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Are you getting a fair deal at the pump? Alternative, cheaper, greener, non-petroleum based fuels are possible now.


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The silent/self paced version of "American don't have the freedom to choose the fuels they can use". Alternative, cheaper, greener, non-petroleum based fuels are available now and possible to use in your vehicle now. Americans don't have the freedom to use these fuels. If they did, Americans could reduce their costs, increase their car's performance and reduce their car's pollution. But, if we educate ourselves we can ask the car companies to give us these capabilities, and we can vote to have laws that give us these freedoms. These freedoms wil also reduce our need for foreign oil, clean our air, provide untold number of new jobs, and increase our national security.
We don't have the freedom to chose fuels for our cars like Chinese, Brazilians and many Europeans do. And we can change that. Is it worth it? We start the discussion.

References to carry you further are in the "Falco References... "file -- on this site. You can also look at the voice-over slide presentation "How to get off oil" also on this site. The "Open Fuel Standards" site also discuss things you can do.

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Are you getting a fair deal at the pump? Alternative, cheaper, greener, non-petroleum based fuels are possible now.

  1. 1. Americans love their cars somuch they can be easily fooled Ford and GM told us 100 years ago that alcohol was the fuel of choice for their cars. Bob Falco, PhD Director Institute for Energy Resourcefulness
  2. 2. Who Am I?Robert Falco, PhDProfessor of Mechanical EngineeringMichigan State UniversityDirector of the Institutefor Energy Resourcefulness
  3. 3. Your coffee When you buy coffee or make a cup, how would you feel if you were told that you could only drink it black.
  4. 4. Your TV Imagine buying a TV and when you get home finding out that the only station it can view is CSPAN!
  5. 5. Your computer What if you bought an Apple computer and the warrantee said you couldn‟t use Microsoft software on it.
  6. 6. Your house What if your mortgage restricted you from making improvements to your house?
  7. 7. Your car What if you bought a car and were told that the only fuel you could use in it was gasoline?
  8. 8. There are many Spark IgnitionInternal Combustion Engine Fuels Gasoline Ethanol/gasoline mixtures: E10, E20, E30….E85, E100 Methanol/gasoline mixtures: M10, M20, M30…M85, M100 Blends of gasoline, ethanol and methanol, called GEM mixtures Butanol
  9. 9. For fuels that have the sameengine response as E85 Fuel (same # BTUs) Energy costPrices Corn Ethanol/Gasoline(E85) $3.85 Sugarcane Ethanol/gas (E85) $2.85 vary Methanol M85 $3.00 Gasoline/Ethanol/Methanol - GEM (40- $3.10greatly 10-50) GEM (20-30-50) $3.15 ! Cellulosic Ethanol GEMS $4.00 Natural Gas produced Ethanol GEMS $3.00
  10. 10. Would you consider yourselffree to:Use milk and sugar in your coffee?Tune your TV to any channel you want?Use other software in your computer?Put air conditioning in your house?Then why not to choose the fuel your carruns on?
  11. 11. How do you feel about therestriction on your fuel freedom?You know ethanol is out there.You may know that in California for 15 years they ran asuccessful methanol program, using over 15,000 vehicles.Methanol can be available again at pumps quickly.In China, Brazil and Europe there are tens of thousands ofcars running on methanol and ethanol.If you knew that cars „tuned‟ for these fuels would run evenmore efficiently, and cleanly than on gasoline, then youwould realize your restricted by more than just price.
  12. 12. Lotus Examples of cars running on ethanol, methanol and/or gasoline in EuropeSaab
  13. 13. Winston Churchill said: “The Americans will always do theright thing…after they have exhausted all the alternatives.” The time has come to get off foreign oil!
  14. 14. Cars can be made, or converted,to run on any mixture of the 3 fuels. We can lower our pump price. We can cut the noose of foreign oil We can have cleaner air We can lower greenhouse gases Conversion costs are ~ $100
  15. 15. Gaining this freedom meansmore money in your pocket Cheaper transportation Lower medical bills (cancer, asthma, etc.) More American jobs Methanol can be made from our natural gas and our wastes Ethanol is made from our corn, sugar beets, and sugarcane. More new high paying jobs Lower taxes needed for defending supplies
  16. 16. There is a bill in congress that can do this for us!You need to support this bill to gain this freedom. It is called the Congressman Shimkus and a number of others in the House, and Senators Cantwell and Lugar have sponsored H.R. 1687 and S. 1603, the Open Fuels Standard Act of 2011. This is a diverse coalition of industry, national security and transportation interests.
  17. 17. MORE INFORMATIONSee the reference list on this SlideShare site.Listen to the voice–over “Methanol can get us offoil” – along with other presentations on this site.Go to the Open Fuel Standard website