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Logos Employee Handbook and Corporate Culture

An employee handbook reduced to four words (and some expository slides), for a company with few policies and a lot of autonomy.

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Logos Employee Handbook and Corporate Culture

  1. 1. Logos Bible Software Employee Handbook and Corporate Culture May 2011
  2. 2. Employee Handbook Honor God. Love others.
  3. 3. It Means We Trust Each Other• Logos: • …puts people first. • …values wisdom over policy. • …provides feedback before discipline. • …accepts mistakes as part of learning.• Employees: • …demonstrate the company values. • …act in the company’s best interests. • …exercise freedom without abusing it.
  4. 4. Understanding the Employee HandbookSPECIFICS
  5. 5. Benefits• Health care coverage. – Details available from accounting.• Discounts on our products. – Not for resale, subject to annual limits.• 401(k) program.• Sabbatical at 10 years w/$1,200 for travel.• Miscellaneous other benefits. – Free coffee, soda pop, bike shop, etc.
  6. 6. Vacation• “Non-exempt” employees: – 10 paid holidays, scheduled by department • Logos is closed when holidays are on weekdays. • Paid holidays falling on weekends can be flexibly scheduled. – Paid vacation • 2 weeks per year, 3 weeks after 5 years – Paid sick day accrual – Overtime, when authorized in advance
  7. 7. Vacation• “Exempt” employees: – Take holiday/vacation/sick days at your own discretion. • There is no vacation or sick day accrual.
  8. 8. Leave• Anyone can take unpaid leave at their own discretion. – As a courtesy, please discuss and schedule in advance with your supervisor.
  9. 9. Legal Requirements• Act within the law.• Logos acts within the law: – Logos abides by all legally required employment policies pertaining to breaks, leave, benefits, etc. – Policies on discrimination, harassment, leave, etc. are available separately and hereby incorporated by reference.
  10. 10. Privacy• There’s no privacy on company computers or phones. – Your company email is for business purposes.• Desks, lockers, and other storage areas are provided for your convenience. – They remain the property of the company and are subject to inspection.
  11. 11. Ownership• You are employed, among other reasons, to create intellectual property for the company. It belongs to the company, unless we agree otherwise in writing. – If you are creating intellectual property for yourself or another employer, you need to clarify ownership in advance with a moonlighting agreement.
  12. 12. Plain Old Rules• Don’t smoke.• No open flames.
  13. 13. Working with So Few Rules• Employment is a value exchange: – You provide time, effort, and creativity, and the company provides pay and benefits.• Employment is a relationship: – As long as we deliver value for each other, we don’t need books of rules for our relationship. – Communication maintains the relationship, provides security, and prevents surprises. – We presume good faith and act in it.
  14. 14. What We Aspire ToCORPORATE VALUES
  15. 15. We Value• Honesty• Openness• Awesomeness• Growth• Initiative• Elegance• Shipping
  16. 16. Honesty• We value the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. – Speaking the truth shows love and respect. – Listening to the truth shows wisdom.• It is okay to say you won’t say. – “Yes, we do have a ship date, but we’ve chosen not to announce it.” – “I can’t comment on why John Doe left the company.”
  17. 17. Openness• There is no mystery at Logos. – Customers and employees (anyone!) can ask any question without reproach. • (Though the answer might be “I won’t tell you.”)• There is no drama at Logos. – Logos is a safe place to express feelings. • “I’m worried that…” – We address things openly and professionally.
  18. 18. Awesomeness• Good is boring.• Quality is the standard.• Professionalism is expected.• Awesome is a delightful surprise. – Our products should have features that cause users to laugh in delight when they find them. – Interactions with our company should involve occasional pleasant surprises.
  19. 19. Growth• We are here to grow. – We grow the company to: • …serve more customers, have a bigger impact, make more money, cover increasing costs, and create more opportunities for our employees. – We grow ourselves to better: • …provide for our families, equip ourselves to serve others, and participate in the company’s growth.• Growing is a job requirement at Logos.
  20. 20. Initiative• Do what needs to be done. – Don’t wait to be told. – It is okay to ask permission if you aren’t sure.• Ideas are welcome.• Mistakes are learning experiences. – You can’t go wrong if it’s for the customer and in keeping with our values.• People who step up move up.
  21. 21. Elegance• We don’t ship ugly stuff.• Elegance does not equal fanciness. – Elegance is: • …’unusually effective and simple.’ • …a consistent look. • …an uncluttered lobby. • …a thoughtful gesture. • …a tool that ‘just works.’ • …everything you need and nothing more.
  22. 22. Shipping• We get stuff out the door. – It doesn’t matter how great something is if no one is using it.• Artists and scientists vs. businesspeople: – Artists pursue their own vision of beauty. • Beautiful is more important than done. – Scientists seek objective truth. • It’s a never-ending journey. – Businesses ship so we can live to ship again.
  23. 23. Honesty OpennessWe AwesomenessValue Growth InitiativeHOAGIES Elegance Shipping Bacon Cheese Omelet Hoagie from Hoagie Haven, Princeton, NJ / George Showman via Flickr, CC BY 2.0
  24. 24. How We Do ThingsTHE LOGOS WAY
  25. 25. Customers First• We are famous for great customer service. – If a customer isn’t happy, we haven’t earned their money; it burns in our pocket. – “Our policy” is delighted customers.• Everyone is empowered to do the right thing for the customer. – “Right for the customer” is the best answer. – Customers have direct access to our executives, and they’ll take the calls.
  26. 26. Two Birds, One Stone• We choose projects that accomplish multiple goals. – We reuse code and content. – We visit multiple people on a single trip. – We find new ways to sell things that long-ago covered costs and made a profit.
  27. 27. Build Over Buy• We tend to build it ourselves. – If we’re good at it. (Code, content, etc.) – If we’re going to multipurpose it. – If it’s going to be cheaper in the long run. • We try to reduce future royalties and obligations.• We buy when it’s a one-off. – If we don’t bring unique expertise. – If it’s a consumable.
  28. 28. Software is the Secret Sauce• Our unique expertise is in software. – We maintain high standards in our core competency. – We leverage our extraordinary skill in software to speed and enhance our work in other areas. • We don’t just create content, we create tools to help create and edit content. • As publishing moves from a paper to a digital platform, our unique-in-the-industry expertise in software gives us an asymmetric advantage.
  29. 29. Acknowledge Ignorance• Not knowing isn’t a personal flaw, it’s a temporary and changeable state. – We don’t hide our ignorance or incompetence. • We are free to say “I don’t know.” – We take on projects in areas we know nothing about. • We expect we can learn or do whatever we need. • We value the fresh perspective ignorance will give us even as we master new things.
  30. 30. Argue for Excellence• We value the right answer, even if it’s not our own. – We challenge to refine, not to fight. – A business argument is business, not personal.• Everyone has input rights, even if someone has ‘decision rights.’• “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17
  31. 31. Act Kindly• We value people most, and we treat them with kindness and respect. – Honesty and openness create an environment where we can challenge each other, grow, and even speak hard truths in kindness.• We admit our mistakes and forgive others theirs.
  32. 32. Respect Others• Our communications are respectful and deferential. – We are generous toward our partners and customers. – We presume the best intentions in others. – We are respectful of our competitors. • We don’t denigrate anyone. • We avoid negative comparisons. • We are grateful to work in a field where even competitors can share the same ministry goals.
  33. 33. Fall Down, Get Up• Our guidelines are inadequate for everything we’ll encounter.• We will fail to live up to our values.• Sometimes we do things the wrong way.• Endeavor to exhibit grace, and accept it.
  34. 34. Logos Bible Software Honor God. Love others.