What the IAM Can Do For You


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What the IAM Can Do For You

  1. 1. What’s In It For Me? Bob Kraves former IAM educator sevark@aol.com
  2. 2. Welcome to the IAMWhen you join the IAM, you establishyourself as a vital partner in the organization.There is a rich diversity in our union that iscomprised of men and women of every race,color and creed all working toward thecommon goal of a better life for themselvesand their families.
  3. 3. IAM ExperienceThe IAM negotiatedthe airline industry’sfirst union agreementin 1939 and has beennegotiatingagreements at UnitedAirlines since 1945.
  4. 4. IAM’s Primary RoleThe IAM’s primary role is to negotiatecollective bargaining agreements, orcontracts, with employers. Agreements arebinding legal documents that establishwages, shifts, working conditions and otherbenefits for all workers under its jurisdiction.
  5. 5. At-Will Employee If an employee is not under contract, he or she is an at-will employee. An employer can dismiss an at-will employee at any time for any non- discriminatory reason.
  6. 6. UAL Series 15 Direct Quote“It is hoped that all of its employeesenjoy a satisfactory employmentrelationship with the Company. Thisemployment relationship is at-will.Accordingly, both the Company and itsemployees retain the right to end theemployment relationship at any time,with or without cause, and with orwithout notice.”
  7. 7. IAM Members Are NOTAt-Will Employees
  8. 8. Strength The strength of the IAM is through the collective will of its members to reach common goals. This is achieved through collective bargaining with the company.
  9. 9. Common GoalsThe union is comprised of differentbargaining units that negotiateseparately. While each have distinctand separate collective agreements,there are common clauses and goalsinherent in all agreements.
  10. 10. We All DecideIAM members ineach group makethe final decision onacceptance orrejection of thecollectiveagreement. All IAMcontracts are subjectto ratification bysecret ballot.
  11. 11. We All Decide A decision on whether or not to take strike action over a rejected Collective Bargaining Agreement is subject to a secret ballot vote by the membership.
  12. 12. EnforcementOnce negotiated, Discipline Pay Disputesthe IAM enforcesthe agreement by Work Rule Seniorityrepresenting Violations Violationsmembers havingday-to-day problems Harassment & Workplacewith management. Discrimination Safety
  13. 13. Right to Negotiate The membership of the IAM has won the opportunity to negotiate their wages and working conditions; to stop arbitrary action by the bosses; and to speak out without fear of reprisal.
  14. 14. Equal with the BossesUnions help remedydiscriminationbecause unioncontracts ensure thatall workers aretreated fairly andequally. When there’sa problem on the job,workers andmanagement canwork together asequals to solve it.
  15. 15. Some Contract Benefits Medical Insurance Life Insurance Layoff/Recall Rights Dental Insurance Pension Worker’s Compensation Safety Equipment UniformsGeographical Relocation Paid Parking
  16. 16. That’s What the IAM Can Do For You The IAM gives you and your coworkers an active, collective voice to bargain over working conditions, due process on the job and the ability to promote basic, democratic principles of fairness and dignity at work.