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Typescript 102 angular and type script


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Developing Angular 1.x applications with TypeScript, from Boston Code Camp 25. Presented by Bob Goodearl and Bob German.

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Typescript 102 angular and type script

  1. 1. Practical TypeScript with AngularJS Typescript 102 Bob Goodearl RGood Software Bob German BlueMetal
  2. 2. Boston Code Camp 25 - Thanks to our Sponsors! • Platinum • Gold • Silver • Bronze • In-Kind Donations
  3. 3. Bob German Bob Goodearl • Blog: • Linked In: • Twitter: @Bob1German • Email: • Website: • Linked In: • Email: Presenters
  4. 4. Agenda • TypeScript Widget • Modules • Controllers • Services • TypeScript Definitions for REST Calls • TypeScript SPA with ASP.NET MVC • Anatomy of an AngularJS/MVC/TypeScript web app
  5. 5. Setup steps: • Install VS Code • Install Node ( • npm install –g typescript • Ensure no old versions of tsc are on your path; VS adds: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsTypeScript1.0 • In VS Code create tsconfig.json in the root of your folder { "compilerOptions": { "target": "es5“, "sourceMap": true } } • Use Ctrl+Shift+B to build – first time click the error to define a default task runner Edit task runner and un-comment the 2nd example in the default • npm install –g http-server (In a command prompt, run http-server and browse to http://localhost:8080/) VS Code Environment
  6. 6. Setup steps: • Install Visual Studio • For VS2012 or 2013, install TypeScript extension • Build and debug the usual way • Consider WebEssentials for side by side TypeScript and JavaScript view (does not work in VS2015) Visual Studio Environment
  7. 7. • Commonly used on the Internet called ”Web Widgets”, ”Plugins”, ”Embeds”, etc. • It’s just a clever piece of HTML and Javascript that acts like a web part • Often deployed by authors/end users seperately from the hosting application • Very handy in SharePoint and other content management systems What is a widget?
  8. 8. What makes a good widget? 1 ISOLATED – so they won’t interfere with other widgets or the rest of the page Can you run multiple copies of the widget on a page? 2 EFFICIENT – so they load quickly Does the page get noticeably slower as you add widgets? 3 SELF-CONTAINED – so they’re easy to reuse Does the widget work without special page elements such as element ID’s, scripts, and CSS references? 4 MODERN – so they’re easier to write and maintain Is the widget written in a modern JavaScript framework such as AngularJS or Knockout?
  9. 9. JavaScript Library allows you to run multiple Angular* apps on a page … <div> <!-- ng-app=“HelloApp” --> <div ng-controller="main as vm"> <h1>Hello{{}}{{}}!</h1> Who should I say hello to? <input type="text" ng-model="" /> </div> <!-- Widget Wrangler loads scripts and boots the app --> <script type="text/javascript" src="pnp-ww.js“ ww-appName="HelloApp“ ww-appType="Angular“ ww-appScripts='[{"src": “~/angular.min.js", "priority":0}, {"src": “~/script.js", "priority":1}]'> </script> </div> Widget Wrangler * Also works with any JavaScript framework – or none at all
  10. 10. demo AngularJS Widget in TypeScript • Model • Controller • Service • TypeScript Definitions for REST services
  11. 11. demo AngularJS Widget in TypeScript • Model • Controller • Service • TypeScript Definitions for REST services
  12. 12. Anatomy of an AngularJS/MVC/TypeScript web app • Why Integrate AngularJS and MVC? • Why add TypeScript? • Open source code you can experiment with • • Lessons Learned
  13. 13. demo MVC5NgTsDemo
  14. 14. Generating TypeScript definitions • Experiments with TypeLite • Other options (not yet explored) • Typewriter extension for Visual Studio
  15. 15. Resources Session Materials and Code Samples • TypeScript Playground • TS Def’ns from JSON •
  16. 16. An Insight company Thank you. Bob Goodearl Bob German