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Jays 52 tips


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A presentation produced in 52 minutes of the real-time creation of 52 social media tips by Jay Shetty @JShetty1.

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Jays 52 tips

  1. 1. Jay Shetty’s 52 Social Media Tips Written and Published in Real Time in 52 minutes @JShetty1 A tribute to our best student – @Bob_Barker & @ThomasPower
  2. 2. Background – on the 3rd February 2015 we held a live Twitter session on the hashtag #Klout70 to share tips with people on how to improve their social media skills. On the Tweet-up was Jay Shetty (Klout 77), friend and student of Electric Dog who contributed these 52 tips. What is amazing is he made them up in real time (actually in the 52 minutes number 1 to 40), and found the photos and published them. The speed, skill and teaching Jay has on social is mesmerizing. Keep going Jay. Bob Barker & Thomas Power ElectricDog.TV
  3. 3. NB: This is where the Tweet up ended, but we added the rest that emerged a few days after
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  6. 6. If you want to look at the original or re-tweet one of the tips just search on #Klout70 and scroll down. Brought to you by