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BusProc.Revised_BBB_Powerpoint (Bob Russell Deans%2c III)


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BusProc.Revised_BBB_Powerpoint (Bob Russell Deans%2c III)

  1. 1. Publix Rx Filling Process By: Group BBB Tymeka Keith, Bob Deans, Sidney Nelson, Lydia Brown, Yousph Woldeyesus
  2. 2. Prescription filling process • Reception: Patient check-in with pharmacy tech • Data Entry: Pharm tech types Rx • Pre-Verification/Drug Utilization Review: Pharmacist verifies Rx typed correctly and checks interactions and allergies • Product Dispensing: Pharm tech or pharmacist labels prescription with tag and pulls, counts, and labels appropriate medication • Verification: Final check by pharmacist that correct medication is dispensed for Rx and that no serious allergies or interactions occur and bags medication • Release to Patient: Pharmacy technician verifies bag for appropriate patient, has them sign for its release and utilizes pharmacist for counseling as necessary, and finally rings and releases medication
  3. 3. Flowchart
  4. 4. Data Flow Diagram
  5. 5. Recommended Changes Our recommendation is to implement a new release to patient system that interfaces the register and patient signature system into one unit. This will save time in the release to patient process as well as save money lost when prescriptions are not properly sold to patients.
  6. 6. Matrix “As-is” process “To Be” Process Action Req. for Change Responsible Person(s) Separate systems for checking out: register and computer Complying interface Centralization: carrying out task @ 1 location Control Addition: adding checks in a process Publix Software Vendor (McKesson) Process Change Matrix
  7. 7. PROCESS Benefits of the action Risks of the action Alternatives of the prospective action Nothing: doing nothing at all Decision Customer medication checkout Verifying all medications are accounted for Cost Staff Training System for credit cards before patients come in It will remain the same If funding is available, we will implement one station that scans drug and allows patient to sign instead of two separate stations. Station will also capture payment. BRAND Change Matrix