Startup Weekend UBC Crowdfunding workshop by FundRazr


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A workshop on how to use crowdfunding for customer development and market validation by Bret Conkin, VP Marketing, Fundrazr.

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  • Crowdfunding is actually REALLY oldCrowdfunding occurs when your supporters work together with you or on their own to fund a project .They become advocates for you to their friends and family.Existing peer-to-peer fundraising i.e. at events (runs, walks, rides, etc.) is a simple form of crowdfunding if the participants are actively raising money for youA recent innovation is tying social fundraising and crowdfunding together to reach deeper into the social networks of your supporters and make it easier for them to help you raise money.
  • Four broad categories of companies providing crowdfunding systems There have been over 500 new startups in the crowdfunding space in the last two years and we are only just getting started.Gift: 49%Rewards: 11%Debt: 22%Equity: 18%What’s the biggest myth around crowdfunding?
  • My company partners with Facebook, PayPal:Facebook Timeline launchPayPal Adaptive APIs launches30,000 campaigns Raised 10s of millions of dollars for our customers
  • The project broke the record back-to-back by building on an established history of industry acclaim.
  • This is obviously not the case except in very rare situations.Think of crowdfundingthis way – it is kind of like dating.It requires etiquette + properly managed expectations.If you shout at everyone you meet, it is hard to have a conversation and even harder to get them to like you.This is how many people approach social media – warning - you are just being annoying“real” conversations = deeper connectionsWhen people have a deeper connection, they are more interested and motivated to help you.Most crowdfunding requires real conversations and real connections to be successful.
  • A Like button does not make your campaign social.It is a single level of sharing i.e. you can get your supporters to like your campaign but it has a very low chance of ‘going viral’.We want campaigns to ‘go viral’ because that is how you reach new supporters and expand the potential for you to raise more money.Use INTERACTION with your campaign – get them to comment – drive your message deeper into the social networks of your supporters - reach new people.Commenting like this influences Edge Rank and makes your campaigns more visibleTakeaway: Liking something is not enough – give your fans a chance to interact with each other via content
  • Startup Weekend UBC Crowdfunding workshop by FundRazr

    1. 1. Start Up Weekend at UBCCrowdfunding Workshop
    2. 2. Workshop Overview 1. Crowdfunding models Bret 2. FundRazr Overview Bret 3. Startup Crowdfunding Bret 4. Create a FundRazr All 5. Promotion All 6. Prizes All 7. Q&A All2 Copyright © 2013 - Confidential
    3. 3. Bret ConkinVP Marketing @FundRazr, @TEDxUBC licensee, P&Galumni, T-Bird Alumnus, Curious George, coach, teacher, firestarter, family guy, broken recreational athlete, …, foodie,whisky nut, wine swine, philosopher, father, friend. @bretconkin
    4. 4. CrowdFunding
    5. 5. Gifts Rewards Crowdfunding ModelsDebt Equity
    6. 6. Global Crowd-funding Growth 2011 – 1 Million successful Crowdfunding campaigns Model Average 2013 Growth Raise Projection Gifts $664 50% Rewards $4,076 500% Equity $84k 300% Debt $5,587 75%6 Copyright © 2013 - Confidential
    7. 7. FundRazr Overview7 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    8. 8. About FundRazr • $22 Million raised | 40k campaigns | 18 countries • Vancouver start-up (2010) • Canada’s Top Platform • All Facebook: “1 of 5 most innovative open graph developers in social giving” • Buzz: HuffPo,, Global TV, USA Today, Mashable, TechCrunch, Techvibes, Wall Street Journal8 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    9. 9. FundRazr, Facebook & PayPal
    10. 10. Categories Accidents & Disasters Alumni & Clubs Animals & Humane Arts & Creative Business & Entrepreneurs Celebrations & Weddings Community & Volunteer Education & Schools Faith & Missions Family & Kids Health & Illness Legal Memorials & Funerals Non-profits Politics Sports & Competitions Travel Veterans & Heroes10
    11. 11. 13 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    12. 12. Crowdfunding Projects Rewards/Perks Preorder.com14 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    13. 13. Consumer product – Ask $100k Raised $10 Million15 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    14. 14. JOBS Act – USA | OSC | BC16 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    15. 15. Shark Tank TV show Investor/Dallas NBA ownerNextweb Podcast – Jan 201317 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    16. 16. But, the source of Venture Capital is changing19 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    17. 17. How does pre-ordering work? The power to bring a product or startup to life overnight For creative projects, products or entrepreneurs -> backers expect something in return for their contribution Pay Now  Get first-in-line and/or  Exclusive rewards Now + Product/Creative work upon release
    18. 18. Stick-N-Find RewardsUltra small Sticker w/ Bluetoothstick on anything and find w/ yourSmart Phone (Apple & Android).Money Raised: $931,970Goal: $70,000Perks:1. $65 Early Bird - 4 Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Stickers (will sell for $89.95 retail)2. $90 Early Bird - 6 Stick-N-Find3. $150 Early Bird - 10 Stick-N-Find
    19. 19. Rewards - Best Practices1. Enhanced versions of the product • Autographed, deluxe, director’s cut and collector’s editions2. Swag • Posters, stickers, t-shirts, caps etc. that commemorate a project3. Make backers part of product • Allow backers to be a character within the narrative, soundtrack or action1. Opps to affect project’s outcome • Allow backers to suggest how stories develop, what’s included in finished package or featured subjects or locations2. Give contributor credits • Thank backers publicly within the product itself (liner notes, book or game credits) or shout-outs (social media)3. Exclusive access • Meet/interact with creative team behind projects, or related notables (e.g. actors, directors, musicians, artists)
    20. 20. StarForge Game RewardsA game of gathering resources,building bases, crafting and survivingon an alien planet. (Inspired by Halo,Minecraft…)Money Raised: $135,453Goal: $75,000Perks:1. $15 - Finished Game + Access to Alpha/Beta + Bronze Online Badge2. $250 - Name a Weapon and be Immortalized Forever!3. $1000 - Have a Landmark Named After You (NPC town, mountain, landing site) and Become a Legend!
    21. 21. Anomalisa Film Rewards1. Pledge $50 - DVD copy of film once distributed2. Pledge $100 - See your name in lights3. Pledge $250 - Exclusive Studio Tour during filming z + 1 "Weeklies" Screening of Anomalisa (w/ Cast and Crew)
    22. 22. Let’s create a FundRazr! Tell an inspiring story!25 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    23. 23. Win the Start Up Weekend at UBC People’s Choice Award! • 1 Day Crowdfunding sprint • $1, $2, $5, $10 donations • Runs until 4 pm tomorrow • Get feedback/market validation • Collect the most donations • Win a $200 prize! (+ Bragging Rights)26 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    24. 24. Create a Startup Weekend UBC FundRazr1. Start (Base FundRazr) Customize2. Tell your story3. Launch!4. Use built-in tools -> Share widely!5. Thank supporters6. Post story updates7. Follow built-in coaching Stories will embed on website
    25. 25. Have a conversation
    26. 26. 30 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    27. 27. Steps to Success Resources 1. Learn More • Support Center • Video Learning Center • FAQ 2. Coaching • Campaign page • Manage page 3. Blog • Features • News 4. Social31 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential
    28. 28. Contact Information ConnectionPoint Systems Bret Conkin VP Marketing 778.323.7297 Twitter @bretconkin @fundrazr32 Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential