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Lewis and Clark Library - MontanaLibrary2go - Audiobooks

  1. 1. Borrow audiobooks with Overdrive and MontanaLibrary2go MP3 Audiobooks
  2. 2. You Will Need: • Android or Apple tablet, phone, or iPod touch • An Adobe ID Instructions will be provided in a later slide • Library Card Number • Connection to internet MP3 Audiobooks
  3. 3. Make sure you are connected to wifi! Go to your App Store. Touch the search field. Use your keyboard to type OverDrive. Download the App This app should be free. MP3 Audiobooks
  4. 4. Locate the OverDrive app on your device. Touch to open it. Swipe your finger to the right to display a panel menu of options. MP3 Audiobooks
  5. 5. Select Settings. MP3 Audiobooks
  6. 6. You will be prompted to set up an Adobe ID. Touch Create a free Adobe ID. You will be redirected to an adobe digital editions page where you will need to set up the Adobe ID. Enter your email address in the first line as your Adobe ID, followed by a password that you are sure to remember. Hit the Create button. MP3 Audiobooks
  7. 7. You will be prompted to use the ID you created to authorize OverDrive on your device. Enter the your Adobe ID and password. Touch Authorize. MP3 Audiobooks
  8. 8. Connect OverDrive with Your Library To return to the menu, touch the OverDrive symbol. Touch Add a library. MP3 Audiobooks
  9. 9. Touch the search area Type Lewis and Clark Library. Then touch the result to display MontanaLibrary2Go MP3 Audiobooks
  10. 10. Touch the sign in link on the upper right hand side. Select the Lewis and Clark Library from the menu. MP3 Audiobooks
  11. 11. Type in your library card number. You will need the whole number 2115900#######. If there are no problems with the card you will be directed to the main screen. If you run into trouble here, please do not hesitate to contact us. MP3 Audiobooks
  12. 12. Find a Book with Advanced Settings Touch the Advanced Search option. You will see it in the upper right hand corner. MP3 Audiobooks
  13. 13. Look for the menu item: All Formats. Touch the drop down arrow and select EPUB Ebook. MP3 Audiobooks
  14. 14. If you want books that are available for download right now, check the box that says Only titles with copies available. Touch the search button. MP3 Audiobooks
  15. 15. Notice that you are back on the main screen. This time only the formats you requested are displayed. If you did not limit to copies available during the last step, you will see that some selections have a grey headphones symbol in the corner and others have a black one. Grey = checked out / Black = available MP3 Audiobooks
  16. 16. Touch a grey selection. You will be directed to place a hold. To place a hold enter and confirm the email address where you would like to be notified if the book becomes available to you. Touch a black selection. You will be directed to Borrow the book. Touch Borrow. MP3 Audiobooks
  17. 17. To download the audiobook onto your device, touch Download. Touch Confirm and Download. MP3 Audiobooks
  18. 18. Return to the bookshelf section in your OverDrive menu. Tap it to see what you have downloaded. MP3 Audiobooks
  19. 19. To open the book, simply touch it. The book should start playing! How fun! MP3 Audiobooks
  20. 20. Return the book To return the book, open the OverDrive app. Hold your finger down on the picture of the book. Tap the Return button, it will ask if you are sure, tap yes and it will be returned. This will delete it from your device, and your account at Montanalibrary2go. MP3 Audiobooks