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Group Project - Moodle course


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The Moodle course was designed for elementary age students to teach them fire safety.

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Group Project - Moodle course

  1. 1. Group 6 Project Greg Masters Lara Sabatino Mike Thompson Bob Zook
  2. 2. Overview Topic: Fire Prevention This course will provide fire prevention tips to keep you and your family safe from or in the event of a fire. Length: 7 days (Fire Prevention Week) Target Population: Grades 3-5
  3. 3. Objectives • Demonstrate an understanding of fire safety and prevention methods. • Construct and evacuation plan for the students’ family and home. • Describe the stop drop and roll process. • Identify and treat minor burns.
  4. 4. Outcomes Restate proper use and location of smoke detectors. Identify objects within the home that could be potentially dangerous. Explain what to do and what not to do around these objects. Discuss the differences in safety between gas and charcoal grills and campfires. Develop and explain their home evacuation plan. Recite what to do and not to do when escaping a smoke filled building. Examine and classify burns and describe proper care. Demonstrate Stop, Drop and Roll.
  5. 5. Assessment Quick Checks at end of each day’s lesson. Final Assessment following Hot Potatoes review activities. Types of assessment questions used include true/false multiple-choice short answer essay
  6. 6. Assessment Examples Select the objects that could be potentially dangerous in terms of causing a fire? stove refrigerator match telephone candle fireplace
  7. 7. Assessment Examples Smoke detectors should be placed on ______ floor(s) of your house?
  8. 8. CMS Features LESSONS
  9. 9. Creating Lessons
  10. 10. Creating Lessons Fullscreen editor gives access to more editing tools and options
  11. 11. CMS Features VIDEOS 1 2
  12. 12. CMS Features VIDEOS HTML Editor
  13. 13. CMS Features VIDEOS <embed width="425" height="344“ src="" type="application/x- shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed>
  14. 14. CMS Features QUIZZES/TESTS Click to add quiz
  15. 15. CMS Features QUIZZES/TESTS Click to add what type of question
  16. 16. CMS Features QUIZZES/TESTS Add desired questions
  17. 17. CMS Features QUIZZES/TESTS Add desired questions and give feedback Choose correct answer
  18. 18. CMS Features QUIZZES/TESTS Click to add quiz question
  19. 19. Overview of Group Process CHARACTERISTICS • teamwork • learning together/from each other • positive
  20. 20. Overview of Group Process OBSTACLES • figuring out Moodle • inserting Power Point • editing HTML code • dividing work
  21. 21. Overview of Group Process PROBLEM SOLVING • searching the Internet for answers • reviewing textbook information • relying on group member’s expertise • assigning tasks
  22. 22. Overview of Group Process FUN MOMENTS • face-to-face meeting • seeing course come together • right now – we are almost done
  23. 23. Sneak Peak
  24. 24. Questions