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Unions Are A Voice


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Unions Are A Voice

  1. 1. Unions Are A VoiceUnions are people helping people. People with the same issues cometogether to voice their mutual concerns. By saying “ UNION YES” you makelife better on the job for you, your families and your co-workers. Unions Are FamiliesToday’s unions are searching for new ways to adjust to the challengesaffecting our families – like affordable child care, elder care and familymedical leave. Working together we strive to see these ideas become reality. Unions Are Working PeopleWorking people have made this country great, bringing prosperity andgrowth. Unions have worked to make life better on the job. Today, Unionsare fighting for job security….giving workers a voice in their future and avoice on issues that affect the airline industry. Unions Are Your Voice On The Job