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  1. 1. R O B E R T   J A Y   P R I C E   9 7 8   H A M P D E N   R O A D ,   E L I Z A B E T H T O W N ,   P A .   1 7 0 2 2       7 1 7 -­‐ 3 6 1 -­‐ 2 5 1 1 ( H )   7 1 7 -­‐ 5 0 7 -­‐ 9 0 0 2 ( C ) r j p r i c e 5 1 @ c o m c a s t . n e t   ACCOMPLISHMENTS  –SUMMARY  OF  EVENTS  AND  PROGRAMS   Board  and  General  Organizational  Management:   As   primary   staff   for   each   of   the   organizations   I   served,   I   was   responsible   for   board   orientation   and   development.    This  included  training  them  on  the  various  aspects  of  their  role  and  providing  them  with  the   information  and  resources  necessary  to  make  good  decisions.    I  also  was  responsible  for  setting  up  board   meetings,   preparing   reports   and   materials,   and   following   up   after   the   meetings   with   minutes   or   other   requirements.   Other   essential   duties   included   staff   management,   program   development   and   implementation,   communication,  public  relations,  membership  development,  fundraising,  and  volunteer  management  and   recognition.     I   built   partnerships   with   other   organizations,   represented   my   organizations   within   the   community,  and  built  brand  recognition.   Major  Events  and  Programs:   This   outline   represents   a   brief   overview   of   events,   programs,   and   promotions   that   I   initiated,   planned,   managed  and/or  had  a  major  role  in  producing.    Each  required  coordinating  a  broad  range  of  details  and   logistics,   working   with   volunteers,   attracting   sponsors   and   partners,   extensive   marketing   and   public   relations  efforts,  and  continuing  improvement  to  build  upon  the  success  of  each  program.    They  reflect   creativity  and  innovation,  addressing  the  needs  and  abilities  of  the  organizations  involved.  In  most  cases   they  were  completed  with  minimal  staffing  and  resources,  and  relied  heavily  upon  volunteer  resources  to   accomplish.    Each  started  with  stated  objectives  or  a  purpose  and  was  successful  in  meeting  or  exceeding   expectations.    In  some  instances  the  primary  objective  was  revenue,  in  many  others  it  was  recognition  and   brand  identity,  and  still  others  marketing  and  promotion.     USGBC  Central  PA  Chapter-­‐     GreenCon  -­‐  Annual  Conference  and  Expo     Our  purpose  was  to  provide  educational  programs  and  opportunities  for  networking  and  marketing  and  to   produce  income  for  the  Chapter.    The  first  event  was  held  in  2012  and  it  was  repeated  in  the  spring  of  2013,   and   2014.     As   the   sole   staff   I   worked   with   volunteers   in   key   positions   to   plan,   organize,   promote,   and   conduct  this  program.    Attendance  and  the  number  of  expo  booths  increased  each  year,   exceeding  our   expectations.    We  began  with  30+  booths  and  150  attendees  the  first  year  and  exceeded  40  booths  and  325   attendees   in   2014.   Net   income   was   about   $10,000   the   first   year   and   over   $35,000   this   past   year,   substantially  increasing  sponsorships  based  upon  the  success  of  the  previous  two  years.     USGBC  Central  PA  Chapter-­‐  ForeverGreen  Awards  Program     Our   purpose   was   to   recognize   and   showcase   innovations   in   green   design   within   the   community   and   to   celebrate   and   network   with   those   involved   in   green   design   and   construction.     Our   first   event   was   conducted  in  the  fall  of  2012  and  our  second  event  was  part  of  GreenCon  in  2014.    
  2. 2. Again,  as  the  sole  staff  it  was  my  role  to  revive  and  expand  upon  a  former  awards  program.  Working  with  a   key  volunteer  to  plan,  organize,  promote,  and  conduct  this  program,  we  doubled  the  number  of  entries   from   the   prior   event,   established   a   more   comprehensive   and   fair   judging   process,   and   had   100   people   attend  the  first  awards  program  held  at  Armstrong  World  Headquarters.  Over  135  attended  the  second   program   held   at   Millersville   University.     Both   programs   were   very   well   received   and   produced   good   community  recognition.     LSS  Foundation-­‐     Donor  Recognition  Programs       Interest  had  been  decreasing  at  recent  events  and  donors  were  not  receiving  the  recognition  or  honor  they   deserved.    Our  intent  was  to  revive  attendance  and  provide  a  better  sense  of  recognition.  I  initiated  and   planned  the  changes,  recruiting  staff  and  board  members  to  take  more  active  roles.  Two  separate  events   were  held  based  upon  barbecue  themes.    We  added  music,  speakers  representing  those  who  benefited   from   contributions,   and   asked   key   staff   and   board   members   to   serve   the   volunteers   in   attendance.     Attendance  increased  substantially  (at  least  double),  those  attending  were  very  pleased  with  the  events,   and  the  board  members  and  staff  had  a  better  sense  of  their  roles  and  how  they  relate  to  thanking  donors.     Lebanon  Valley  Brethren  Home-­‐   The  general  purpose  of  each  program  listed  below  was  to  both  raise  dollars  for  the  Home  and  to  identify   and  develop  relationships  based  upon  changing  perspectives  of  senior  care  and  aging.    The  success  of  each   was  based  primarily  on  the  volunteer  workforces  that  were  generated  and  their  embracing  and  becoming   involved  with  the  projects.   Annual   Chicken   Barbeque   and   Auction   –     (2000   –   2011)   I   expanded   what   had   become   a   stale   one-­‐day   program  into  a  weekend  full  of  great  events  to  maintain  and  increase  revenues,  bring  back  some  of  the   traditional  church  base  that  had  been  the  strongest  supporters,  showcase  the  talents  and  abilities  of  our   residents,  provided  greater  opportunities  for  volunteer  involvement,  and  introduce  the  Home  to  new  and   diverse  audiences.    We  added  a  pop’s  performance  by  a  local  symphony  orchestra,  a  kid’s  area,  an  antique   car   and   tractor   show,   an   “artists   in   action”   area,   and   a   Sunday   evening   vespers   service.   We   also   made   substantial   changes   to   the   auction   to   provide   a   better   mix   of   items,   better   showcase   what   was   being   offered,  and  increase  participation.  The  event  continued  to  grow  and  increase  revenues;  revenues  nearly   doubled  within  four  years  and  estimated  attendance  exceeded  1,000,  almost  triple  the  number  that  had   been  coming.   Good  Samaritan  Days  Program  –  working  with  a  dedicated  committee  of  volunteers,  we  produced  monthly   events  to  raise  substantial  dollars  and  awareness  of  the  Home  and  its  mission  and  values.  Each  event  was   unique  and  creative  and  included  such  things  as  a  Red  Hat  Luncheon  with  over  200  attending,  a  “Tea  and   Tour”  of  the  Home  with  over  150  individuals  participating,  a  History  of  Chocolate  event,  fashion  shows,  a   soup  sale,  holiday  bazaar,  and  many  more.  This  program  increased  donations  from  $3,500  the  first  year  it   was  implemented  to  over  $15,000  per  year  but  also  helped  to  more  clearly  establish  a  brand  identity  for   the  fund  and  the  Home.   Annual  Good  Samaritan  Dinner  –  this  $100  a  plate  annual  event  is  prepared  at  the  Home  and  served  by   staff  and  volunteers.    Changes  made  in  the  way  that  it  was  presented  and  marketed  resulted  in  an  increase   in  revenues  of  $10,000  within  the  first  three  years  implemented.  
  3. 3. Lunch  ‘n  Learn  Program  –  developed  monthly  programs  of  interest  to  the  residents  and  their  families.  They   provided  both  valuable  information  and  a  great  opportunity  for  social  interaction.   Annual  Golf  Tournament  –  organized  and  conducted  annual  fundraising  tournament,  attracting  sponsors   and  golfers  to  help  support  the  work  of  the  Home.    We  averaged  100  golfers  and  netted  about  $10,000   each  year.     Area  Agency  on  Aging  -­‐  Lebanon  County  50+  Festival      This  annual  event  had  been  run  at  a  loss  for  about  five  years  until  I  took  over  as  Chairman.    We  expanded   programming,  secured  new  sponsors,  and  increased  marketing  to  expand  the  show  and  make  it  profitable   for  the  first  time.    As  a  result,  we  were  able  to  produce  an  annual  guide  to  senior  services  in  the  county  with   the  excess  revenues  produced.     Pennsylvania  Builders  Association  –   Established  a  comprehensive  leadership  orientation  and  education  program  as  Director  of  Member  Services   that  assisted  members  of  local  homebuilder  associations  to  improve  their  professionalism  and  develop  new   local   association   services.     Helped   to   coordinate   and   conduct   annual   Leadership   Retreat   for   Chapter   Presidents  and  officers.     Downtown  State  College  Partnership-­‐   As   the   founding   Executive   Director   it   was   up   to   me   to   develop   and   offer   a   comprehensive   program   of   promotions  and  activities  to  help  promote  visiting,  shopping,  entertaining,  and  dining  in  the  downtown.     Special  promotions  were  provided  to  attract  students,  parents,  and  the  cultural  diversity  of  the  community,   sport   camp   participants,   young   families,   and   convention   attendees.     Some   of   the   unique   components   included:   Destination   Downtown   –   cooperative   program   with   the   community   bus   company   to   help   Penn   State   football  fans  get  to  and  from  the  downtown  before  home  football  games.   Downtown  Dollars  –  gold  colored  metallic  coins  provided  a  unique  gift  certificate  for  the  downtown.    The   organization  acted  as  a  bank  for  reimbursing  member  merchants.   Welcome  Back  Block  Party  –  annual  event  held  on  the  top  floor  of  a  downtown  parking  garage  to  introduce   students  to  the  stores  and  services  of  the  downtown.   Parking   Program   –   provided   low   or   no-­‐cost   parking   for   shoppers   in   the   municipal   parking   garages   downtown.   Downtown  Promotions  –  broad  range  of  promotions  associated  with  holidays,  major  events  in  town,  or   related  opportunities  to  invite  shoppers  and  those  looking  for  entertainment  downtown.    This  included  the   production  of  several  publications  and  unique  approaches.   Festival  of  Cultures  -­‐  this  annual  event  was  held  in  a  unique  section  of  the  downtown  to  showcase  the   cultural  diversity  of  the  campus  and  the  community.   PA   Downtown   Center   Annual   Conference   –   I   was   part   of   the   planning   team.   We   hosted   the   annual   conference  one  year  and  I  was  co-­‐chair  of  the  conference  in  York,  PA.    a  second  year.     Northern  Illinois  Home  Builders  Association  –     Single  Site  Parade  of  Homes    
  4. 4. Involved  selecting  and  negotiating  with  developer  and  location  where  we  could  present  fully  landscaped   and  furnished  homes  in  a  single  site.    As  Executive  Director  of  the  sponsoring  organization,  I  coordinated  all   logistics  including  the  selection  of  site,  the  negotiation  with  the  developer  and  commitment  of  builders,   preparation  of  the  site,  surrounding  it  with  fencing  and  providing  parking,  a  large  entrance  tent  with  up  to   75  vendor  booths,  special  events  and  promotions  on  the  site,  and  the  advertising  and  promotion  program   for  the  event.  Over  50,000  people  visited  the  homes  over  the  21-­‐day  event.    I  also  coordinated  a  special   advertising  book,  a  guide  to  the  event,  and  educational  programs.   Annual  PAC  Golf  Tournament   We  promoted  and  managed  a  golf  tournament  utilizing  two  courses  and  involving  over  250  golfers.    Our   dinner  in  conjunction  with  the  dinner  brought  in  over  350  participants  and  also  featured  a  silent  auction   and  speaker.    With  tremendous  sponsor  support  we  cleared  over  $40,000  annually  for  our  Political  Action   Committee  (PAC).   Ethics  and  Arbitration  Program   Illinois  law  allowed  for  the  binding  resolution  of  disputes  concerning  building  or  remodeling  if  a  clause  was   part  of  the  original  contract.    The  organization  provided  contract  language  and  administered  a  program  that   helped   to   arbitrate   disputes   for   our   members.     We   provided   a   list   of   volunteer   experts,   investigated   disputes,  held  hearings,  and  produced  binding  findings.    As  the  EVP  of  the  organization,  I  was  the  primary   administer  of  the  program.    It  was  a  tremendous  service  for  our  members  and  raised  significant  revenue  for   the  organization  based  upon  the  fees  charged  for  the  process.       National  Association  of  Home  Builders  –  Executive  Officers  Council  –   As  a  volunteer  committee  member,  I  assisted  in  two  national  conferences  of  the  Council  working  to  select   and   negotiate   with   properties,   develop   and   attract   speakers   for   the   educational   program,   and   secure   sponsors.     Northwestern  Pa  Builders  Association-­‐   Mall  Home  Show     Annual  event  held  in  the  concourse  of  a  local  mall  in  Erie,  PA  featured  over  150  vendor  booths  displaying   goods  and  services  for  the  weeklong  show.    As  the  primary  staff  for  the  organization,  I  was  responsible  for   all  logistics  and  marketing  of  the  event.  This  included  negotiations  with  the  mall  management,  soliciting  and   signing  up  exhibitors,  logistics  of  set-­‐up  and  teardown,  and  general  management  of  the  show  throughout   the  week.     Scattered  Site  Parade  of  Homes     I  coordinated  a  program  of  open  houses  and  the  promotion  of  the  event  to  generate  needed  traffic  and   awareness.   Remodelers  Awards  Program  –     I   coordinated   submission   and   judging   of   remodeling   projects   in   several   different   categories,   and   then   worked  with  the  local  media  to  produce  a  guide  complete  with  photographs  and  descriptions.    Remodeling   educational  programs  and  other  special  promotions  were  combined  with  this  event.   Community  Service  Projects  –     As  a  way  of  helping  to  promote  the  organization  and  its  members,  we  conducted  annual  service  projects   within   the   community.     The   first   two   involved   transforming   un-­‐used   portions   of   two   different   regional   referral  hospitals  into  Ronald  McDonald  type  housing  for  the  families  of  patients.    We  also  created  rest  
  5. 5. benches  along  the  entire  length  of  walking  trails  on  Presque  Isle,  and  a  large  picnic  shelter  for  a  children’s   home.     Gasbarre  Products,  Inc.  –     After  helping  this  family  owned  business  significantly  expand  their  business  to  accommodate  a  new  product   line,   I   coordinated   their   major   customer   open   house,   facilitated   the   installation   of   their   first   computer   system,   established   their   parts   and   design   processes,   and   coordinated   taking   them   to   two   international   trade  shows.       International  Tom  Mix  Festival  –  DuBois,  PA.  –   As  the  Executive  Director  of  this  rural  community  in  North  central  PA,  we  were  looking  for  a  way  to  help  put   us  on  the  map  and  attract  new  business  and  industry.    With  the  urging  of  a  tremendous  fan,  we  hit  on  a   festival  to  honor  the  life  of  “B”  western  film  star  Tom  Mix  who  was  born  and  grew  up  in  the  area.    With   little   initial   capital   or   broad   community   support,   we   crafted   a   festival   that   brought   a   rodeo   direct   from   Madison  Square  Garden,  produced  one  of  the  top  “B”  western  film  festivals  in  the  country,  held  a  nightly   old-­‐west  saloon,  produced  an  incredible  parade,  and  attracted  fans  from  three  countries  and  several  states.     It  certainly  put  DuBois  on  the  map  until  the  rights  were  sold  to  a  town  in  Texas  several  years  later.     My  Success  Factors:   • Attention  to  details,  organization,  good  time  management,  and  the  ability  to  juggle  competing   priorities   • Ability  to  work  with  volunteers  and  get  them  engaged  and  committed  to  key  components  of  the   event   • Building  partnerships  and  attracting  sponsors  who  can  each  bring  important  contributions  to  the   event   • Creativity  and  the  ability  to  approach  challenges  from  different  perspectives   • Teambuilding  and  the  ability  to  attract  and  engage  individuals  in  areas  of  both  their  interests  and   abilities   • Taking  chances  and  not  being  afraid  of  failing,  but  also  being  flexible  and  open  to  changes  when   things  do  not  go  exactly  as  planned     Experienced  with  planning,  organizing,  managing,  and  conducting:   • Festivals   • Parades   • Annual  Conferences   • Multiple  program  events   • Promotions   • Marketing  programs   • Trade  shows   • Community  service  projects   • Advertising  programs   • Publications   • Educational  programs   • Exhibits  or  expos   • Award  programs   • Fundraising  events   • Golf  tournaments   • Board  meetings   • Board  and  Leadership  Training   • Strategic  Planning