Personal ethics code bob frisco


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The personal ethics code I created to sustain great business ethics

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Personal ethics code bob frisco

  2. 2. PERSONAL VALUES LIST • • • • • • • • • 1. Great Health 2. Family 3. Food 4. Shelter 5. Money 6. Car 7. Education 8. Friends 9. Cell Phone 10. Nintendo Wii
  3. 3. WHY THESE ETHICS ARE IMPORTANT GREAT HEALTH • Great Health- Is the first part of living. I would not be in a good mood if I was sick, and sickness could lead to death or living life different. Good Health also means I am thankful to have a normal body like two arms, legs and mind. Health is a key to living, and I cant function without it. No one would be in the right place or in a good mood without great health.
  4. 4. FAMILY • Family- I don’t know where I would be without my parents, grandparents, and uncles. I have came along way with them, they have raised me, showed me right and wrong and still helping me live, supplying what I need, helping me get through college, and putting a roof over my head and helping me live. I don’t know where I would be without caring for someone or the other way around.
  5. 5. FOOD • Food- One of the things that supply good health is food. I couldn’t afford eating les that 2-3 meals a day and snack time. I cant focus on an empty stomach. I cant focus in class or assignment and sometimes, I cant even socialize without eating beforehand. Food is a necessity.
  6. 6. HOUSE • House- Another thing next to food is shelter. I need to have a place to live because being homeless or living in a tent would be very uncomfortable in living. A place to live with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, electricity and a basement would be a nice way of living and a house or apartment is something that I need.
  7. 7. MONEY • Cold Hard Cash- To spend on food, bills, needs and pleasures, money is the ticket to life. Nothing is free in this world, and you need money to supply our needs and wants. Money is used to pay bills, food and what we need to keep healthy and have a good living.
  8. 8. CAR • Vehicle- It is very hard to walk around, so I need to get from my house, to school, to work, and to where I need to go with my car or reliable transportation, to get me where I want to go. It would be very hard to travel without a car.
  9. 9. EDUCATION • Education- To get a good job in Communications or work in a TV or radio station, I need to have a bachelors or Master’s degree in communications and probably have experience coursework. I making my way through that now, the job world is competitive and having an education would provide that.
  10. 10. FRIENDS OR ACQUAINTANCES • Friends or Acquaintances- It is great to hang out with people and get to know them. It is also great to share something interesting or talk about something cool that comes into mind. Having friends would provide that and it is good to be there when someone needs a helping hand and the other way around. • •
  11. 11. CELL PHONE • Cell Phone- It is hard to keep in contact with family and friends without having a cell phone. This way I could keep contact with people in emergencies, and fun. It is a value and I need it to call my folks at home and tell them what and how I am doing and what is going on in the near future. My phone is not that good, its only a tracfone however, I am still thankful to have it.
  12. 12. NINTENDO WII • Nintendo Wii- For quite a few years now I am a fan of video games, the Nintendo consoles is the only ones that have the super Mario games. I enjoy playing these games with my favorite characters whether it is adventure, racing, party, sports olympics, these games are a blast and they will be around for a long time.
  13. 13. PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT • I am at my best when I am healthy, energized and ready to learn • I will try to avoid times when I have no food in my stomach • I would like to find employment where I could use Adobe Audition to record Audio. • I enjoy watching NHL hockey • I will find opportunities to use my talents such as comedy, talking sports, playing Nintendo Wii and record using adobe audition. • If I can do anything to set my mind to. I will make a day long radio show covering sports, music, games and appropriate comedy to entertain people. • My life’s journey is to be Pennsylvania’s best radio announcer. • I will be a person if I get along with family and friends and share the good times in the past • My most important future contribution to others will be to be a great role model and give good advice to the people that need me.
  14. 14. MISSION STATEMENT CONTINUED • • • • • • • • • I will stop procrastinating and start working on Organization, Being a leader and not a follower, and using my time wisely I will incorporate the following attributions Strong, Funny, Confident I will constantly renew myself by focusing on four dimensions of my life Able to get in shape by exercising Never to give up on an important task Think things over before I do them Live to the best of my ability
  15. 15. PERSONAL VISION • In 5-10 years from now, I would use my Audio skills to change the way we listen to radio.
  16. 16. CREDO The first thing I do believe is that our lives are short and they are a gift given to us. Since life is a gift, I think to myself “what am I going to do in my life, what is my future going to be and how am I going to accomplish my goals.” I believe that trying several new things and not get frustrated, so that I would try each job, and know what I am best at, so I would be able to do these things in my life. I also believe in setting goals for myself, because I cant get the job completed without setting goals. I think about what I need to do, and I figure out a step by step process to accomplish my duty. One of my main goals is to graduate college. I think about what I wanted to do, like work hard in high school, apply, and choose the classes that I need to graduate. I also have goals to pass all my classes. That is to attend all classes, complete all assignments, and (what I am worst at) study hard so I could pass my tests. That way I would be able to pass my classes and move on within my college career. Setting goals for myself helped me with my life, and that is how I get through.
  17. 17. CREDO CONTINUED • Another aspect I believe in is honesty. If I want to keep someone and have them trust me, that I would always have to be honest, that way when someone I know needs a favor and what's a helping hand, that way I would be there for them. Honesty leads to trustworthiness, and that is a good way to be a helping hand and gain respect of others. • I also believe in commitment, if I commit to something, than I do it, like I commit to my assignments, that way I could do them, so I could get decent grades for classes. I commit to my work, like when I am assign a job, I put my problems behind me and I do my job until it is done. If I am in a relationship I am committed to that girl. I would do what she want, to be the man that I am, so another thing I believe in is commitment. • I also believe in God.
  18. 18. CREDO CONTINUED • One thing I am passionate about is fantasy football. Having my own team, choosing the right players, trading the right players, and it passes the time. I am also passionate about other sports like Ice Hockey, Baseball, and College Football. I am also passionate about most Nintendo video games including Mario Games. When I am home, I play games like Super Mario World, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Mario Baseball and others. Sometimes I play NCAA Football 13 on the XBOX 360 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but I cant live without the Mario Games. I am also passionate about my job at the radio station, when my co-host and I do a radio show, I have fun during school and I enhance my experiences for the future, so I am passionate about having my own show.
  19. 19. CREDO CONTINUED • I am passionate about going to school, because this is the place where I get my education, this is where I try for my degree which Is a way for my for follow my goals. I am also passionate of making digital media videos, I enjoyed those assignments where I give tours in the towns and edit them using adobe premiere so, those are some of my passions.
  20. 20. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Goa1 1: Get a good grade in Business Ethics 1. Show up and participate in 28 classes 2. Do all 13 homework assignments 3. Complete 13 sections in personal ethics code. Goal 2: Graduate in Fall 2014 1. Finish my communications/digital media with 122 credits • 2. Spend 3-5 hours a week doing assignments • 3. Complete 29 required classes • • • • • •
  21. 21. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES • • • • • • • • • • • • • Goal 3: Apply for Graduate school 1. Complete a 120 credit bachelors degree 2. Create a great portfolio with 8 different sections 3. Look at 15 different schools 4. Apply to 5 different schools Goal 4: Win my fantasy football league 1. Draft 15 good players 2. Start the best 8 players a week 3. Drop 1 different player a week that doesn't fit the criteria. Goal 5: Record a 30 minute radio-show Capstone project 1. Write 10 minutes per week with script writing 2. Record 5 minutes a week after writing a script 3. Taken the last 5 days editing in the end
  22. 22. DECISION MAKING MODEL • The model I appreciate are the seven step paths of a better decision • 1. Stop and think • 2. Clarify Goals • 3. Determine Facts • 4. Develop Facts • 5. Consider Consequences • 6. Choose • 7. Monitor and Modify • Works Cited: "Making Ethical Decisions: Introduction." Josephson Institute of Ethics, 2013. Web. 30 Oct. 2013.
  23. 23. DECISION MAKING MODEL • The situation that I am facing today and in the near future is going to graduate school. First, I am going to stop and think for the pros and cons. One of the pros is that getting a masters degree in my field would make a difference, and would help me go far in life, but the cons are financial costs, and how I struggle at in class test taking, which I am hoping to overcome. • Next is to Clarify Goals. I should set goals for myself. I should have a goals to apply to as many schools in my field, set up appointments on visiting to school, and I should have a goal to make the best portfolio that I could make, because showing what I did in the past would attract many college for my acceptance.
  24. 24. DECISION MAKING MODEL • I should determine the facts of what would happen If I go to graduate school. More jobs would be open to me, I would have better experience of what to do, so I would last there till my mid 60’s till around 2058 when I retire, but other facts is that tuition is expensive. If I need 36 credits to get my masters. I would need around $24000 unless there are scholarships and financial aid involved, which would help. • Next is to develop the facts make it happen, try for scholarships so I could afford to go for my degree and financial aid will help. I should choose options of where I want to go, determining the pros and cons of that specific place and try to make the right choice.
  25. 25. DECISION MAKING MODEL • Next is to Consider Consequences of going to grad school, I would take more time going to school, and It would cost more money, but If I could succeed, it would help in the long run. • Next is choose, but I haven't made my choice yet, I would wait until after this year is over at least. • Finally I have to Monitor and Modify- which means If I make this choice, I modify it by doing what I can to obtain this degree and to stick with my decision.
  26. 26. WHY IS CRITICAL THINKING USEFUL • I think critical thinking is useful because these exercises lead to skills that help you made better decisions. It is a way to help solve problems and it stretches your mind to be able to go through challenges and do better a tests, because critical thinking exercises help your ability to think and do well. Critical thinking is useful by performing exercises that help improve the brain, for instance like crossword puzzles or word finds that have the ability to stretch the brain and perform great tasks. In education like school, critical thinking is important because it helps apply understanding, and it helps to do better in assignments and answer discussions. • In my opinion, critical thinking exercises could wake you up in the morning and refresh in the mind, so you could enter the day strong and ready to learn.
  27. 27. HOW WILL I IMPROVE CRITICAL THINKING? • To start, I could improve my critical thinking by completing exercises like word finds. I always enjoyed word finds when I was young, and I learned that completing them, I could stretch my mind and have the ability to learn new things. Another way I could improve critical thinking is to find a problem in your life and solve it everyday. For instance, if you have a problem, like helping my mother around the house. You ask her what she needs help with and solve that problem. Dealing with your emotions is also important. If something is bother me, I take a deep breathe, and think of a bright side that could help, and that could help deal with emotions.
  28. 28. HOW TO IMPROVE CONTINUE • The commitment I could make to improve critical thinking is to keep in touch with my emotions, figure out what my problems are, rethink what to do when I solve these problems, figure out the positives and solve these problems. That way I could figure out what I need to do, and that way I could improve critical thinking. • I have two exercises, but they are separate from this PowerPoint. Word find and crossword puzzle.
  29. 29. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY DEFINITION • For my definition of personal responsibility, I would know how my behavior would effect other people, whether they know me or not. We are accountable for what we do, whether we are able to control them or not because the people around us, known or strangers are impacted for what we do. • Some examples are that you need to support you family, and you do that by feeding your wife and children, and paying necessary bills . Also if you have a duty to give back to the community, then it is another personal responsibility. Not blaming others for your actions is another example
  30. 30. WHY IS PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IMPORTANT • Being a responsible person, and doing what you are told to do, make you someone looked up to by kids, and even adults. People would know that you are a responsible person and they would depend on you for their deeds. When I was married, and if you are responsible and could take care of myself, a wife would depend on me. Personal responsibility would make me the man, just like the strong guys on the Chevy Silverado Commercials.
  31. 31. STATE FOR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY In the world today, usually people that are trusted if something goes wrong, and if it they are responsible for it, then if they do what they can to fix that problem, then they would be a personally responsible person. A example is when a student has an assignment due for a class, it is their responsibility to have that assignment done when it is do. If they do that commitment, then they would be personally responsible.
  32. 32. STATE FOR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY • In the world today, another way to be personally responsible is giving back to the community. If you start a fundraiser, like the raffle tickets for “Operation Defend our freedom”. Then whatever half that is sold goes to a lucky buyer and the other half gives back to the soldiers. Donating goods and services to the community also shares as personal responsibility.
  33. 33. AM I CONSIDERED TO BE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE. • In a way yes because when I behave in front of other people, they would notice what type of person that I am. On the positive side, when I am told to do something, I would know that it is my respnibility to complete that task, like school assignments, I would know I would have to get those done, otherwise I would suffer the consequences like my grade for instance. Sometimes, I also volunteer my time for community service. When I say I am going to do something, I do it unless something comes up. Because of those aspects, in those ways I consider myself to be personally responsible.
  34. 34. HOW WILL I BECOME A ETHICAL LEADER • If I was a leader, I would learn from this quote • “Good leadership is about the company’s success, not my own” This quote is by Anne Mulcahy. If I lead something and it involved other people. I would think of their needs first, what they want and how will it make sense, before I do what I think. Which brings me to another quote • “Be yourself, who else is better qualified” by Frank J. Giblin. which means If I have confidence in myself, and do what is best to my ability, to become a better leader.
  35. 35. HOW WILL I BECOME A ETHICAL LEADER • Another good quote that helps is • “What we do today, right now will have an effect for tomorrow” by Alexandra Stoddard. • Which mean it matters how you lead today, it matter what you do to be a leader, because it will be affected in the future. What you do, is in your actions and if I do the right thing with my group, I would be a good ethical leader
  36. 36. WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT ETHICAL LEADERSHIP • I should care more about being an ethical leader because I would have people to look up to me. It would a sign that I would care for others. If I put myself behind, and think of needs of others, that would make a better leader, and it is important because caring for others is important and doing it that way would show to be a good leader. I should care about ethical leadership, because it shows other that I care.
  37. 37. HOW ARE ETHICS AND LEADERSHIP TOGETHER. • Ethics means what to do to make the right choices, If you make a decision and you figure it out it is the right thing to do, then it is ethical. Leadership is like when you are a president of a club, that means you lead the club to do what is best. Both ethics and leadership should co-exist all the time. Being a leader is one thing, but making the right choices and showing some ethics into it would make leadership co-exist. Being a good leader is one thing, but making the right decisions and having people look up to you would show ethical leadership.
  38. 38. WHAT WILL I DO TO INCREASE ETHICAL LEADERSHIP IN THE WORLD? • The first thing to do is show respect in other people. If I was in a group, the leader of the group deserves support. Another way is to bring life in an appropriate conversation. If I was talking about something logical, I would bring life to the conversation, depending that I know what I am talking about. I would advice people to look at their beliefs, behaviors, and values and incorporate to talk about them. Working with others to convince their goals would open up their minds to convince them to be ethical leaders. I would show people the right things to do, to make ethical choices in their ways of doing things. That way ethical leader would increase to be a well known aspect.
  39. 39. HOW MIGHT WORKING WITH OTHERS BUILD UPON CHANCES OF SUCCESS? • I would think, that if I work with an ethical leader, it is a good way to become an ethical leader, because they know what they are doing, and I could learn from the ethical choices they make and they way they put things into perspective, and I would learn to pass on to other people, so that they would know what they are doing. Working with other helps be learn to be an ethical leader and for other people, that way they would become an ethical leader.
  40. 40. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY • It is when someone in a business is a charge of a task, it is their responsibility to complete it. When someone is in charge of as store, it is the owner/manager’s social responsibility to make sure the store runs on the right track and to make sure everything is running properly. Usually owners, and leaders have social responsibility because they work in the environment, and they need to have their customers, and workers happy and in the right place.
  41. 41. WHAT DO I DO TO BECOME SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. • As a socially responsible person, as president of the TwentyOne plus student club, I help the advisor gather events for people to do. I organize flyers and hang them around campus, I create posters for past events to tell what we are all about. I also am responsible for some of the fundraisers, like for “Operation Defend our freedom, I sold raffle tickets to help our troops and our club’s fundraiser. The T.O.P.S club and the raffle tickets have made $114 for the troops. Also as a socially responsible person, I did an internship at GEM 104, and I helped by doing the tasks the people in charge instructed me to do, so I have been socially responsible in the past, and hopefully in the future to.
  42. 42. HOW COULD I BE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE IN THE FUTURE? • When I get a job whether it is for work study or in the future after I get my degree, I would do my duties and what I can to help to specific company. I would do the tasks assigned to me because it is my responsibility to complete them. If I was a leader in something in the future, I would do what I can to be socially responsible, assign tasks and complete them to help that specific or mysterious company.
  43. 43. HOW COULD I MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MY OWN LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHER • One thing I might help with is “Make a wish foundation.” On council on clubs, we were told to tell our club(service and T.O.P.S club) to think of something to do to raise money. We could do a fundraiser whether it another 50-50 raffle, candle sale, spaghetti dinner etc. I could be able to take part of that to make a difference to the children for make a wish, and I could feel the same way, because it would change my life because I have done something with it.
  44. 44. WHY IS DIVERSITY IMPORTANT TODAY FOR INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS? Diversity changes the ways people think of social responsibility and how embracing diversity, could lead to the reason why it is important. Diversity means to except every member no matter of the race, gender, size, and ability to do things. It is important to get people in a job as much as we can so he could. We have to learn to get along with other ethnic groups because it makes the world go round. There cant be discrimination for us to be a successful culture. Everyone is created equal no matter what. As a society, we need to contribute a society as a whole.
  45. 45. HOW WILL YOU INCLUDE THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE INTO YOUR LIFE? • As a recruiter of the service club or T.O.P.S, I could embrace diversity by recruiting members just because they want to join no matter of race, ethnicity, and other things, if they want to join they are more than welcome to be in, it is their choice. I would say, as well as my advisor, that race, gender, year, age it doesn't matter. Our clubs are open to the public of Keystone College.
  46. 46. WHY IS SUSTAINABILITY IMPORTANT FOR CITIZENS TODAY? • Sustainability is like recycling, it is a way you keep your ecosystem, it is maintaining and keeping health in the planet. It also mean cleaning up after people outdoors and indoors. It is important for people today, including business because when you are in a workplace or when you are on the job. It is important for other people in the business and people who see you around, to know that you are clean. It is important for people to clean after litter, so the town and state that they live in would be known as a clean place, and other people who are thinking to move and that town or place would increase their chances on moving there and live in a nice atmosphere.
  47. 47. HOW WILL YOU CONTRIBUTE TO ENSURING SUSTAINABILITY OF THE WORLD’S RESOURCES FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS? • A way that I would help the worlds resources, is to pick up after myself and other trash that I see laying around, I should pick it up. I should also save paper, and only print what I have to, and stop wasting paper, because killing paper is like killing a tree and that is not good for the ecosystem. Another thing that I do from time after time, is Adopt A highway. It is when me and a group of other people go along the highways of Keystone College and clean up Garage, put them into a bag, and wait for the PennDot people to pick up out bags.
  48. 48. FUTURE GENERATIONS CONTINUED • For future generations, as I am a counselor at camp, I could teach my group of kids to pick up after themselves. That way, after they have their breakfast, snacks or bring stuff on their own, I will tell them that picking up after yourselves, and throw the garbage away and that way, when kids and myself clean at camp, the camp would look nice and clean and the sustainability would be better for the camp. If the kids remember our counselor’s teaching, when the get to be adults, they would also appreciate cleaning up after themselves and teach their kids that, and sustainability will help in future generations.
  49. 49. REFLECTIVE ESSAY, SLIDE 1 OF 2 • I had an enjoyable experience completing this personal ethics code. I have learned my values, and why having what I have means so much, and makes me you know, me. I learned in my personal mission statement who I am, what I enjoy and how I could use other things to get my jobs done. For my personal vision, I could see what I be in the future, and for my Credo, I have everything I believe in, my values and what I am passionate about. I have goals that I need to accomplish in the future, and hopefully, I could get them done. I have future dilemma, which could be solved in my decision making process. It taught me ethical leadership, and how to be more of a responsible person, how people are made equal as an individual and how the world could be better after cleaning and sustainability.
  50. 50. REFLECTIVE ESSAY SLIDE 2 OF 2 • How I just learned about myself, I would help me for the rest of my life. When I am able to do things, like the problems that I face in the future, I could read this ethics code and my goals to show what I need to do, I could read my Credo and my Values to help me be more confident in my show, to show what I believe and like, and think of those things when I fulfill my goals. For my personal and social responsibility, I could read those and figure out what I am responsible for, and how I could get active and show what I could do in world. This ethics code will help me in my personal life, because I know more about myself and I could have confidence and game for what I am able to do, during school and after my time here. This code is rewarding, and it helps me become more ethical as I enter the work force and the other stages of my life.