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Cobham Wordle


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Cobham Wordle

  1. 1. Cobham Cluster Wordle
  2. 2. Wordle
  3. 3. What is Wordle? • A wordle is a graphic representation of the most frequently used words in a blog, free write, or speech and is the site. It’s simple, fun and creative. To create a wordle, simply go to, enter in the RSS feed for a blog or text, hit submit and let the site do the rest. • After creating the wordle, users are able to customize the look of it. Options range from colour to size and shape. • One of the benefits of using a wordle blog is that it adds variety—allowing readers to see what you’re most passionate about in a creative way
  4. 4. Paste or Type your Text Here
  5. 5. Click the Go button
  6. 6. Have Fun