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Embed SQL Reporting into Any Web Application

Learn how JReport can seamlessly embed interactive Web reports, dashboards and data analysis directly into your application. Connect and access data from any SQL database. Customize rich visual report elements, as well as integrate JReport Server into your backend application server, security, and admin systems. Empower your business users with powerful dashboards, geo analysis, ad hoc reporting and data analysis capabilities.

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Embed SQL Reporting into Any Web Application

  1. 1. Embed SQL Reporting into Any Web Application Dean Yao Director of Marketing Judy Xu Professional Services Lead Follow us @Jinfonet
  2. 2. High Performance and Scalable
 Intelligent push-down and in-memory cubes Server clustering Self-Service
 Low learning curve tools to empower users
 Ad Hoc Reporting, Dashboards & Ad Hoc Analysis Flexible Mashup any data source: RDB, Big Data, Cloud Embeddable and Customizable Advanced BI Feature Set 2
  3. 3. ACME   Financials   Company  Sales   BI Platform •  Security, administrative features •  Customizable look and feel Metadata Management •  Catalogs to organize/publish/search dimensions, hierarchies, measures, 
 formula, components, reports Development Tools •  Build components, reports, dashboards •  API for application embedding Embedded Solution 3
  4. 4. Integration Options 4 Functional Integration Standalone App Server Integration Application Embedding DeploymentIntegration URL API Java API Web layer Business layer
  5. 5. Front-end Embedding 5
  6. 6. Back-end Embedding 6 API Security Customize
  7. 7. Ad Hoc Reports and Dashboards 7
  8. 8. Ad Hoc Data Analysis Visual Analysis for Business Users •  Mash up centralized & decentralized data •  Agile analysis •  In-memory cubes •  Product consistency 8
  9. 9. Data Source Connectors In-Memory Cube and Cache 9 RDBMS Big Data Flat Files Web Services User Defined Details Cache
  10. 10. Big Data Large, fast, unstructured, complex data NoSQL Apache Hadoop Big Data Visualization 10
  11. 11. Advanced Data Visualization 11
  12. 12. Drilling on ChartsLink Reports Customize Parameters Conditional Formatting On-Screen Filters Component Synching Interactive Data Exploration 12
  13. 13. 13 Information Delivery Web Mobile
  14. 14. GovernmentISVs Healthcare / Insurance Telecom Consumer / Manufacturing Financial Services Global Customer Base 14
  15. 15. 15 Look for our follow-up email ! Whitepaper: Buying vs. Building the Right Embedded BI and Reporting Solution ! JReport 13.1 Trial Next Steps, (240) 477-1000 @Jinfonet