Cobham Screen Shot


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Cobham Screen Shot

  1. 1. Cobham Cluster Screen Shot Instructions
  2. 2. How to take and use a screen shot?
  3. 3. What is a Screen Shot • No matter what is showing on your screen, (For example you may be in Word or on a particular Web site) you can take an instant screen shot and then take out area(s) and use these to suit specific purposes • A common screen shot (taking photo of screen) use is to take screen shots and use them to make up a tutorial. You may also like to instantly capture: – The whole screen – Part of the screen (i.e. You can extract any image within that screen)
  4. 4. Here is screen shot of the previous slide. Note: You can see everything that was on the screen
  5. 5. Here we have taken out sections of that screen shot How is this achieved?
  6. 6. To take screen shot: Look on the keyboard for a key called – Print Screen Simply press this key. On a Laptop you may have to press a function key at the same time you press Print Screen. Some keys have a dual function
  7. 7. Once you have pressed the Print Screen key nothing appears to happen. However, the computer has taken a snapshot image of the screen and put it on an electronic clipboard. You can now go into any programme e.g. Word or PowerPoint and press Paste The screen shot will now be pasted into your Word Page or PowerPoint
  8. 8. Here we can see a screen shot in Word You now use the Crop Button to crop out the bits you do not want to use.
  9. 9. Here we can see a screen shot in Word Here we have used the Crop Button to crop out the bits you do not want to use.
  10. 10. Here we can see a screen shot in Word Left mouse click Here we have used the Crop Button to mouse and move in on crop out the bits you do not want to use. the picture
  11. 11. To get more control over the cropping process we suggest that you take your screen shot and then paste it in Paint Or
  12. 12. In the Paint programme: Go to Edit, Paste (after you have pressed Print Screen Key
  13. 13. Here is an screen shot image that has been pasted in Paint
  14. 14. We just want to take out the image of the house so we use the Select button. Click on the Select Button. Select the part of the screen shot you want to Select button use and then go to Edit, Copy See next slide
  15. 15. The house has been selected Tip: Start at the above Select left of the picture and button drag diagonally to the right
  16. 16. Edit, Copy
  17. 17. Paste Start a Word Document, a PowerPoint, an Excel Spreadsheet and paste your image
  18. 18. Double click on the picture Format Tab Text Wrapping button Through
  19. 19. You will now be able to easily resize, move, rotate etc. your selected image Practice makes perfect
  20. 20. You can even edit, paste the image back into a new Paint Document and save it as a JPEG Image