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5 Most Common Watercolor Texture Techniques


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Bob Ransley , an eminent romantic painter has described 5 most common and widely used watercolor techniques that can make your painting a masterpiece. Read the instructions and uses of different textures techniques.

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5 Most Common Watercolor Texture Techniques

  1. 1. 5 Most Common Watercolor Texture Techniques
  2. 2. Lifting off color on a wet wash Lifting off color on a wet wash” watercolor texture techniques is mainly used to paint clouds in the sky. For developing this kind of textures, you need a tissue paper and brush.
  3. 3. Painting with a sponge on dry paper If you are painting trees or sand on the beach you can use this technique, this can prove to be very helpful.
  4. 4. Dripping, spattering or spraying paint on a wet wash You can apply this technique while add textures to washes as well as when the painting has been completed and is dry.
  5. 5. Painting with a dry brush on dry paper This technique can be used while painting walls and grass. In order to produce glorious textures, paint with a brush loaded with a little pigment and very less water.
  6. 6. Salt on a wet wash This technique is very popular among the painters who use watercolor texture in their paintings.