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Your Tax Dollars at Work

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  1. 1. Your Tax Dollars at WorkConcept 2009 Develop a one-stop web site that allows citizens to better track and understand where money is spent and how the city gets revenue.Ordinance passed by the Louisville Metro Council that established the guidelines that the site was to meet.
  2. 2. Your Tax Dollars at WorkThe site builds on the Fischer Administration’s Louisville Metro Citizen’s Bill of RightsINCLUSIVE AND TRANSPARENT PROCESS Every citizen has the right to be involved in government and have his or her voice heard at Louisville Metro Hall. As mayor, I will create a culture of inclusiveness and maintain open communications with the community. To understand diverse viewpoints, answer questions, and promote dialogue, I will keep regular open office hours and hold countywide community forums to meet with citizens and business owners and listen to their concerns.
  3. 3. Your Tax Dollars at Work Project ImplementationPhase One Centralize all financial documents in one easy to access repository. This includes Louisville Metro Government’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), budget documents, City audit reports, monthly revenue reports, etc.
  4. 4. Your Tax Dollars at WorkPhase Two involved publishing detailed expenditure information for the various programs in place at Louisville Metro Government.Features added to the site:• Contracts valued at $250,000. or more were scanned and published on the website• List of Metro Government boards and commissions and their members including position and contact information
  5. 5. Your Tax Dollars at WorkPhase ThreeFinal phase of project included publishing all contracts valued at $50,000. or more on the website. This phase was dependent on the implementation of the Oracle Imaging and Process Management system that was utilized to scan, redact, and publish this information to the public facing website.
  6. 6. Your Tax Dollars at Work Annual budget Funding sources Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Quarterly revenue estimates Annual Audits Metro expenditures/payments for supplies, personnel, equipment, etc. (initially excel; searchable database in the future) Ability for users to submit comments or suggestions for improving transparency (general feedback link already available, we will add specific link to new pages) Employee salaries Detailed description/narrative of expenditures with links to actual grants or contracts Copies of agreements, grants, contracts and other binding documents
  7. 7. Your Tax Dollars at WorkTechnology Your Tax Dollars at Work applications – Employee Salary Search and the Louisville Checkbook represent a significant investment into data analysis, information processing/workflows, data warehousing and user experience.
  8. 8. Your Tax Dollars at Work Consistent data management is a necessity Flexibility Exception reporting User experience
  9. 9. Your Tax Dollars at Work OracleFinancials(Records) Transparency Staging Louisville Data Tables Warehouse Checkbook Oracle IPM(Images and Flags) Exceptions list
  10. 10. Your Tax Dollars at WorkKey Points What is significant about the contractor/vendor information being available online? How does this contractor/vendor feature improve government transparency? What challenges, if any, are there in making this information available online? How much web traffic has that feature of the Tax Dollars at Work received so far?
  11. 11. Your Tax Dollars at WorkQuestionsWebsite Demonstration