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There is a big need for innovation within our digital world related to our new oil, Big Data. If we spoil it has an negative impact in our reputation. A big need for digital transparency to deal with data related with privacy.

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  1. 1. Bob Nieme – Adversitement - @BNiemeThe wwworld needs Digital Transparencytwitter: {#nogtebepalen}
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Adversitement – Deloitte Fast 50 BeNeLux3
  4. 4. Adversitement is connected with4
  5. 5. Agenda1 Introduction2 Today’s Challenges3 Digital Data4 Privacy5 Transparency5
  6. 6. Introduction - @BNiemeFounder Adversitement, O2mc, Digital Power10 years in financial sector - transparencyDigital active since 2000CEO, CVOMarried with children (4)Hockey – 12 different KNHB levelsGolfNon reader – scannerPassion keydriver to get results6
  7. 7. Introduction - Hyper Connected Economy7Digital connected – 1100+
  8. 8. Introduction – 2011 TMT prediction #Privacy8
  9. 9. Today’s Challenges9
  10. 10. Today’s challenges - summary!   Dominant Internet leaders!   Cookie and Privacy legislation! Create buzzwords – BIG DATA!   You can’t buy innovation, you need passionate talents!!   Data is new oil – since when do we waste with oil?!   European Commission and lawmakers, do they understand the internet ball game?!   Self regulation is the biggest bullshit in today’s greedy and democratic world!!   Regional investors climate is too differentiated, Dutchie’s wake UP!!   Investments are exit driven controversy towards innovation.10
  11. 11. Today’s challenges – Digital DataCoping with “big data” is the number onechallenge CMOs face – while beingunderprepared…source: IBM11
  12. 12. Today’s Challenges - Digital data is KEYData is your KEY in today’s hyper connected digital economy12
  13. 13. Digital data – product driven eco system13A fool with a tool
  14. 14. Digital data – Tools, Value, Knowledge14Data is our instrument and as Adversitement we bring you innovative knowledge.
  15. 15. Digital data - Quote15Why we define succes metrics if data has an tremendous organisational value
  16. 16. Digital Data - MetricsShift from succes metrics to true value insights16
  17. 17. Digital data - Value17Value Insights – marketing contribution models.
  18. 18. Digital data – New Oil of Digital Economy18
  19. 19. Digital data19If data is the new oil …
  20. 20. Digital data20… and is generated by users …
  21. 21. Digital data21… so what will happen if we spoil with the new oil?
  22. 22. Digital data22It will effect your reputation …
  23. 23. Digital data23… and its slick effect: more data.
  24. 24. Innovation24Innovation starts with passionate talents …
  25. 25. Innovation25… and is a difficult ball game!
  26. 26. Innovation - MySpace versus Facebook26
  27. 27. Innovation – one small difference for succes!“On MySpace, the default setting was that youcould see anybody’s profile. On Thefacebook,the default allowed you only to see profiles ofothers at your school, or those that hadexplicitly accepted you as a friend. A degreeof privacy was built in.”27
  28. 28. Innovation28If this is innovation …
  29. 29. Innovation29… and this is the internet …
  30. 30. Innovation30… and Maslow is still right …
  31. 31. Innovation31… we all want an excellent digital business.
  32. 32. Innovation – need of transparency32It is a necessity to be transparent.
  33. 33. Privacy - a real choice33Users want to be in control… nothing new!
  34. 34. Privacy – data proliferation34Data economics.The US Federal Trade Commission calls on companies to“act now to make privacy the ‘default setting’ for commercialdata practices and give consumers greater control over thecollection and use of their personal data through simplifiedchoices and increased transparency.”
  35. 35. Privacy – Quotes related to dataBrad Smith (Microsofts General Counsel and Executive Vice-President of Legal andCorporate Affairs) concluded his recent talk at the Privacy Conference 2012 on privacyand technology that “We can not have privacy if there is no transparency.”Price Discrimination Among Buyers: Robinson-Patman violationsA seller charging competing buyers different prices for the same "commodity" ordiscriminating in the provision of "allowances" — compensation for advertising and otherservices — may be violating the Robinson-Patman Act.The Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) today filed a complaint with the Federal TradeCommission claiming that Googles move to consolidate its dozens of privacy policiesviolates an agreement the company reached with the FTC to settle privacy complaintsabout the now defunct Google Buzz.35
  36. 36. Privacy - example36
  37. 37. Privacy - example37
  38. 38. Privacy - example38
  39. 39. Transparency – business framework39http://data//innovationhttp://data//governancehttp://data//quality
  40. 40. Transparency – eco system40
  41. 41. Co create within aA co-created innovative eco system!   STW – Context Aware Predictive Analytics!   www2013 congress in Brazil!   Web science bachelor!   Data Scientists!   4 PhD programs – extend!   3-4 faculties involved – connected science41
  42. 42. Thanks for your attention ……Bob NiemeCVO - founderTel: +31 (0) 20 7600 700Mobile: +31 (0) 6 51403605bob.nieme@adversitement.comTwitter: @BNiemeLinkedIn: Bob Nieme42