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ChromeXL Commercial Fluid Power


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Chrome XL

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ChromeXL Commercial Fluid Power

  1. 1. Since 1951<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Commercial Fluid Power supplies bar for cylinder rod applications. There are a number of factors that help determine material selection.<br /><ul><li> Salt Spray Properties
  4. 4. Mechanicals
  5. 5. Availability
  6. 6. Removal Rates/Machine
  7. 7. Total Cost</li></li></ul><li>Looking at Corrosion Resistance as a primary factor. The following materials are ranked from most cost effective to least cost effective.<br /><ul><li> Standard CPO/IHC
  8. 8. ChromeXL
  9. 9. Nitro-tuff
  10. 10. Nickel Chrome
  11. 11. Chrome Plated Stainless
  12. 12. Ceramic Coatings</li></li></ul><li>Chrome plated cylinder rods have been used primarily for it’s excellent wear characteristics and low co-efficient of friction making an ideal surface for seal wear.<br />Over the past decade corrosion resistance has become an increasing concern for cylinder manufacturers.<br />They have been limited to several expensive choices from stainless steel chrome plated, ceramic coated and nitrided surfaces.<br />
  13. 13. A Cost Effective Solution to <br />CORROSION!<br />IHC has developed a cost effective solution that competes with Nickel Chrome and Chrome Plated Stainless Steel.<br />A Solution to Modern Day Problem.<br />
  14. 14. Redefining the Standards………<br />How do you re-define the standards for chrome bar?<br />
  15. 15. Vertical Integration……<br />The most consistent and cost effective producer in the industry. IHC utilizes laser measuring systems and computerized controls to supply superior products. They are a vertically integrated producer of chrome plated bar and tube. IHC is totally committed to the science of surface finishing from research to application.<br />By managing the complete process-beginning with special cold finish preconditioning of the raw steel bar and tubing at Bar Technologies-they control size, surface finish, roundness, and straightness.<br />In creating a modern world class facility. IHC has developed proprietary practices and equipment in everything from handling, steel preparation and environmental protection to induction hardening and plating bath chemistries giving IHC unsurpassed control of product quality and corrosion resistance.<br />
  16. 16. Vertical Integration……<br />By managing all stages of preparation and finishing. IHC can produce exactly what our customers want…..when they need it. As a mill producer they manufacturer all standard English and metric sizes of chrome plated bar and tube.<br />Recognizing superior plated bar requires a superior substrate. They designed a multi-million dollar special finishing plant located only 100 feet away from their plating facility.<br />Bar Technologies is a fully automated “smart plant” and is separate yet integrated part of production. The link between the plants demonstrates IHC’s long term commitment to the high end specialty finishing technology. This assures our customers a reliable supply of consistent quality, precisely manufactured product.<br />
  17. 17. Vertical Integration……<br />In essence, the secret of IHC’s success is really no secret at all…..It consists of the following elements.<br />VISION-IHC and Commercial Fluid Power have the vision to foresee how the industry is evolving. Our goal is to anticipate our customers’ needs for consistent quality and increasing corrosion resistance…. And have products developed and ready to meet those needs.<br />COMMITMENT-We are committed to being the premier producer of “extended life” ChromeXL chrome plated bar. We offer ChromeXL product that meets or excedes salt spray testing up to 1200 hours (ASTM-B117).<br />INVESTMENT-IHC doesn’t talk just a big game…They are investing the money and the manpower to redefine the standards of our industry. Today ChromeXL is the compelling product of choice in the fight against corrosion.<br />
  18. 18. ChromeXL……<br /><ul><li> The most corrosion resistant chrome plated bar in the industry.
  19. 19. ASTM B-117 tested beyond 1200 hours and CASS-ASTM B 368 tested well beyond 250 hours at a “10” rating.
  20. 20. Available as Chrome plated only or Induction Hardened and Chrome plated, in diameters from 20mm-105mm.
  21. 21. ChromeXL is a highly engineered product for specific applications.
  22. 22. We are ready to discuss your needs !</li></li></ul><li>Industrial Hard Chrome is……<br /><ul><li> ISO 9001-2000 Registered
  23. 23. Caterpillar SQEP Certified
  24. 24. ISO 14001 Compliant
  25. 25. The compelling best choice for your product needs.</li></ul>ChromeXL is available through <br />Commercial Fluid Power.<br />
  26. 26. Since 1951<br />