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Bob Brotchie ICE founder & Paramedic


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A Brief resume of my recent career and consultation involvement around I.C.E (as founder) and requests to assist start up companies especially around innovation in the Health 2.0 arena.

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Bob Brotchie ICE founder & Paramedic

  1. 1. East of England Ambulance NHS Trust Duty Ops Manager Primary Care
  2. 2. Hi My name is Bob Brotchie, a Paramedic from the United Kingdom who, in 2005, launched the ICE initiative whereby I asked mobile phone owners to add an I.C.E contact to their phones address book to try to help emergency responders quickly confirm the identity of a casualty by contacting their loved ones (when the casualty could not communicate for themselves). This also had the benefit of establishing previous medical history, allergies, etc while allowing early repatriation with the casualty’s loved ones. The initiative has found acceptance by the global emergency community and has been an outstanding success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported and promoted the idea. Why not Google “ICE – Bob Brotchie” to see some of the stories, uptake and support? It also has its own ‘wiki’! I would love to hear if ICE has worked for you, and in what circumstances. I have heard anecdotal evidence where ICE has played a positive part in treatment, and of where the patient could not be saved but where ICE has nonetheless given some peace or understanding at the most desperate of times. But now I would like to try to document any evidence that can be provided. It is great to advise that cellphone firmware is now being provided at source with ICE already in place in the contacts area of the phone! If you have a story, I really would love to hear from you. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes. Bob Brotchie (Paramedic) East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust – Email
  3. 3. Web 2.0  TC50 attendee-San Francisco 2008 with Health 2.0  Prosperity Living, Red Cross Circle, Med-ID & Media  Multiple global exposures to world press, TV, Web & Radio Pre hospital  17 years experience of emergency medicine exposure including ambulance, rapid response units, helimed crew and emergency & primary care staff and systems management Sales & Marketing Over 25 years experience for a wide range of products and services 
  4. 4. Telemedicine, Telehealth & Health records Prosperity Living International is the initiative of a group of international healthcare professionals. They are committed to finding and providing solutions within the disarray of current healthcare systems. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience and research, Prosperity Living International has developed a secure and extensive data system to support the three key products featured here in this brochure. Prosperity Living International is pleased to introduce a new and revolutionary yet easy to use medical program that offers security and peace of mind to everyone - any sex and any age - from homebodies and travellers to busy business executives on the move. In a medical emergency help first responders help you. Should you ever be unfortunate enough to be involved in a serious accident you can be prepared to assist first responders with the critical medical information they need in order to treat you as quickly as possible. With redcrossCircle you will hold all the information they need on your mobile phone, such as blood type, allergies, medical conditions and current medication, as well as your emergency contact details. Be in control of your complete medical history and provide physicians with all the information they need to help you. Don’t get sick without it! medID enables you to collate and update your own medical records to ensure that each physician and specialist you see has a complete picture of your health care to date. In turn, this enables the physician or specialist to consider possible illnesses and treatment much more quickly – giving optimum care. In addition to this, attending emergency responders will be able to administer live saving care immediately because they will have your full medical history on hand – right through your mobile phone via the internet. Overcome the problems of getting to see a physician – with online consultations, where ever you are in the world. transglobalMD is a safe and reliable online system where you can consult with a physician from your own home, office or while overseas. Your physician is able to see your complete and up to date medical history for consideration in your current medical state. Users are able to provide the physician with vital signs using easy to use medical monitors, with the results being sent through immediately within the highest security internet portals.
  5. 5. Vodafone launch annual life savers awards with national 'ICE ... Paramedic Bob Brotchie approached his bosses at the East Anglian ... Vodafone is now inviting all emergency services to promote ICE in their area as part of ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this Known as ICE (In Case of Emergency), it involves a mobile user ... Such was the case in the UK for East Anglian Ambulance team leader Bob Brotchie. ... 'ICE' Cell Phone Plan Would Help Rescuers 18 Jul 2005 ... Cell users are being urged to put the acronym ICE -- quot;in case of ... The idea was conceived by Bob Brotchie, a clinical team leader for the ... ABC NewsRadio: wordwatch, ICE numbers The quot;ICE numberquot; idea is the brain child of a British paramedic named Bob Brotchie, who was worried about those accidents where the victims were unable to ... Macmillan English Dictionary Resource Site – New Words – ICE number The ICE number is the brainchild of British paramedic Bob Brotchie, employed by the East Anglian Ambulance NHS Trust. In the course of his experience, ... Borneo Bulletin Opinions ICE is the acronym for the 'In Case of Emergency' and Bob Brotchie's idea is to have people make and store ICE numbers in their mobile phone's phonebook. ... - In case of emergency, put your cell on ICE
  6. 6. 15 Aug 2005 ... Bob Brotchie, a Cambridge-based paramedic for 13 years, ... She programmed ICE into her phone, noting that it's better than other forms of ... Spring's here, so put some ICE in your cell phone at Stephenson ... 21 Mar 2008 ... It’s a project started by British EMT Bob Brotchie (there’s now a commercial site dealing with ICE TM services, as well) that has spread ... Diabetes - Put ICE in your cell phone 15 Oct 2007 ... quot;Originally established as a nation-wide campaign in the UK, ICE allows ... paramedic Bob Brotchie and was launched in May this year. ... The City of Calgary: ICE Recently, an initiative called quot;ICEquot; – In Case of Emergency – was launched in the United Kingdom. The concept was created by Bob Brotchie, an East Anglian ... The ICE campaign gets official support in Australia 29 Jul 2005 ... ICE was the brainchild of Mr Bob Brotchie, a clinical team leader for the East Anglican Ambulance NHS Trust. He developed the idea after ... City of Georgetown, Texas :: 11 Aug 2005 ... The ICE contact idea came from Cambridge paramedic Bob Brotchie, who was aware that most accident victims do not carry next-of-kin ... Is ICE as Simple as It Sounds? — ( ICE is the brainchild of Bob Brotchie, a paramedic with the East Anglian Ambulance NHS Trust. An acronym for ―In Case of Emergency,‖ it is a designation ... Media Release: MOBILE PHONE EMERGENCY SYSTEM A POTENTIAL LIFESAVER Earlier this year Telstra sent text messages to more than seven million customers to help boost awareness of ICE. The idea was conceived by Bob Brotchie, ...! City of Miami - Department of Fire-Rescue According to the East Anglian Ambulance Web site, Paramedic Bob Brotchie, ... Brotchie suggested that individuals add the entry quot;ICEquot; with the phone number ...
  7. 7. The ICE number is the brainchild of British paramedic Bob Brotchie Media Release: MOBILE PHONE EMERGENCY SYSTEM A POTENTIAL LIFESAVER Earlier this year Telstra sent text messages to more than seven million customers to help boost awareness of ICE. The idea was conceived by Bob Brotchie, ... 708500026fdf