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SB Quantified Self Meetup (3/13) - Basis Band B1 Review by John Gomm

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  1. 1. Basis Band B1 Review By John Gomm Sensors: Heart-rate (thru skin) Steps (accelerometer) Skin Temp (back pins) Perspiration (back pins) Calories (algorithm)
  2. 2. Summary● Promising start for product● Hardware works decently● Feedback loop too slow● NEED Reminders, notifications● NEED to free data for local analysis● No behavior changes for me● Probably wrong timing for me (baby)● Only three months in
  3. 3. The Good:● Easy to wear 24/7 (minus charging times)● Pretty comfortable● Stylish (lots of compliments)● Good battery life (4-5 days)● Auto backlight mostly useful, sometimes (in bed) mildly annoying.● Charges fairly quickly (an hour?).● Gamification via "achievements" style "habits" that get you points to unlocking new habit slots.
  4. 4. The Mediocre● General Basis Website is disorganized and difficult to find wanted info (pdf manual etc)● Community forums full of good suggestions and questions, but light on feedback by company reps.● Data visualization site is click heavy, difficult to use on a touch interface and offers limited mining options.● Company obscures how calorie data is calculated.
  5. 5. What I learned about me:● Burn 2500-3100 calories per day.● Walk 5K to 8K steps weekdays● 2K to 4K at weekends, Sunday low step day.● Sleep is often interrupted and I get less than 8 hours if I go to bed later than 10pm.● I count as active for between 1 and 3 hours per day, Sunday being a low activity day.● Not really changed my behaviors in response to Basis, partly due to baby making me tired and busy and partly due to delayed feedback loop.
  6. 6. Shortcomings:● Feedback loop is delayed● Phone apps not released yet● Bluetooth uploading is not enabled yet, even for laptop use.● Basic app shouldnt have been too hard, just to get daily feedback, then work on app features later.● Product seems well baked, data site not so much.
  7. 7. Gamification: Habits
  8. 8. Gamification: Habits● Wear it - first Habit and default on.● Dont Be A Sitter - during "work hours" (cant change timeframe)● Move It - be active for 30 mins (total, not in one block)● Torch More Calories - daily total calorie burn● Get More Sleep - total sleep● Regular Rising - points if up within 30mins(?) of target● Step it Up - daily total steps target● Consistent Bedtime - points if asleep within 30mins(?) of target● Morning Lap – e.g. 2K steps before noon● Afternoon Lap - e.g. 2K steps before 5pm● Evening Lap - e.g. 2K steps after 5pm
  9. 9. Gamification● Points towards a new Habit is a decent driver at the start● Fades quite quickly.● Points cost for next Habit increases exponentially● Does ramp a little by starting at 2+ days then bumps up to 4+ days and 5+days when you start meeting the previous level.● Steps Target displayed on watch is longer lasting incentive because instant feedback.● SUGGEST: Somehow using points to get competitive with friends or yourself might last longer.● SUGGEST: When you meet target regularly, prompt to challenge yourself to increase e.g. steps by 1000, calories by 100 etc.
  10. 10. Insights Too verbose/sprawled
  11. 11. Pattern Visualization
  12. 12. Pattern Visualization● Colorful● Useful?● Scale too limited?● Limited to two weeks, so comparing the last five Mondays difficult.
  13. 13. Data Detail
  14. 14. Step to Calorie Correlation?
  15. 15. Data Detail● Decent looking charts● Compare 2 logs (out of five)● No obvious correlation between steps and calories. Puzzling considering tenets● Gaps when strap comfy. Tight strap, fewer gaps● Very active = more gaps (arm hair?)● Long term data mining is difficult● Data are locked in their site and display format.● Correlation with other tracking (mood, weight, food log) not possible or tedious.
  16. 16. Advice for Model 2● Hardware: Vibrate to move, wake up etc.● Hardware: Better display contrast.● Site: Data download for local mining/correlation. Otherwise long term data will be lost to user.● Software: Tight smartphone feedback for short loop - phone vibrates/notification if you need to take a walk this evening to meet step goals etc● Software: Widget featuring condensed report of successes and unmet goals.
  17. 17. Website Improvements● Trends need to extend past a week● Sleep trends, daily activity, daily calorie burn etc could be easily charted back to when I first started on one screen (three months)● I have to visit thirteen pages and manually extract the numbers if I want that info charted.
  18. 18. Summary● Promising start for product● Hardware works decently● Feedback loop too slow● NEED Reminders, notifications● NEED to free data for local analysis● No behavior changes for me● Probably wrong timing for me (baby)● Only three months in