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ITS493 Information Organization and Retrieval
SUBMIT TO DR. Dr.Choochart Haruechaiyasak

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  1. 1. MUSIC’s VULGAR AWARENESS SUBMIT TO DR. Dr.Choochart Haruechaiyasak By Tanakom Muangsakul 5122790124 Thesis Denchartphan 5122790306 Chayut Bhamornsuwan 5122790645
  2. 2. AbstractBackground and Motivation Nowadays, Internet is like the home that people can search any information that they required. Weare focus on lyrics searching and assessment of rates analysis. Some users are listening to the music fromradio and there are many people that know the lyrics of song but they don’t know the name. Our idea is toprovide them to find the song title from a little of lyrics content. And there are a tons of song that contain thestrong words and not suitable for children. So another idea of our project is to give some advises on thatmusic. The aim of this project is to search the song title from some phase of the lyrics and to rate the songby detect the strong word in the lyric. This will help people who hate from hearing strong language or avoidfrom children.Domain and Data Sets Our source of information is the journal from International Society for Music Information RetrievalConference (ISMIR). This work compares some of the feature types most commonly used in related textclassification tasks.Approaches or tools • First, we create the web application that contains the lyrics data collection. • Then we provide searching for the song from some of lyric’s phase. • And we tag the strong words such as “fucking, fuck”, “ass, ass hole” . • We recommend or rate the lyric that contain strong word. From the following topics that list above, we will use “Dreamweaver’s” to design theinterface and coding search engine algorithm. Another important part is server simulation, weprefer “Appserv”. 2
  3. 3. User Inter Face Search Search Algorithm Database Strong Word Detection Algorithm Result with AdviceSYETEM DESIGN This diagram is show how the system works. The top layer is provides thesource of information, middle layer is provide how the system thinks and thebottom layer is show the result from search. First user will ask to input some information like song name or some part oflyrics. After that the search engine will collect the result that has matchedinformation as input from the database and find the strong word by using “StrongWord Detection Algorithm” then combine them to show as the result 3
  4. 4. Program Operation This program is use as music search engine and strong languageusing advisor. The concept of this search engine is to help the user to find thesong name, lyrics and artist name from using some phrase of lyrics or thename of the song. The user will asked to input the song name or some part oflyrics to let the search engine start work. For example, If the user willing tofind “In The End”. He can directly input the name of the song or input somephrase of the song in case of he doesn’t know the song name. The result willshow as this picture that contain Artist, Song name, Lyrics and stronglanguage comment at the bottom. 4
  5. 5. Idea of Program The main property of this search engine is divided in to 2 parts. First,search part that will use the keywords that user input to find the result. Second,strong word detection part that will compare the lyrics in the database with theset of strong word (shit, fuck, bitch, fuckn all of these rely on php code) and showthe advice. We use php language to build this site and Dreamweaver to monitorthe interface before getting connect with the database. In database view we use“phpMyAdmin” which is contained in Appserv package to build and control thedatabase. We use php because this kind of language is widely use in the world andthere are many of example that we can use to improve our site and it is easy todevelop in nearly future. Our site is provide friendly interface which is contain an icon that easyfor user to get access to any part of website. HOME SCREEN SEARCH SCREEN 5
  6. 6. Idea of Algorithm The main property of this search engine is divided in to 2 parts. First, search part that will use thekeywords that user input to find the result. Second, strong word detection part that will compare the lyrics inthe database with the set of strong word (shit, fuck, bitch, fuckn all of these rely on php code) and show theadvice. First part After we build the database, the easiest way that we have to call data from the data base is applythe sql code in php page. We provide a box for user to input the keyword and program will collect this keyword as variation. From picture, we can see that the keyword is collect as variation in type of“$_GET[‘’txtKeyword”]” and ready to use.
  7. 7. After we have the keyword, we use the key word to compare with the database. We also provide sqlto search this information from the database, too. From the picture, we can see that sql will match the key word with song and lyrics field that why we canfind the information from both lyrics phrase and song name. The program will collect the information in“$strSQL” variable and able to use for another part.
  8. 8. After we have information from the database we will see how the program shows the result. From this line of code, the program will collect “$strSQL” in “$objQuery”. In case of there is nothingmatched with “$strSQL” the result will now show. From this picture, the program is using highlighted code and we can see that “$objResult” variable isusing to show the result of artist, song name and lyrics.
  9. 9. Second Part This part is use for matching the strong word and shows the advice. We will show how the code work. From picture, we define all of matching algorithm in to “$strgstrong” variable. After that result of“$strstrong” will collected in “$result” for checking that does it has strong language or not. From picture, after we have “$result” variable. We will use it to check that does it has contained somestrong language or not by using this loop. If there are strong word The result will show as “There are someStrong Language Provide In This Song !!!! ”. If not the result will show “No Strong Language Found !!!”Problems and Limitation of Program -­‐ Because of some technical problem of php, we can’t use some special elements like ‘ , “ . If we use it the result may not come out or wrong. -­‐ Other language is not able to use in this program because of technical problem of UTF 8 encoding.