomplete. in the group and in the some of the folder. group folder. activities were missing.Grading Scale20-17 = A 12- 9 = C16-13 = B 8 or less = F